What Do You Call a Person Who Loves to Write

Someone who loves to write is known as a wordsmith. This kind of person can spend a lot of hours writing without even feeling like he has spent a lot of time writing.

This is one way you know someone who loves writing. They are usually good with words and they never lack words for anything. Sometimes, their love for writing makes them write books, novels, etc.

In this article, I will show you 10 names you can call someone who loves to write and why each name fits the person.

10 Names To Call Someone Who Loves To Write And Why Each Name Fits The Person

  1. A Writer
  2. A Wordsmith
  3. An Erudite
  4. A Ghostwriter
  5. A storyteller
  6. An Essayist
  7. A Freelance writer
  8. A Biographer
  9. An Author
  10. A Journalist

A Writer

What Do You Call a Person Who Loves to Write

A Writer is simply someone who uses writing in different forms to communicate or pass a message to his audience or a group of people.

Most times, someone is called a writer if the person takes it to another level by being a writer as a job. That is why the name fits the person.

Anybody can write, but for someone to be called a writer, there has to be some sort of professionalism displayed by the person before the person is regarded as a writer.

Next time you see someone who gets paid to write articles, publications, etc, you can comfortably call that person a writer.

A Wordsmith

What Do You Call a Person Who Loves to Write

A wordsmith is someone so skilled in using words. The person is a writer but has a unique way of using words which makes people call him a wordsmith.

A writer may use words casually or professionally, but a wordsmith will always bring his unique skilled way of using words.

You can simply say that a wordsmith is a skilled writer. One can write and pass a message to the desired audience without the use of skilled writing.

But when a wordsmith wants to pass a message he makes sure that he uses skilled writing. This is why you can call the person a wordsmith.

An Erudite

An erudite is someone who writes with a great show of academic knowledge. When an erudite is Someone who does have great academic knowledge and can write, but the moment an erudite writes, you will know an erudite has written because there was a great show of academic knowledge in the person’s write-up.

An erudite has a book style of writing. An erudite gains most of their knowledge from reading and studying.

They gain a lot of knowledge from reading, which is why the person makes use of a lot of academic knowledge when writing.

You can tell from how the person writes that he is erudite. This makes the person uniquely called an erudite.

A Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is someone that is usually paid or hired to write speeches, articles, or any other form of text, but instead of crediting the ghostwriter as the author, it is credited to another person as the author.

This is the major difference between a writer, an author, and a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter can be hired to write a whole book, but the credit for the work goes to another person. As long as the ghostwriter has been paid for the job well done, another person becomes the author of the book.

A lot of big industry people hire ghostwriters to write their work. They may not have such luxury of time to sit and write, they will have to resort to hiring a ghostwriter who will do all the work for them, and then they go ahead to pay the ghostwriter.

Now you know why you can call the person a ghostwriter and why the name suits the person.

A storyteller

A storyteller is referred to as someone who writes stories. That is what storytellers focus on, they spend most of their time writing stories, which is why the majority of the stories written in books or publications were written by storytellers.

Anyone can write, but not anyone can be a storyteller. Storytellers have the gift of being able to captivate someone to stay glued to the particular story he wants you to read.

Even after staying glued to reading the person’s story, you will still find it interesting. That alone qualifies the person to be called a storyteller.

An Essayist

Anybody can write, but an essayist is someone who specifically writes essays. Mose especially as a literary genre. When you notice that the person writes essays, you can simply call the person an essayist, you will not be wrong by doing that.

An essay is a short piece of writing on any subject. All essays that you see in publications out there were written by essayists. People who specifically write essays. And they write the essays very well. You can see that such a name suits the person so well.

The next time you come across someone who writes essays for publications, instead of calling the person a writer, call the person an essayist. That is preferable.

A Freelance writer

A freelance writer is someone who does writing jobs for different organizations instead of for a single person or an individual. A freelance writer could write website articles, blog articles, news and publications for different organizations instead of for a single organization.

Most times, a freelancer can work at his own convenient time without having to report at the office or even face the horrible traffic on the road daily. Most freelancers work from home, some have their home studio which makes it possible for them to work efficiently without any hindrance.

