What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Anything?

Saying thank you feels like poking a boil in the throat for some people. They show no atom of appreciation or gratitude for anything.

It is almost like there’s a ban placed on being grateful in their world. You can simply call this type of person an ingrate, but that sounds way too degrading and cliché.

That brings us to uncovering terms that can be used to address someone who doesn’t appreciate anything. Because of this curiosity, it can spring questions like; what is the most appropriate word for someone who is unappreciative?

However, you don’t have to beat yourself up with thoughts because I’ll be presenting to you some terms you can call someone who doesn’t appreciate anything.

15 Names to Calls Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Anything

Even if you feed them for days, some people are just ungrateful and won’t show any signs that they care. Being appreciative feels like a big deal for them, so when you come across such a person you can use any of these terms below to address them.

  1. Ingrate
  2. Thankless wretch
  3. Bounder
  4. Self-seeker
  5. Selfish
  6. Inconsiderate
  7. Swine
  8. Jerk
  9. Jag-off
  10. Churlish
  11. Meany
  12. Creep
  13. Reprobate
  14. No-good
  15. Careless


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Anything

This is easily the first word that comes to mind when you think of what to call someone who doesn’t appreciate anything. It posits that the person in question is not grateful for whatever good was done to them.

An ungrateful person will take a cone of ice cream from you without minding to voice out a stress-free thank you.

This type of person often acts absentminded when it comes to issues bordering on being appreciative.

Thankless Wretch

There you have it, a term that captures the disgust you feel towards anyone who doesn’t appreciate anything. Calling such a person a thankless wretch shows how pained you are for their actions.

I know it comes out a bit condescending but I think it’s a good pick if the person in question remains unshaken about their actions.

When you call such a person a thankless wretch, the reaction will be one of surprise or somewhat anger but don’t care about that either.

The term goes a long way to tell the person they’re wrong on all grounds in being ungrateful.


If you’ve not heard before then hear it now; it’s dishonorable for you to not show appreciation for anything.

That’s the whole package that comes with being called a bounder. A bounder is a disgraceful person who acts disgustingly.

In this context, it is disgusting for someone to be unappreciative of anything. If I encounter such a person as a friend, I will cut him or her off because being ungrateful is a bad virus and you don’t need anyone who acts like that around you.

Therefore, when you sense anyone who doesn’t show appreciation for anything, you can address them as a bounder. If the person refuses, remind them that it is so dishonorable to be unappreciative.


A self-seeker is someone who is all about themself. This type of person does all things to please their self. In the person’s mind, showing appreciation for anything means edifying whoever it is that’s receiving the praise or thank you.

Instead of giving the person this heart-warming praise and recognition, the self-seeker will remain mute and numb.

You can use this phrase if the person who doesn’t show appreciation for anything is equally rude with all his or her ill manners.


Just like a self-seeker, anyone who doesn’t show appreciation for anything is a disgustingly selfish person.

The thought of a selfish person who shows no gratitude for anything makes me puke and it can trigger a more horrible feeling in you.

I had an encounter with one of these people some months ago. And I must say, I still see such people as militants against the love for humanity.

So I met this woman who needed cash to clear something over at the counter. Her excuse was her credit card wasn’t working.

I helped her out with the stuff and she didn’t even wait for me to get done with the transaction she was already on her way. I was short of words. No thank you, talk more of blessings.

Guess what became my resolve? I decided not to help people randomly again. The experience I had is why a lot of people resort to being wicked rather than being kind to people.


You can also call someone who does not appreciate anything inconsiderate. They are inconsiderate for not recognizing that showing gratitude is a good thing and a courtesy to show when someone does something good to you.

They’re also inconsiderate for not realizing that gratitude opens more doors of opportunity.

If such a person had shown any sign of concern, then it would’ve been a different issue altogether but they feel at ease with being ungrateful.

If you come across such a person, do not hold back the urge to tell him or her how inconsiderate and irresponsible they are. Their actions reek of disgust.


Arrogance is the watchword whenever the word swine is mentioned. A swine is seemingly a braggart and egoistic person who doesn’t care what people say, even with their ill behavior.

It wouldn’t be a bad choice of a word if you called anyone who doesn’t appreciate anything a swine.

It is almost a perfect term for such a person; because arrogance is one of the chief reasons why such a person will get past a good deed done to them without showing appreciation.

A swine would not mind being called out for its bad attitude because they don’t care. So when next you do good to someone and he or she chose to play dirty by being unappreciative, remind them how they share the same lineage as a swine.


You probably didn’t know that someone who doesn’t show appreciation for anything is a jerk. Pardon my tone, but that’s how much I detest the idea that you would do something good for someone and he or she acts like they or never saw you.

My experience with people like that shaped me into having whatever ideology I have now. Anyone who thinks being ungrateful is cool is a halfwit and nothing changes that at all.


Just like a jerk, you can call someone who doesn’t appreciate anything a jag-off. It is also as derogatory as calling someone a jerk.

But you don’t have to feel remorseful about anything, because whoever you’re calling that because they’re unappreciative deserves that.


You can also call someone who doesn’t appreciate anything churlish. It is a term that means a rude person. Luckily, it covers a very important part of being ungrateful.

This important part is the fact that it is absolutely rude for you to ignore a good deed by being unappreciative.

It is also impolite to act in such a way, especially towards someone who deserves all the respect you have.

Unfortunately, some people have sworn never to be grateful for anything and this term is meant for them.


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Anything

Anyone who fails to appreciate anything is small-minded and unreasonable. This is because life has a way of giving back to us what we gave out to others.

The person fails to understand that showing gratitude doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is less powerful because that’s what runs through such small-minded people.

Showing gratitude is more like telling the universe you’re appreciative of what you got through someone else.

When you do not keep to this courtesy, you risk being in a position where no one will respect or reverend you at all.


A creep is someone whose ways or actions are suspicious. It is odd for someone to be unappreciative of anything even when he or she is fed by someone else.

So, when you encounter a person, you can call them a creep for acting in such an inhumane way.


Being unappreciative is an unbecoming error against a fellow human being. When someone acts in such an inconsiderate manner towards you, remind them they’re reprobates for acting in that form.


Someone who doesn’t appreciate good gestures is simply a no-good. That person only likes it when others show them good and not when they do so to others.

They’re more like a stingy person. But in this case, he or she is not stingy with money or tip but with gratitude and appreciation.

You can call the person a no-good. It is not as derogatory as saying jerk or jag-off, so the effect is also going to be subtle.


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Anything

Without giving it a second thought, it is clear that a person who doesn’t appreciate anything also does not care about anything.

This person is proudly callous and it is reflective of how they manage issues that require them to show gratitude for something. Therefore, you can go ahead and calls such a person careless.


To wrap up this article, I’ll love to reiterate how disgusting it is for someone not to show appreciation for anything.

It is inhumane and if you were looking for more deserving words or terms to call such a person, I believe you found them in this post.

Nevertheless, you have to be cautious when using any of these terms or words on anyone. Just as you’re taking your time to digest this post, kindly hit the share icon and help spread the message of this post.

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