A Person Who Loves Friends Is Called?

Have you noticed that it takes some people a relatively shorter period to make friends than others? A person who loves friends is called an Altruist, a sociable butterfly, a congenial person, and some other names.

The different names are dependent on the uniqueness of the reasons why every specific person that loves friends is built that way.

The temperament and personality of people determine how easily they can make friends and associate with people.

This could be a result of a person’s inborn traits, or the reserved attitude of the people around that person while growing up that has been subconsciously imbibed in him. In simple psychological terms, these reasons are referred to as nature and nurture.

10 Words To Call Someone Who Loves Friends

These are some of the names to call people that get easily acquainted with others and spring up into full-blown friendships.

  1. Congenial person
  2. An Altruist
  3. Sociable butterfly
  4. An affable person
  5. A people person
  6. Gregarious
  7. Life of the party
  8. Convivial person
  9. simp
  10. A free-spirited person

1. Congenial person

A Person Who Loves Friends Is Called

You can easily get along with congenial people because they are friendly and easygoing. They are agreeable, pleasant, and cool.

Although the term “congenial” is used to describe friendly atmospheres, just like a warm and friendly environment, then, it is also used to explain people’s personalities.

Get this clear, people who love friends are known to make friends quite easily relative to others who do not. Congenial people do not exactly go out to make friends just because they love to.

It is their personalities that are very accommodating, and it gets people drawn to them. So this puts them in the picture of people who love friends because they have proven to exude the trait of those who do. Hence they fit into that definition.

Congenial people have a very high percentage of compatibility level with others. When it comes to having a partner in any type of relationship; whether for business, casual or romantic, there’s a high chance that you’re going to have a smoother ride with a congenial person.

2. An Altruist

A Person Who Loves Friends Is Called

An Altruist feels better and more positive when he promotes the needs of others above his. Altruists show unselfish and impartial concern for others’ welfare.

Since Altruism is driven by the need to like people, people with this quality are often good friend lovers.

Even though it has been believed that humans are generally inclined to think first of themselves, a newer study has shown that the first impulse a person has is that of cooperation and not to compete. However, the growth process in humans sheds that off.

But because the firmness of every person’s self will differ, certain people have this quality stuck with them regardless of the complexity of their growth process that should have altered it.

And this class of people is called Altruists. They love making friends and keeping good energy and positive vibes.

3. Sociable butterfly

A Person Who Loves Friends Is Called

A sociable butterfly is charismatic, has good networking skills, and is socially dynamic. A sociable butterfly is “the people’s person”, he is outgoing and has a good social orientation.

The people in this category are extroverted, they tend to talk a lot and have charming personalities.

One of the downsides of being this way is the lack of good time management. This is because they could stop on the way and get into conversation with strangers – and this is one way they make friends easily.

Another downside to this is seen in their inability to set proper boundaries. Just like Altruists, they get overwhelmed by the issues and needs of others, so this gets them going all out for people even in their “me” time.

4. An affable person

A person that loves friends is affable. The fact that one of the antonyms of “affable” is “unfriendly” says it all. An affable person wants to have a good relationship with other people.

Although they enjoy their own company, nonetheless, they easily ignite a spark and connect with other people.

Affability is characterized by approachability and friendliness. There is hardly a chance that a person would be mad at an affable person because they are always driven to stay true and committed to their friends.

Except in a few circumstances where the imperfect nature of the human they are plays out as it would with generally every good person. This is not mean they are saints, but compared to the vast majority of people, they are extremely cool and fun to be with.

5. A people person

A people person is big on friendship because he is an interpersonal relationship facilitator. When it comes to relational creativity, this type of person is at the peak of the game.

Just like the name, it is self-explanatory. He is the kind of a person loved by all (of course this is hyperbole, seeing that it would only take a cold day in hell to have anybody loved by all)

The ultimate definition of this type of a person is that he enjoys the company and interaction of others, hence, he makes acquaintances and friends more easily.

Some of the downsides of a people person are that he sometimes goes to the extreme to make sure he’s in the good books of friends and acquaintances, and this can be to his detriment.

6. Gregarious

A Person Who Loves Friends Is Called

A person that loves friends is also termed Gregarious. This type of person is not just friendly but also amiable. Plus, he is pretty big on socializing as well.

This type of person is fond of being in the company of friends and treasures them a whole lot. If you have a friend that seems to have well-managed other circles of friends outside of your circle and he’s been pretty good at keeping it amicable, then know that this quality that he exudes puts him in the definition of a gregarious person.

A gregarious person wants to have fun with people, but then, he somewhat does not always want to be in the company of the same set of people at every point in time.

So this gets him creating a ground where he gets to explore the fun in diverse personalities. Hence, he loves friends and keeps them pretty well.

7. Life of the party

Friends are mostly made at social events, the reason a “Life of the party” is said to be a lover of friends is that he brings life and so much positive energy to social events, thereby making friends easily.

He is often the central focus of entertainment in social places because of his gusto, free-spiritedness, and enthusiasm. These sets of people are often fun to be with.

The good thing is, that a psychological study has shown that positive socializing is a major life extender.

Thomas Glass who’s a gerontologist and doubles as an assistant professor in the Havard school of public health, when asked about the key to long life, mentioned that it doesn’t only have to do with having good health as there are relatively healthy people in their 60s that have died too.

According to him, healthy interpersonal relationships have a positive impact on human longevity. For this reason, the life of the party often lives long.

8. Convivial person

The term “convivial” softly translates to “being festive” or “being a good company.” So a convivial person is relatively more welcoming and cheerful.

A convivial person has his mind constructed in a way that at the first point of meeting, sees you as a friend before further circumstances may determine otherwise. This is why such a class of people are big on friendship and love to have people around them.

Although convivial nature among the people exhibiting them varies. Some are a tad more cheerful and accommodating than others.

It’s all in their nature, but some nurtured traits they pick in the course of their lives affect some areas of their convivial minds that tend to set them apart even though they all belong to the convivial world.

9. A simp

Does it look rather surprising that a simp is among this list? Yes, the reason people love friends is not limited to being driven by positive reasons alone.

While some of these people are others as a result of how they feel about themselves and their unhealthy need to express this feeling. A simp is one with unhealthy desperation for affection and attention.

And driven by this desire he tends to do things to please people (especially a man to a woman) to have them as friends. Although, in recent times, this word has been used so much that it is beginning to lose touch with its meaning.

10. Free-spirited person

A free-spirited person does things without paying credence to social norms, but still within the confines of justness. The cool thing is that they do these things while paying attention to basic human decency so that they don’t get the next person hurt.

In the course of their actions, they become naturally likable and they’re almost always in the company of friends. Hence, they come off the same as those that are big on friendship.

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