What Do You Call A Person Who Always Ignores You?

Before tagging a person for ignoring you constantly, you ought to consider a number of things, especially why they do that. Standoffish people are usually reserved for people who do not want to have things to do with others.

Hence, they might ignore them in the process. Unlike avoiders, who deliberately choose not to show empathy, eschewers are another group of people who might always ignore you.

They do not necessarily do it deliberately, but as a result of their strict adherence to morality, they may ignore you if your opinion doesn’t tally with theirs.

All that eschewers do or engage in/with must be in accordance with their morals. They ignore everything else. Read on to know some names to call a person who always ignores you.

Some Possible Names to call someone who always ignores you

Whether a personality disorder or a deliberate act, it is simply a lack of empathy towards others that can make a person constantly ignore others.

People who are inconsiderate practice this a lot. Neglectors act like they are not aware of what’s going on, but they are fully aware but do not admit it.

Below are some names you can call them.

  1. Narcissist
  2. Neglector
  3. Snub
  4. Inconsiderate
  5. Egoistic
  6. Unsociable
  7. Standoffish
  8. Ostracised
  9. Eschewer
  10. Cold-hearted


A narcissist is someone who has a personality disorder that makes them ignore people around them. They do this in a bid to “prove” to other people just how worthless and unappreciated they are to them.

It is a subtle technique of undermining your self-worth and diminishing you in front of others. They merely put on a “show” by obliviously relating to “others” as usual while ignoring you.

This frequently places you in a very awkward predicament. Simply ignoring the narcissist’s disregard for you and forming relationships with “other people” will result in the narcissist punishing you in some way.

If you give the narcissist MORE ATTENTION, you are going to get more of a show of being ignored while the narcissist gives MORE ATTENTION to the things that matter to them.

If you confront the narcissist about their “show” of ignoring you, you give them great significance and make them seem insecure or needy, and you will get more “shows” of being ignored in front of people.


When someone is completely aware of what you say or do but acts like nothing is really going on or no one’s saying anything of relevance, then they are neglectors.

Negligent people like this sometimes feel that they are more important than the person seeking their attention, or they may not spill it out.

Sometimes, they are knowledgeable of reality, but since they refuse to pay attention to it, they may be corrected, but since they’ve placed their minds to act like ignorant people, they prefer to ignore or fold their hands and watch others do what they ought to do.

The truth is, their attitude of paying dead ears or doing what they should can be annoying.


Snubs exhibit rudeness along with their character ignoring someone. Unlike neglectors, who may say nothing at all when you speak to them because their intent is to ignore you, snubs may not always keep quiet while ignoring you.

Sometimes, they talk back, neglecting what you’ve said earlier. If snubs do not ignore your earlier conversation, they’ll refuse to acknowledge what you say or do.

And they do this in a very annoying manner. Also, snubs act in a cold manner. So, if someone ignores you and still acts in a rude manner, it is obvious that they are snubs.


Inconsiderate people are extremely thoughtless. They do not show concern about how someone else feels about them. They aren’t polite either.

The only thing that comes to their mind is the aspect of themselves that they haven’t neglected. So, they don’t mind being ignored because, first of all, they don’t show concern about how you feel, and second, they are impolite and do not always pay attention to details.

It is surprising how extremely important information or actions become unuseful to inconsiderate people. The bottom line is that they are selfish and they do not worry about the impact of their actions on others.


These types of people place their needs as a priority before considering if anyone else exists. Since their greatest motivation is themselves, they may take every other person’s ideas or actions as inferior, hence they will intentionally ignore them.

Egoistic people do not keep space for empathy in their hearts. They simply avoid showing respect or even love for what others consider dear to them.

As a rule, no one can fully understand what others feel, but via empathy, you can learn to bear a little of their burden. On the other hand, egoistic people do not care. They don’t want to take other people’s situations seriously either.


Who knows? Maybe people who are sociable can’t help but ignore people. There are certain schools of thought which generalize them as having an antisocial personality disorder.

Most of the time, people who are unsociable have a deliberate negative loner attitude. So, since they choose to be alone, no other instruction can veer them off the path that they have chosen to take.

On many occasions, these kinds of people love to work alone. They see other people’s opinions and ideas as a hindrance to their plans, so they ignore them.

They are usually talented people who do not often share their opinions; they keep them to themselves and expect others to do the same. Nerds are in this category of ignoring others.


Being reserved may or may not be a deliberate act. Anyway, standoffish is reserved for when they do not want to get so close to people, maybe for the reason that they will open up and be free with them. Their attitude towards others is constantly unfriendly and aloof.

These kinds of people do not simply ignore others; they always practice being cold and ignoring people. This can be discouraging to anyone who wants to get closer to them.


People who are ostracized have created a wall of separation between themselves and other people. You can recognize them by seeing their obsession with others in the form of anger.

They are almost constantly depressed and feel wretched. Someone who is ostracized is either sidelined from a group in society or any formal group by the authorities, or they personally decide to withdraw from a group that they were finally a part of.

This state of withdrawal stops them from taking part in things that other people do. So, they simply ignore everything else happening to them and face themselves, if they are not so depressed that they can’t.


While people who are snobs and avoiders deliberately choose to ignore someone, eschewers do theirs on a justifiable basis. Someone who is an eschewer will deliberately avoid you if their morals don’t tally with yours.

They are mainly religious fanatics and people who hold morality in high regard. They won’t fail to ignore a task given to them that is against their moral beliefs.

Eschewers don’t mind losing their jobs if they have to, but they can’t pay heed to what they consider immoral. So, when someone avoids you, you mustn’t generalize that they are suffering from a personality disorder or that they don’t have valid reasons for doing so.

It could be that they are abstaining from that action or not acknowledging your efforts because they are not on the same practical grounds as theirs.


An avoidant is one who ignores people, especially when their attention is needed. An avoidant attitude frequently results from a childhood experience in which a person repeatedly felt rejected, bullied, abused, or undervalued by one or more significant caregivers.

Avoidant individuals harbor the belief that no one will ever satisfy their needs. They assume that people don’t want them to succeed or won’t let them be themselves.

With this, they do not owe anyone their attention and would not respond to what they ought to. They could also worry that they fall short of what people expect of them. In response, people ignore others to seek safety.


Someone who is cold-hearted doesn’t have affection for others. Their lack of sympathy makes it normal for them to ignore others. However, their lack of empathy seems to be a natural defect.


Although someone might ignore you unintentionally, most times, people who ignore others do it to gratify themselves. Their hearts are filled with selfish intentions.

So, they choose to please themselves rather than listen to the opinions of others or even acknowledge their deeds. Snubs do this a lot.

They are so annoying to the point that they claim not to hear or see anything important about what the person they are snubbing is doing or saying.

However, be certain that you listen to others while maintaining your ability to make decisions. On the other hand, choose who you respond to and ensure not to treat people who you don’t spend time with rudely. I hope you learn something worth it?

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