What Do You Call Someone Who Needs To Be In A Relationship? (5 Terms We Know!)

People and things are not always classified on a generic basis. But specifically, there should be a specific term or list of terms for people that need to be in a relationship.

Have you ever wondered? Such classes of people are termed as either insecure, immature, or they are playing to the bandwagon effect. There are other reasons for this too.

If you have ever come across a person or you have a friend who obviously has no immediate need to be in any romantic relationship but seems so obsessed to be in one, or you somehow find yourself wanting a relationship before suddenly being hit by reality, and it dawns on you that you actually do not have a need for it, then you should see the latter part of this article as it serves as an easy guide to help you understand and navigate through this delicate part of life.

Five Terms Used To Describe People Who Think They Need To Be In A Relationship

1. A Bandwagon Person

What Do You Call Someone Who Needs To Be In A Relationship

In psychology, the bandwagon effect is a type of cognitive bias that describes the high possibility of a person adopting a certain kind of way of life, a thing, or a behavioral pattern in particular, simply because many other people are into it.

More specifically, it is the act of going with the public’s opinion – a way of life that rallies among the public.

This is the reason bandwagon people would think they need to be in a relationship, not because they have a sort of emotional or companionship void that should be filled, but because a lot of people around them have spouses, boyfriends, or girlfriends.

2. An Insecure Person

An insecure person might behave in the same manner a bandwagon person does, albeit, they have different reasons for behaving alike. An insecure person is low on confidence, esteem, and self-assurance.

This person seldom feels good around other people until he feels he has enough qualities to match up to the people he is constantly in contact with.

This is the reason an insecure lady thinks having a boyfriend can help her to be able to measure up to her peers. This is because she views life through a prism of low self-evaluation.

Here, the unhealthy need for external validation beclouds basic reasoning and a person’s decisions are sponsored by the desire to come off cool and in the eyes of others.

3. An Immature Person

Immaturity can be a reason a person can think he need to be in a relationship. The reason for this is because of the presence of emotional imbalance that brings about weak decision-making.

Hence, an immature person wants to do just as others do. This case is common among young minds – their immature minds want to have them in relationships just like their friends.

While we may want to argue that maturity should not always be associated with age, it is a fact that both almost always move together.

This is the reason you see more immature traits among young teens and people growing into adulthood compared to older people. This is not to disregard the immaturity in older people though.

4. Peer Pressured Person

Research has shown that some of the negative effects of peer pressure are; increased anxiety, depression, and smashed esteem.

This doesn’t just alter the behavior and mannerisms of people in its grip, it also brings about the need to seek companionship.

So, it is no surprise that peer pressure hits on people’s subconsciousness and gets them seeking to be in relationships when ideally, they shouldn’t be in one.

A previously bad relationship is also a factor that gets people filled with the need to be in a relationship. Especially when they want to prove to their ex that they’re better off without them.

And in cases like this, the new relationship seldom lasts as it wasn’t built on sincere affection but on the need to prove a point.

The truth remains that one is more likely to tolerate more crap and emotional abuse to maintain and prove this point. At least many reported cases have proven so.

5. The Void-filled Person

What Do You Call Someone Who Needs To Be In A Relationship

This sounds like a paradox, right? Well, it would interest you to know that “The presence of nothingness” has been one of the leading causes of people seeking to be in relationships.

The reason for this is because of either the lack of a father or mother figure in their lives while growing up. If this is the case, then there is this constant need to fill up this void.

And since the one quick and secure way to have a good extent of closeness with a person of a gender that seems out of place in their lives is through relationships, they seek to achieve that in relationships, thereby subjecting themselves to ills.

Why Do People Feel Like They Need To Be In A Relationship?

1. The absence of self-discovery

One of the reasons people think they need to be in relationships is because of the absence of self-discovery.

In this case, they are not mentally aware, hence, they fail at identifying their feelings and how it morphs into a bug in their subconscious minds to alter the way they perceive things and make decisions on the things perceived.

Thus, they have an unhealthy yearning to be romantically involved with another person.

And most times, this doesn’t work. Relationships built on anything other than genuine feelings seldom stand the test of time before they come crashing.

2. To satisfy lustful desires and fantasies

A set of people want to be in relationships simply because they want to satisfy their fantasies and lustful desires and nothing more.

People with unhealthy minds think one way they can bring their lustful fantasies to fruition is to be in a relationship where their partners owe them a duty of constant genital handshake.

Of course, true relationships involve this too, but then, a relationship is a broader concept that supersedes this, it involves more important aspects of human dealings than getting down on panties.

3. For The Sake Of Co-dependency

Co-dependency or “codependency” as a variant spelling, is a psychological condition that involves an unhealthy excessive dose of psychological and emotional reliance on a partner.

This often leads to low esteem of oneself, poor boundaries, self-denial, and a host of other ill traits. The accumulation of the symptoms of a codependent person gives them a toggle on their feelings which makes them feel like they need to be in a relationship.

How Do You Identify The Need To Be In A Relationship?

Being in a relationship comes with its hurdles, and as such, the need to be in a relationship must be felt by one that is mentally and physically prepared for it.

But then, how can you identify a genuine need to be in one? What are the feelings? In what condition can you feel this?

1. Marriage

You can identify a true need to be in a relationship when you’re genuinely seeking to get married. Marriage encapsulates a couple of levels.

Although it is not always so. But then, except in countries where an arranged marriage is a culture, a relationship is always one of the core stages people pass before getting married.

This stage allows people to understand each other, their core inner selves are evaluated (people tend to hide some characters though), and they have a glance into their compatibility level. This way, a person would have an idea of what they are signing up for.

2. Companionship

The yearning for companionship is a way to identify a valid reason for wanting to be in a relationship. Two people with this same need can be in a healthy relationship.

This doesn’t necessarily need to end in marriage; of course, it should be discussed and mutually agreed on. Relationships councilors have always advised people to define their relationships and the basis on which they should hold.

This way, there would be clarity and both parties can know what to expect from each other.

3. Friendship

What Do You Call Someone Who Needs To Be In A Relationship

As casual as friendship may seem, it is one of the truest reasons people can seek to be in relationships. And yes, it is valid.

A friend, as defined by the English dictionary, is one other than a family member, whose company one enjoys, as well as has affection for.

The fact that “affection” (which is one of the core pillars of a relationship) is captured in the definition of friendship, makes friendship a very valid reason upon which a relationship can be built.

For real, why wouldn’t you want to date a person whose company and affection brighten you up? Although this wouldn’t work in all situations (especially if the feeling is not mutual), but then, it almost always will.

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