A Person Who Loves Gadgets Is Called?

Many words can be used when you want to refer to someone who loves gadgets and technology-oriented products.

While some of these words are adjectives, others are nouns and will serve as the best substitute for the cliché gadget-lover.

The lame man reference for someone who loves gadgets is to call the person an enthusiast. This is a general term for any field.

For a more effective choice of words, someone who enjoys using computers and electronic equipment is called a Technophile or Geek. If you don’t want to stray away from the word ‘gadget’, then it is better to use terms like gadget-head or gadgeteer.

A Person Who Loves Gadgets Is Called

Nonetheless, when you attempt to refer to someone who loves using gadgets, you need to keep in mind that the name should reflect the person’s trait of always being willing to learn more of the ins and outs of a digital product than the average consumer, who just wants to use it.

Let’s look at some of the best, unique nouns you can use to refer to someone who loves using gadgets.

5 Names To Call Someone Who Loves Gadgets (Explained)

1. Gadget-head

Gadget-head is a compound word you can use to call someone who loves gadgets. It is self-explanatory and may not need much stress for people to understand the context behind calling the person this name.

However, some people argue that Gadget-head is a wrong grammatical composition inspired by the popular gearhead for those who love automobiles.

But I did a little digging and discovered an etymology from Wiktionary that one may append ‘-head’ as a suffix to form a word for people who regularly have their mind and time focused on the principal word.

So you might have seen gearhead a lot of times, but Gadget-head is a word usable. You could adopt this etymology in many other fields to suggest that someone has a keen interest in that thing.

2. Geek

Geek is a very popular word. When you run out of ideas of what to call someone who loves to use gadgets, then the name ‘Geek’ would likely not elude your recollection.

Although Geek is popularly used and so if you are big on using unusual words to describe someone, or sounding differently, then you may not fancy using Geek because it is too popular.

This does not mean that it is not appropriate. In fact, using geek to call the person is simple, specific, and self-explanatory especially when you are talking to people who may not understand technical jargon.

The usage of this word is more effective if the person you want to describe, beyond being an enthusiast, always engages in gadget-related tasks obsessively.

I have also noticed that people who are called geeks have a relatively low social life. So if the person you are describing loves gadgets and also prefers to be glued to them instead of interacting with people around, then you can call him or her a geek.

A Person Who Loves Gadgets Is Called

3. Tech-savvy

Tech-savvy is a compound word and is generally used to describe anyone who loves technology. Since gadgets are an element of technology, this term sits well. However, I recommend you only use it when you run out of words because it is quite ambiguous.

Not all gadget lovers are core tech-savvies. You can have someone who is a fashion designer but loves gadgets. So you only use this term to describe gadget lovers who have a career in the tech biz.

The standard definition of tech-savvy is someone who is well informed about modern technology and uses his or her skills to leverage these modern innovations.

So if you have someone who is always looking forward to the next unveiling of the latest technology, desires to use them, and desires to use his skills to take advantage of the modern gadget, then the person is best called Tech-savvy. 

4. Technophile

When people ask for words to call someone who loves gadgets, the term Technophile is usually the most recommended. This is because it is explicitly defined as a term used for someone who loves gadgets and digital products.

So, it is less ambiguous and direct. As mentioned earlier, this is an example of etymology because there are many other words that when we add the suffix ‘-phile’ to them, become a word to describe people who have an interest in that word. For example, Audiophiles.

If the person you are attempting to describe is fond of buying every new gadget on the market, either for consumption use or for review on his social media page, then he or she can be best described as a Technophile.

It is coined from the word ‘Technophilla’ which means a strong enthusiasm for especially new technological products from tech brands.

5. Gadgeteer

Another name you can call a person who loves gadgets is a Gadgeteer. It especially becomes ideal to use if you are looking for a word that won’t have you stray away from the keyword ‘gadget.’

Although Gadgeteer is not considered a word in many places, it remains a tech jargon that you can use to flaunt your proficiency in the field.

I would recommend you use it when you are describing someone who loves gadgets among people who are into the tech world because a common person may not resonate with what you mean.

Thankfully, the presence of gadgets in the world may help ring a bell and suggest what you mean by calling the person such.

It is also best used when the person you are describing, due to his love for gadgets, is also fond of making or inventing gadgets.

A Person Who Loves Gadgets Is Called


Remember that the terminologies to describe someone who loves gadgets are quite distinguished from the ones used in describing someone who loves technology in general. But both words are often used interchangeably.

In the above article, we strictly focused on the few words that are the perfect substitute, with no ambiguous meanings, for when you want to refer to someone who loves gadgets.

For what it is worth, you should also know that people with the opposite trait – any person who dislikes technology – are best called Luddites.

You use a Luddite especially when the person hates technological devices that threaten existing jobs or interfere with personal privacy.

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