15 Words for Someone Who Swears a Lot

The use of swear words has become rampant. However, this doesn’t mean it is entertained by everyone. How do you feel about someone who swears a lot?

‘Swear’ has two meanings. The first refers to the act of making promises or assuring another person that you are not lying. The second meaning, which we will be focusing on, refers to the act of using profane or obscene language.

Profanities are less often entertained by people with children, as the young ones quickly assimilate and embrace the ideas surrounding them without actually being able to discern accurately by themselves.

A person who swears a lot can be called ‘Lewd’. Lewd is the correct adjective for a person who constantly uses lustfully obscene language while communicating.

Swearing can also include blasphemy and other kinds of offensive language which have different adjectives. A more accurate word for someone who uses a lot of profane words is ‘Foul-mouthed’. 

15 words for someone who swears a lot

  1. Foul-mouthed
  2. Simpleton
  3. Disrespectful
  4. Dirty-minded
  5. Crude
  6. Degrading
  7. Profaner
  8. Vulgarian
  9. Scurrilous
  10. Perverted
  11. Untamed
  12. Lewd
  13. Cheeky
  14. Obscene
  15. Depraved


‘Foul-mouthed’ is a good adjective for a person who uses any or all kinds of profanities. The kind of profanities used can differ from person to person.

This can refer to a person who is fond of using simple cuss words. His/her statements may also be filled with sensually explicit words.

This word may refer to the use of blasphemous words or general statements. If you know someone who says things without respect for people or how they feel, you can call him/her Foul-mouthed.


  • I have never had to deal with someone so Foul-mouthed. Sometimes, I block her out with my air pods.


Words for Someone Who Swears a Lot

Simpleton is a noun for a person who may be obsessed with the use of foul language without caring how others perceive him/her.

A foul-mouthed person can be considered a Simpleton, although a simpleton doesn’t necessarily make foul statements.

This word is generally used for a person who seems barbaric and is unable to add that characteristic of himself or herself.


  • I would have corrected your language if you weren’t a Simpleton. You just can’t help it, can you?


A disrespectful person is one who lacks respect, disregards people or rules, and refuses to listen. This is a person who doesn’t care about whom he/she is referring to or dealing with.

A person can be considered intentionally or unintentionally disrespectful on one occasion of disregard. However, he/she can become tagged as disrespectful if he/she continues to intentionally disregard rules or people.


  • He is too disrespectful for the brand image. If we can’t have him defending the organization fluently, then he shouldn’t be part of us at all.


A dirty-minded person is one who tends to have lewd thoughts, interpretations, etc. This kind of person gets naughty ideas from random things and is used to making obscene speech or gestures.

While it’s okay to call a Foul-mouthed person disrespectful, not everyone realizes how disrespectful they are when they use profane language.

In the case of being dirty-minded, a person may use dirty (or sensually explicit) words impulsively when he/she thinks something like that is being suggested.

Being dirty-minded also suggests that a person’s mind is filled with several dirty ideas that spring up in his/her speech, gestures, and actions.


  • How can you have such a dirty-minded person around your boy?


The use of offensive language is also considered barbaric, which makes Crude (or Barbaric) a suitable word for someone who swears a lot.

Calling him/her crude implies that he/she may not be intentionally disrespectful. However, this word is neither positive nor negative.

Calling this person crude implies that he/she impulsively uses profane words and disrespects others due to the inability to hide his/her barbaric nature.


  • There’s no way that crude man is standing as my advocate.


Degrading is a common word often used for a person who is intentionally disrespectful or considers himself or herself better than whomever he/she is referring to.

A person can be degrading by using foul language in an environment where formality is demanded. You can also consider a person degrading if he/she uses sensually explicit language for the opposite gender in a disrespectful manner.

Another common way of being degrading is to speak against another person’s religion or belief. This is called blasphemy. A blasphemous person degrades a ‘god’, religion, or belief.

Words for Someone Who Swears a Lot


  • He can be quite degrading so I’d rather avoid him.


Profaner is another simple word to refer to a person who is fond of swearing. Unlike most of the words mentioned earlier, this simply refers to the use of foul language.

You can consider this a suitable noun for a Foul-mouthed person. Calling him/her a simpleton is an insult that goes further than the use of offensive language.

The same applies to ‘Crude’ which means the person is barbaric. In this case, the person is simply fond of blaspheming or using false language.

