What Do You Call A Man Who Has Many Girlfriends?

You probably already have tons of insulting words in your head to say to the man. That’s how annoying it is to know your boyfriend has other girlfriends. It clearly ridicules you. You know you deserve some respect from someone you call your boyfriend.

It’s not only annoying for a girl to know her man has other girlfriends. It is quite annoying for a guy to watch another guy have many girlfriends, especially if he has none. Jealousy strikes in and you just want the perfect word or name to describe him.

Below is a list of words and names that call out the act and the motive at the same time.

12 Names to Call A Man Who Has Many Girlfriends

  1. Player
  2. Roué
  3. Womanizer
  4. Satyr
  5. Swinger
  6. Philanderer
  7. Rakehell
  8. Gigolo
  9. Playboy
  10. Lothario
  11. Casanova
  12. Don Juan

What Do You Call A Man Who Has Many Girlfriends?


This is the word you use for a guy who has many girlfriends. A promiscuous man cannot to be loyal to one girlfriend. Well, promiscuity and loyalty contradict anyway.

When a man has many girlfriends, there is a high chance that he is playing with all of them and he has no intention of having real relationships with any of them.

When you say this to any girl about a guy, she will definitely walk away. No girl would like to be played around with.


This is another word you can use for a promiscuous man. It refers to a lecherous person. By calling a man this name, you are accusing him of being too obsessed with sensual pleasure. That should explain the man’s multiple partners.

This could be taken as an insult. It isn’t very polite anyway since it translates to a shameful act of lustfulness and lack of contentment.

You are probably looking to discourage a woman from going after a particular man who has many girlfriends.

This word should do the job. By saying this, you are passing the message that the man is only interested in sensual intimacy and she shouldn’t expect any form of commitment from the man.

This is the truth, however. A man cannot be equally attracted to many girls and have a romantic relationship with all of them. The clearest motive for this is to satisfy his sensual desires.


This is one of the most common words on the entire list and you have probably heard someone get called this. It is also very clear so whoever you’re talking to doesn’t have to check a dictionary or ask for the meaning of what you said.

Womanizing refers to the act of having many female partners and the desire to have more, usually for the man’s selfish desire. If you are trying to say this to a man, he will definitely understand this word when you say it.

If you are trying to discourage a woman from going out with a man, calling him a womanizer can also do the job, especially if the woman expects a level of commitment which is impossible to get from a womanizer.


You can give this name to a promiscuous man. It is very uncommon but it expresses the same meaning as the other words on this list.

Satyr refers to a man who is involved in excessive intimacy. It is unavoidable that the man you speak of has many intimate partners to get himself pleasured.

Once again, the word is not very common so it may sound like you are speaking in parables if you can’t explain what you mean by calling a man a Satyr. Not only does this word have several meanings but it also sounds like a different word that is comparably more common i.e. Satire.

Satire refers to a literary work or action that has been used to ridicule and criticize the society or prominent figures. Satyr refers to a lecherous man.

If you want to say something straightforward without having to explain what you mean, then you will have to choose a simpler word.


You can call a promiscuous man a swinger. It has the same meaning as the other words and is not uncommon. You have probably heard the word being used once or twice.

 The word doesn’t refer to men alone. Swinger refers to a person who practices sensual intimacy with several partners. The idea is that the person swings from one partner to the other for selfish pleasure. You can also use this word for a promiscuous woman.

Swinger has other meanings and can probably be misunderstood but the probability of that happening is quite low.

his is because it is mostly used to refer to a person with several intimate partners. In other words, if you were going to use the word to refer to a different meaning, there is a high probability that the meaning will be mistaken for this.

If you are looking for a word that will be understood quickly, you can use this. Womanizer is the most common but you have the choice to use a less common but easily understood word.


If a man has many girlfriends or intimate partners, he is a philanderer. The word has the same meaning as Womanizer but is not as commonly used. This doesn’t make the word less common or not understandable.

Philander refers to the act of flirting. A philanderer is a person who has devoted his or her life to seduction and the entertainment of many sensual partners. It could also be a woman.

If you are looking for a word that cannot be misunderstood, this is as good as using Womanizer. Womanizer doesn’t have more than one meaning but it only refers to a man. Philanderer also doesn’t have more than one meaning so whoever you are referring to will get what you are trying to say quickly.


This is another less common word you can use to refer to a fornicator. This is probably your first time hearing this word. It can be used to refer to a man or a woman. It also doesn’t have more than one meaning.

This is the right word if you don’t want the person you’re addressing to know what you mean. It is an archaic word so you won’t hear it being used often or ever.

The word refers to the act of lewdness or immorality. A man with many girlfriends can be deemed immoral and lewd so this word fits into the situation.


This word only fits into certain situations so it may not be the perfect word to describe a man with many girlfriends. However, if you are simply thinking of an insult, this is a pretty shameful accusation.

A gigolo is a man who has an intimate relationship with a woman from whom he receives payment. A gigolo is believed to keep many female partners and get paid for intimacy.

If the man only has many girlfriends without taking their money, the name may not fit. However, it’s very insulting since it portrays the man as being unworthy of respect.


This is another word for a promiscuous man but it has been used so many times that it is no longer considered an insult. It was never truly understood as an insult, due to its meaning.

It is similar to Player in meaning but it is mostly used to refer to rich men or guys. Playboy refers to a man who keeps many partners but is never serious with any of them.

Playboys are usually portrayed as rich men who are proud and respected, and they make their casual intentions about their partners clear.

When you tell a woman that her partner is a playboy, she may be hurt by his casual intentions but she will believe he has money to spend on her for the short moment they stay together.


This is another very uncommon word but it’s not archaic. You can say this to a man who goes around flirting and seducing women.

It is another word for Lady-killer. A man called by this word is usually believed to be very attractive or dexterous enough to pull the attention of women.

However, the man’s goal is just attention or probably sensual pleasure, with no intention of having a serious relationship with any of them.


This is a word you can use in place of Playboy. A man called Casanova is usually considered attractive, romantic, and flirtatious.

Just like Playboy, this word may not make a man seem less attractive. Rather, he’d seem more admirable. The woman will expect no serious relationship with the man but may expect to get entertained at least.

Playboys usually have their way with many girls due to their skills in flirting. It is the same with Casanovas. While Playboys use their money, Casanovas are found entertaining and attractive so they naturally get the attention of many girls.

Sometimes, they even unintentionally deceive many. While they are only flirting for the fun, the girls are unable to see the casual attitude and they expect something serious.

Don Juan

This can replace womanizer and philanderer but, unfortunately, it sounds too attractive if you are trying to condemn the act.

This word makes it seem like you are praising the man. However, it should be enough to discourage a woman who wants a serious relationship with such a man. You can also say this word to a man and it will sound quite sarcastic.

It refers to a man who is obsessed with flirting and seducing women.


There is the name for virtually all kinds of promiscuous men in the list above. There are sarcastic names, criticizing names, and quite positive ones. You get to choose.

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