What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like Anyone?

We all have met or know someone who doesn’t like others. I met some of these people in high school and college taught me more about them. So, what do you call such a person?

Are they just loners like you would probably think or assume? Or is there any other suitable term to describe them?

The major characteristic of this type of person is their withdrawn lifestyle. One that is occasioned by a phobia for something, possibly letting people into their life or being extroverted.

In this article, I’ll be uncovering a couple of suitable words or terms that should come to your mind if you’re looking for what you call someone who doesn’t like anyone.

10 Names to Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like Anyone

Asocial is undoubtedly a perfect word to describe someone who doesn’t like anyone, but other terms cover possible reasons why the person in question doesn’t like anyone.

Below are a couple of words that you can call someone who doesn’t like anyone.

  1. Downbeat
  2. Antisocial
  3. Hermit
  4. Misanthropic
  5. Reclusive
  6. Cynic
  7. Skeptic
  8. Pessimist
  9. Loner
  10. Discouraged


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn't Like Anyone

This is the first term on this list and it is a good pick if you’re looking for what to call someone who doesn’t like anyone. It captures someone who doesn’t feel confident enough to have anyone in their life.

A downbeat is often scared to trust anyone because they feel they’re not functional enough to have people in their life. Downbeats act so detached while out on dates and they’re one of the most uninteresting people to hang out with.

So you can someone who doesn’t like anyone downbeat.


While downbeats may even agree to go on a date with you, those who are antisocial do not fancy the idea of going out. Their dislike for any social activities also reflects in how they accept people into their lives.

The asocial feeling is so overwhelming that the person can eventually hate people abruptly and without any tangible reason.

The feeling of being antisocial is characterized by the preference to stay indoors, eating out alone and in scarcely populated restaurants.

However, an antisocial person may not necessarily dislike everyone and anyone, but you can still use the term because it bodies the central idea of the subject matter which is a dislike for people.


Asian history brims with stories of monks and Sufis. These men lived in monasteries and isolated locales and they never entertained many relationships with people.

Only a few of them taught people directly while others wrote down scripts.

Someone who doesn’t like anyone could act like a monk as their life is lived only self-centered and detached from the details of the outer world or people. Because of this, you can call this type of person a hermit.

The term has little to no reference to Asians but means the same thing as a monk. Calling someone a monk sounds extreme which is why hermit suits perfectly.

It also has the vibe of modernity in it, so it won’t come out as condescending and archaic when you call someone that.


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn't Like Anyone

This is the right scientific term that is given to someone who doesn’t like anyone. It has its origins in ancient greek and classically means the hatred of people.

A misanthropic person would rather enjoy the company of animals or plants than humans. Their withdrawal from a human relationship is deeply rooted in the fear of getting played and the fact that modern people are just faking. Because they don’t want to be lied to, fooled, or worse hurt…they resort to disliking anyone.

Sometimes, those who have this condition try to socialize but once they sense the same triggers which made them withdraw, they’ll back off before things get serious.


Being reclusive entails being withdrawn from the activities of others. Another word that best describes this state is noncompliance. A reclusive person is likely to not comply or buy into some way of life or fun activity.

If this mindset is maintained and keeps growing, it will reach a point of no return which is having a dislike for people. This is why you can call someone who doesn’t like anyone reclusive.

A reclusive person is more strengthened in their loneliness than in the company of people. This type of person is typically living in a personally built enclave.


A cynical person is your favorite freak or weirdo. This type of person does things that are abruptly odd and unbelievable. Like what’s with not liking anyone?

Human relationship is one of the most beautiful things to have as a person and then there’s this one person who does not like anyone. You’ll think he or she has gone nuts, but that’s their personality.

What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn't Like Anyone

While it could be a disability, it’s more like a defense mechanism for some people. When they put up this type of wall against people, their sanity is often kept alive, as well as their respect and integrity.

So it would sound condescending if you used “cynic” on the person if they see this personality as just a defense mechanism against bad vibes and people.

Instead of directly calling them cynics, you could say “If you continue this way, there may never be a difference between you and a cynic”. This way, the delivery is subtle and also on point.


You can call someone who doesn’t like anyone sceptic. This is because it is a term that captures a different view of those who dislike people.

Being skeptical has to do with doubting certain views, especially if they’re widely held by others.

Now, someone can have a dislike for anyone because he feels his views and theirs do not align.

He or she also feels that mingling with others means they have to abandon their view and buy into that of others. Since they’re already doubting what others believe, it becomes hard for them to like anyone.

To this type of people, others are wrong therefore they’re oppositions and seen as arch enemies. If you call someone who doesn’t like anyone a skeptic, you’re trying to point out that the difference in opinions is the reason they don’t like anyone.


If you think some people are annoying, wait till you meet a pessimist. These people are functionally annoying and unbelievable. They see bad in everything and everyone. Little wonder they don’t like anyone.

Being a pessimist has a way of impeding your reasoning for others and how you accept them.

This mindset will cripple your chances of accepting people into your life because you think they may bring bad news.

A pessimist’s mindset of impossibility can make it hard for him or her to like anyone.

Their thoughts will remind them that liking anyone will end in tears and being hurt. Instead of giving it a try, they back off even before things kick off.


You’re a loner if you don’t like anyone. Being a loner doesn’t only mean you don’t go out or have fun like others, it boils down to what you think about people around you.

Back in high school, I wasn’t quite a reclusive person but I was a loner. My high receptivity made me an alien among others who didn’t things from my point of view. Because of this, I barely liked anyone.

What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn't Like Anyone

Just like a pessimist, a loner always sees a reason not to mingle or tangle. Their reason sounds interesting and good to them, but it does not always end well for them.

Most of these reasons border on avoiding getting hurt lied to or fooled.

Instead of liking anyone, loners hug their pillows and talk to their computer set. And they intentionally remain uninteresting so as not to attract any attention to them.


This is the last word on this list which you can call someone who doesn’t like anyone. It perfectly bodies what this type of person feels which makes them not like anyone.

When you feel discouraged, you’ll find it difficult to perform any tasks not to talk of liking anyone. A person could be discouraged to like anyone because of their appearance, their financial status, or a lack of humor.

Since these three things form the basis of most relationships and they’re probably lacking in one or two of them, it reflects on how they see themselves and eventually makes them not like anyone.

The problem is with them and not the people they fail to like. While some of them are self-aware of this flaw, others chose to pitch the problem to the people they don’t like.

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect person so it would be their flaw not to look beyond the petty shortcomings of people and like them.


Is there ever someone who doesn’t like anyone? Well, this post proves there are people like that. It didn’t stop there. I also uncovered a list of 10 things to call someone who doesn’t like anyone.

I introduced different terms in this post and that’s how they are to be used differently. Each term has a particular situation where it suits you perfectly and you should apply it accordingly.

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