Oxford Dictionary Definition defines a profaner as a person who blasphemes, degrades, disrespects or adulterates. A Profaner may defile with his/her speech or actions.


  • The church tolerates everyone but profaners.


Vulgarian is similar to calling someone a Profaner. Both words are insults but they are limited to the act of using profanities and offensive language.

Both words however go beyond speech. You can call someone a vulgarian if he/she is offensive in gestures, actions, or in speech. This is mostly used for someone who does it often whether intentionally or not.


  • She is a hardcore vulgarian so I’d advise you to limit what you do with her.


A scurrilous person is one who is given to vulgar verbal abuse. This refers to a Foul-mouthed person.

Both words mean exactly the same thing so you can use them interchangeably in referring to a person who is fond of offensive language.

While many of the words suggested earlier go beyond speech, ‘Foul-mouthed’ is only used to refer to a person who uses verbal vulgarities. The same applies to the word, ‘Scurrilous’.


  • You are too scurrilous. You need to get rid of that habit if you’ll remain with us.


A perverted person is dirty-minded. You can use this for a person who uses any kind of foul words but it is more suitable for a person who is fond of saying or doing sensually offensive things.

A perverted person is one who has turned to a twisted sense of values or morals or whose sensual habits are not considered acceptable.

A person who uninhibitedly uses sensually vulgar words has a perverted sense of morals


  • You have become perverted and I don’t want that language of yours in my son’s mouth.


Untamed means ‘Wild, uncontrolled, especially of animals not domesticated or trained to human contact’. An untamed person is one who lacks control and the sense of socializing with people.

If you know what it means to tame an animal, you should have an idea of what this word implies. This is similar to calling a person Crude, Barbaric, or a Simpleton.

Like the three words, it doesn’t directly refer to the constant use of swear words in conversations. However, a person who uses swear words can be considered untamed.

An untamed person has no discipline and may be antisocial so vulgarity can be one of his/her constantly displayed traits.


  • How are you so untamed, despite having so many decent people around you?


Lewd is another word for someone who constantly uses swear words in his/her conversations. However, this goes beyond speech but also refers to wrong actions and gestures.

A lewd person is one who is lascivious, promiscuous, and rude and it can refer to a person who is fond of sensually explicit statements or gestures.

The word is also often directed at lustful obscenities. While you can use it to refer to anyone who is profane, it is more suitable for sensually suggestive vulgarities.


  • The last thing I want is to serve under a lewd boss.


A cheeky person who is impertinently bold, often in a way that is regarded as endearing or amusing. This is a nicer word for a person who uses swear words disrespectfully without fully annoying you.

Cheeky has several meanings and it can be used to refer to someone who is bold in speaking profanities without respecting who is listening or who is being referred to.

This is another word for a very disrespectful person. However, it is not considered negative. This word calls out a person’s disrespectful speech and attitude but suggests that you are not angered or upset by it.


  • You are quite cheeky. Don’t get caught.


An obscene person is one whose speech or actions are offensive to current standards of decency or morality. It also refers to something or someone that is considered lewd or lustful.

Obscene is another common word that popularly refers to movies and books that are sensually explicit. However, the word can be used for anything that is considered lewd and sensually offensive.

You can use this in referring to a person who uses swear words or makes offensive gestures but it is more suitable if his/her speech and gestures are sensually suggestive and indecent.


  • He is one of my obscene friends. I can’t keep him around for too long.


A depraved person is one who is perverted or extremely wrong in a moral sense. This can refer to a crude person who is considered obscenely antisocial.

A depraved is another suitable adjective for a perverted person. It doesn’t directly refer to the use of swear words but profanities and sensually explicit gestures are considered something a depraved person would do.

This may refer to a person who uses swear words if they are sensually explicit.


  • We can’t have one more depraved person in our group or we’ll crumble.

Swearing can seem harmless to many people but it is generally considered wrong when used around children due to how quickly they assimilate things they perceive.

A person who uses swear words around children is considered ‘Untamed’, as he/she is meant to control his/her impulses around the minor.

Swearing is also emphasized as wrong in places where formality is demanded and upheld. Swearing in an official environment is considered ‘Disrespectful’.

Swearing in a place considered holy is considered ‘Blasphemous’.

The article compiles 15 Words for Someone who swears a lot and how they are used.

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