That is the difference between a freelance writer and a regular writer. A regular writer for an organization has to report to the office regularly, while a freelance writer can work from home, which is otherwise known as ‘’remote working’’.

These days, companies or organizations tend to resort to remote working because it saves the company a lot of costs while increasing their productivity.

A Biographer

A biographer is a writer who focuses on writing the true life story of other people. Most times, you see the books of other prominent people having a biography at the end of the book. The biography of those prominent people was written by biographers.

That is why when a prominent person wants to work on a book, the person has to work with a professional biographer to get his biography properly written.

This does not only apply to prominent people who want to work on a book but also singers and actors with biographers so that they can get their biography properly written in situations where they want to use it.

Prominent people in any industry may be too busy to write their biography, some may not even be good writers, and they have to resort to hiring biographers for their various projects. The biographer will do a good job.

An Author

An author is a writer who writes books or articles that are intended to publish. Those who write are referred to as authors if what they wrote were ideas they originated themselves. Having said that, it is safe to say that most authors are writers but not all writers are authors.

An author will most likely write and publish his book himself. However, a writer can choose to write a lot of articles without publishing them.

Some authors can even hire ghostwriters to write their books for them without crediting the ghostwriter who wrote the work.

But that is the work of a ghostwriter, to get paid to write something but will not be credited as the original author of the work. This is what many prominent people who may be too busy to sit and write do.

A Journalist

Journalists work majorly in the news industry, what they do is gather correct information from reliable sources in written, audio, or video form and they transform it into something worthy to be read in the news.

The next time you see someone writing something that is to be read in the news, feel free to call such a person a journalist.

Journalists are also writers. The fact that they are writing for the article so that it can be read on the news makes it right to call them journalists.

What Type Of People Are Writers?

Writers are usually quiet people who can pay attention to details. Writers are usually voracious readers and they have this deep passion to always know more.

Introverts are mostly stereotyped to be writers. This is not false because for someone to be good at writing, the person has to have some qualities which I will explain in this article.

Here is the type of people that are writers:

  • Quiet people
  • Disciplined people
  • Voracious readers

Quiet people

Writing requires a lot of brain work, which means you will do a lot of thinking and processing. For you to work effectively while writing, you are going to need a quiet environment.

Not just your environment, you also have to be quiet in your mind to be able to process things properly.

If you are a loud person, you are going to find it difficult to be a writer because you will not give yourself enough room to think, and your mind will always be clouded as you will find it difficult to think properly.

Disciplined people

Disciplined people are another set of people that can be writers. If you are not disciplined you will find it difficult to be a writer because you will need to pay attention to details a lot, if you are not disciplined you will always be distracted and you will not be able to pay attention to things that you need while writing.

This is one primary reason why you need to stay disciplined as a writer. You can only succeed as a writer if you are disciplined.

Voracious readers

Writers are known to be voracious readers, if you are a writer you need to know a lot of things because writers tend to write about a wide variety of topics.

When you write about a wide variety of topics you need to also know a lot, to know a lot you need to read a lot.

That is why to be a writer you also need to be a voracious reader. When you are a voracious reader, you will be able to say or write a lot about a variety of topics.

Why Should You Be A Writer?

There are many reasons why you need to become a writer. Take a look at the various reasons why you should be a writer.

  • You can write to earn money
  • You can write to be an authority
  • You can write to become popular

You can write to earn money

The good thing about being a writer is that you can get paid for writing. The interesting thing about getting paid to write is that you can work from the comfort of your home and you will still get paid.

If you are a person that loves this lifestyle, you should consider being a writer.

You can write to be an authority

Writers, especially authors that have published one or more of their works online or offline are considered an authority in their field because it is believed that the person has an excellent level of expertise in that field.

You can write to become popular

A lot of writers tend to become popular the moment one or more of their works goes viral. When your work gets popular, as long as the work was credited with your name, you will get famous and people will know you for your work.

Final words

Being a writer benefits you a whole lot, you learn in the process and you also get famous if you are fortunate that your work goes viral or one of your books gets a lot of sales.

If you are a quiet person that loves to share your ideas with a lot of people then you should consider writing.

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