What Do You Call A Person Who Makes Juice?

Whether it’s the refined taste of richness that drips down from the glass to your throat or the bright freshness you feel as you drink from that juice pack, or could be the bold statement the smoothie accentuates into your lungs as you gulp, one thing stands out, it was made by a maestro.

What happens when you try to appreciate this maestro for their excellence in delivering to your taste bud sweetness and you just find it hard to do so all because you don’t know their name? You know that fear!?

Well have no fear anymore, this article would help you with the names you need to know about one who makes all the tasty, savory, and breathe taking juice you’ve tasted, here we go:

10 Names to Call A Person Who Makes Juice?

There are variations for the word used in referring to someone who makes juice and one is likely to find the list non-exhaustive as more types, kind, and taste flood the drink market daily.

  1. Juice maker
  2. Barrister
  3. Juicer
  4. Fruita
  5. Fruit bearer
  6. Server
  7. Vinter
  8. Bar Person
  9. Tender
  10. Juice Blender

Enough of the boring writeup and apologies for keeping you waiting, let’s begin with a detailed explanation of the names we have highlighted above:

Juice maker

Popular amongst most people and even the media, this name seems to be the standard name for anyone who is involved in the process of juice making.

Originally, used by those who strictly are into fruit juice production, the name over time now represents just more than that.

This name covers everything from natural juice made at the orchard in the backyard to the sophisticated industry having all the machinery needed for massive juice production.

What Do You Call A Person Who Makes Juice

Fruit Barrister

Formerly meant to serve in a coffee shop or work in a bar, with the inclusion of the word fruit to a barrister, a  synonym for one who made makes fruit Juice was born.

It is stated that the origin of this name could be traced to most coffee drinkers who at one time decided to give their taste buds some change and decided to try something else.

When they tasted the fruit juice made by those who do, compared it to what they had drunk previously, they noticed at once the difference, hence calling them barrister didn’t pass well for them but the name fruit barista.

In most pubs and bars where juice is served, it is not unlikely to have customers refer to the section for fruit as the fruit barista stand.

As the old saying goes, When in Rome behave like the Romans.


Why would someone want to go by the name of the equipment they use in making their product or services is only best known to the customers patronizing the product or service?

Unfortunately or maybe just, fortunately, instead of looking for a fancy name that would describe someone who makes juice from God knows where pundits find it interesting to use a metonym.

Originally derived from the word juicer(the machine used in making fruit drinks), attributing such a name to the handler of such a machine felt like a quick fix in finding other names to refer to one who makes juice.


The sanguine feel of this name is best used at a fiesta, carnival, or where a lot of gyrating would happen.

Beach party enthusiasts and party people are to be appreciated for coming up with a name that connotes exactly what those who make juice make us feel.

Knowing the right word to refer to the dude who makes the juice would save you from not getting your share of the enjoyment.

Fruit Bearer

If we could have names like wine-bearer, cup-bearer, and flag-bearer, are there any rules that prohibit us from referring to someone who makes juice as a fruit-bearer?

The history behind this name could date back to ancient times (think medieval Egypt, Persian, and Rome) when kings had men who served them wine in the royal cup and how they carried it to their palace.

The wine is placed in a tray that is held high on the hands of the person bringing it, often the bearer of the wine happens to be the one who made it, the reason they were called a fruit bearer.

Fast forward to modern times, juice makers and takers in a bid to honor history choose to retain the name bearer but only added fruit to depict a sense of modernity, in other words, the name fruit bearer was born.

When next you are left thinking deeply of a name to identify someone who makes juice to no avail, just think fruit and bearer. Fruit bearer.


Another simple way to call someone who makes juice is a server. Weird?

Why waste precious time chewing your gums in a bid to find a name when at the thought of that waiter serving you or you offering help of any kind can just come up with the word Server. Makes sense now right?

Not only does this name sound so easy and straight to the point kind of way, but it also agrees with most words used to describe anyone offering service of any kind, and for one who makes juice, why should calling such a person a server be an offense?

Don’t forget to add Juice before the Server.


Maybe the person who makes your fruit juice has an enigmatic or mysterious air about them and this charm seems to translate well into the kind of juice he makes, calling him a vinter would accentuate his profession and personality.

Known to spring from the word Vintage, a vinter represents everything from a high-quality juice maker to an esoteric juice maker, think of the word as one used on only maestros.

The next time you want to describe someone who makes juice that blows your mind off and teleports you to a supernatural realm, think Vinter.

Bar person

Having cleared the air on the coffee history, it is also proper to identify someone who makes juice, especially in a bar as a bar person.

Not only does this name fit with the setting where the juice is served but also adds a formal feel to something most bar attendees think of as the word juice.

Nowadays, most pubs and clubs have given room for other kinds of drinks to be served other than regular alcohol and spirits, it is not uncommon to find a smoothie stand in the aforementioned places, and as such bringing a name that feels off to the ambiance to refer to one who makes them could be offensive.

Save yourself from being snubbed or kicked out all because of a wrong name and do the person making the juice for you the honor of addressing him as a Bar Person. Just make sure you don’t say Bad Person.


You are sitting on that comfy sofa, surrounded by warm light and soothing music, sipping from that glass of exotic juice, when something strikes you.

“Excuse me,”  you say as you call the man you see making the drink you’re having. He walks towards you.

“Are you the…..” and you are lost for words.

This scenario describes many people who try to call someone who makes juice by a name, the challenge is they probably haven’t heard of a tender.

Best used when this juice maker works in a setting that is cozy and elegant, think hospitality, hotels, and motels.

Addressing someone who makes juice in the above place by a Tender makes them appreciative of you and would be zealous to see that they serve you better.

Juice Blender

What Do You Call A Person Who Makes Juice

If you don’t want the trouble that stems from mistakenly calling someone by something they don’t fancy, take caution using this name.

A blender is just a machine that mixes things (fruits and vegetables, in this context) so think about calling a person who makes juice by the name blender, and then you would understand the caveat above.

Even when used, there should be supporting words to make sure that what you are referring to the person as isn’t in any way connected to the device itself, so you could say:

“I believe you are the person who made this, I mean you are the fruit blender?”

Making your message clear would save you from having an enemy. If all these criteria are met, you can comfortably address one who makes juice as a juice blender.


The world of juice making is as vast as the sand on the seashore, so are words used to address the persons who make them, from Tender to Juice maker and even to the more sophisticated names(ever heard of Sommelier?) Finding the perfect name at first can be daunting.

Luckily for you, this article has done well to cover the various names you could refer to one who makes juice, all you need is to make your choice.

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