What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like To Go Out?

You’re probably wondering about the best thing to call that your friend who doesn’t like to go out. Probably, you’re tired of telling him or her how uninteresting they are.

Whichever way you used in telling addressing them could seem right. However, it may not be appropriate or conclusive.

You may ask, what other names should I call him? I figure that’s the chief reason you found your way to this post, so I won’t disappoint you.

In this article, I will be showing you a list of the best things to call someone who doesn’t like to go out.

10 Things to Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like To Go Out

There are a lot of things you can call someone who doesn’t like to go out. However, only a few of these names, words, or terms capture the target subject of this post.

Hence, I came up with a list of 10 things to call someone who doesn’t like to go out.

  1. Homebody
  2. Reclusive
  3. Wall-flower
  4. Aloof
  5. Agoraphobic
  6. Swampie
  7. Introvert
  8. Antisocial
  9. Homesick
  10. Hermit


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like To Go Out

A homebody is someone who doesn’t fancy leaving their house to anywhere. They prefer the confine of their house to go out.

This does not mean that those who are homebodies are not social. Most of them are sociable but are probably drawn to their house more due to a circumstance.

You can imagine a lively guy who was going out before but now stays in-door because of an awful experience at the bar.

Whatever bad experience this guy had now shaped his ideology of going out again. By so doing, he now becomes a homebody who doesn’t like to go out.

If you come across someone with a similar record but now shies away from going out, you can call him or her a homebody.


Being reclusive means acting reserved or withdrawn from happenings around. A person who doesn’t like going out could be reclusive.

He or she may not be interested in any form of engagement or entanglement with people, which will lead to leaving their house or office to a public place.

This state of mind can be triggered by a couple of things like the fear of being dumped or engaging with people who do not vibe to the same frequency as you do.

Those who are reclusive have also been found to have a weird attitude or view of life. Such a person may share believe


A wallflower is another term you can call someone who doesn’t like to go out. Just like the proper wallflowers, this person is stuck in their house or office space. I kinda know someone who’s pretty much this shy from going out.

She’s a friend of mine who loves karaoke nights but is so much of a wallflower that she doesn’t even leave for the hangouts at night.

She doesn’t like being the highlight of any event or having people see how she’s dressed to kill.

I tried to find out why she acted so, and she said she doesn’t think she got that much groove and vibe for going out.

And again just like a wallflower, this person feels they’re not ready to be shown or brought outside got people to see. They’d prefer staying indoors and showing all their inward extroverts inside their apartment.


This sounds funky, right? But that’s something you can call someone who doesn’t like to go out. This term bodies the unfriendliness that is expressed when someone dislikes going out.

No doubt, someone who doesn’t like to go out is both uninteresting and hard to make friends with.

Most successful relationships built memories while on vacations or eating out at favorite restaurants just cruising around town.

How are you going to establish something tangible with an unfriendly person? It’s almost impossible and even if it happens, it won’t have the flair of other relationships.

So you can call someone who doesn’t like to go out aloof. This way, the person understands that their attitude is shading them off of proper interaction and communication with other people.


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like To Go Out

This term of fear has its origins in Greece, just like most English phenomena. The Greek translation and meaning show that it is a fear of going out to the public marketplace.

These days, the marketplace is not the only place where a large number of people come together. You have the mall, the recreation park in the center, and even stadiums.

Currently, being agoraphobic transcends the Greek meaning as people now have the phobia got even going to the movies. So there are a lot of outdoor activities which are now covered by the term agoraphobia.

Therefore, when someone shows signs of uninterest when going out is suggested you can call the person agoraphobic.

This is because the term recounts fear as the central reason why he or she doesn’t want to leave their couch and hit the road.

This person could be afraid of a lot of things, ranging from meeting frenemies to looking shabby in their backward fashion sense due to excessive stay-at-home.


A swampie refers to a huge social figure especially online, who is not as affluent as they appear on the screen.

This type of person can talk about visiting Disneyland while on chats on Instagram or Video sessions on Twitch. But they won’t have the same vibe to talk to you face to face.

They’re kinda like shy in real life but are the real gangsters and alpha males online. They’re also the hot chicks and drama queens over the wire but can’t hold a proper gentleman-lady conversation with you.

The biggest foil is that this group of people dislikes going out. They don’t want to be caught lacking, which they already are.

A swampie doesn’t want to get caught up in a situation where expression is needed because they can’t do that.

So when your super freaking friend talks on a podcast online but refuses to go out with you you can remind them of how they are nothing different from swampies.


No cap, introverts seldom leave their house. They’re either stuck on their video game playing Fortnite or they’re reading the latest New York Best Selling book on finance. Introverts are seen as nerds but some of them like me are pretty hot and experienced.

My experience as a person and s sexually active adult will sweep you off your feet because I’m introverted. So introverts do not fancy going out, especially where there are many people.

I wouldn’t love to be seen around more than 5 people at a time. I enjoy having the company of people around but when it gets out of hand like having more than five companies, I’ll start getting fidgety.

Luckily, I know a couple of introverts who have similar boundaries and when I sense that a lot of people will be in attendance, I dislike going out. So you can call someone who doesn’t like to go out an introvert.


The deal in this context is that if you’re not social then you’re antisocial. There are no further branches or suggestions.

Just like asexuals for not identifying with any sexuality, antisocials do not blend in with any social activity.

Those who are grouped as antisocial do not see the beauty in taking a shower, wearing your fresh-out-of Walmart pants with an Amazon-delivered button-up shirt and Prada shoes just to go out on a drink with the boys. To them, you can recreate the same experience and vibe from the comfort of your house.

You can order the same bottle of wine from Amazon, with an extra package from Starbucks to avoid hangovers. Life for antisocials is only fun when done alone and at home.


Do you have that one good friend who likes drooling over small issues than getting over them with a bottle of wine?

You probably do, just like I did. So this friend of mine became homesick because she found out her relationship was a prank and the best thing for the guy. You can imagine how frustrating that can get.

Every effort to pull her out of this awful experience proved abortive as she kept basking in the memories of what they shared.

Although she was able to overcome it over time, there are people out there who can’t and still haven’t gotten over such traumas. They get to withdraw from life that they detest going out again.

When you come across such a person, you can address him or her as homesick.


From movies to documentaries, down to books you can testify that the life of the party is not for monks or nuns. Since the term hermit bodies both persons, it is also fair to say they’re not meant for the party lifestyle.

What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like To Go Out

Because of this, you can refer to anyone who doesn’t like going out as a hermit. It is both plain and on point.

Since he or she accepts a stay-at-home life, there’s not much difference between them and monks making them hermits.


You’ve probably seen friends dragging each other out off the couch go party or you might’ve even encouraged someone to loosen up and go out with you.

The frustration accompanied by trying to convince the person can make you call them out with a term that expresses how uninteresting they are.

If you were looking for such terms, I know you’re no longer doing that now because this article did justice to that.

Don’t forget to evaluate the circumstance before using these words on anyone and kindly hit the share icon to spread the value.

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