What Do You Call Someone Who Is Not Baptised

According to the Christian teaching, under Catholicism. An adult who is not baptized can be and is referred to as a Catechumen.

This is someone who is undergoing Christian teachings in preparation for his or her baptism.

It is further defined as a young Christian, that is being prepared by teachers for his or her confirmation.

Mind you that the term “Young” as used in the definition does not really mean a young person.

It can also define someone with young faith in becoming a Christian, like a convert or someone who just accepted the Christianity faith not long ago.

What do you call someone who is going to be baptized?

There are actually two terms used for people like this. The first is “A Baptismal Candidate” and the second is “Candidate for Baptism”.

These individual names can be used to address someone or a group of people who are undergoing baptism.

Also Based on my research, I discovered that in most Churches like the Baptist and ECWA, people who are undergoing Baptism class are referred to as disciples.

This term is used on them because they have decided to follow the footsteps of Christ, to live a Christ-like lifestyle.

What does getting baptized mean?

In the book of Acts 13:24, the Bible says “Before the forthcoming of the son of God, John talked about baptism and repentance to all the people of Israel”.

Baptism is a process that is fully explained in the Bible, it is more of a declaration of interest to follow the one true king and redeemer of the earth who is Jesus the son of God when he comes.

Baptism is a marked tradition of Christian ritual that involves the submersion into the water of a sinner and then the assertion from out of the water as a newborn in the name of God the Father God the Son and God the holy spirit.

It further instigates one’s willingness in anticipating the forthcoming of Jesus as John the baptized had preached about.

Is one Considered a true Christian even without Baptism?

Yes, according to the Bible, one is first a true Christian at heart even before he or she is Baptised.

The cases of believers who made it to heaven before being baptized according to the Bible made it clear that being a true Christian is from the heart in regards to the fact that only true Christians make it to heaven.

These days even Christians who are not yet baptized tend to practice Christianity more than those who are baptized.

For some, baptism is an achievement, a claim, and a public display. For this kind of people, it doesn’t really matter if they are true Christians or not.

There are people who got baptized to be eligible for a position in the church.

The world is filled with hypocrites now and even Jesus knew this would happen that is why he said in the book of Matthew 10:33 “But for those who deny me in the presence of others, I too shall deny them in my father’s house”.

It is important to note that this scripture has a lot of definitions it and it has a lot of revelations one of these revelations is the fact that a lot of the people these days do not practice true Christianity, they deny Jesus in all forms and act like they are true Christians.

Therefore; being considered a true Christian is not based on Baptism, Baptism is more like a declaration and confirmation of your faith, it takes more for one to be a true Christian as even Christianity is not free from Hypocrites.

If I am not baptized as a Christian will I go to hell?

No, clearly being baptized as a Christian does not guarantee you heaven and so not being baptized will not guarantee you hell.

The teachings of Christ in the Holy Bible make us understand that not all that is baptized will go to heaven.

The devil intensifies the pressure of temptations he brings all Christians way regardless of whether you are baptized or not.

When Jesus said it is only by his grace that one will enter the Kingdom of heaven, it made a lot of clarification as to the questions that many would ask then and now just like this.

Regardless of you being baptised or not, as a Christian you are expected to live a Christ-like lifestyle, you won’t smoke, womanize and commit adultery and this is because your body is the temple of God.

If as a Christian you indulge in such ungodly activities, you are not only condemning yourself to hell, you are also violating the temple of God and God does not take likely of those who do that.

If you remember the story of when Jesus used a whip to chase out people who used the temple of God as a marketplace. This scenario is a clear narration of how much Jesus values the temple of God.

You being a temple of God, God will not let you be condemned to hell, this is why he sent his only son to die for our sin.

The Bible says “For all have sinned and have fallen short of God’s glory” this is why a Christian will go to hell.

God is a merciful God and he understands the burden of being human because he came as one and had the experience which is why he said it is only by his grace that we shall enter the kingdom of heaven.

What is the difference between Baptism and Christening?

Baptism is seen as a Christian ritual, a confirmation of one’s faith and belief, you must first be a Christian before you can be baptized as the two work together.

One is first brought into Christianity by confessing Jesus as his or her personal Lord and Savior.

Christening is the foundational process of every Christian, the act whereby you live a Christ-like life is Christening to be precise.

Also, according to the teachings of the Catholics; the purpose of christening is more of a symbolic statement and celebration that indicates one’s intention to raise his or her child in the Christ-like form, that is he or she wants his or her child to be trained in the Christian in order to have Christ-like Values and beliefs.

The difference Between this two is that one is a foundational process and the other is a confirmation.

The two work together. You need to be brought up as a Christian before you can be baptized.

In other words, you need to be a Christian before you are baptized as baptism is a confirmation ritual that shows and further defines your decision to be a follower of Christ forever as a Christian.

There are many other definitions to this question but I am factual that you should end up with the same answer no matter the complexity of the answer because this is defined and answered in the less complex way possible, for the understanding of all.


I hope at the end of this article you understand the individual importance of each act discussed here and how they all play an important role in ensuring one live a Christ-like lifestyle as proposed by the doctrines of Jesus Christ.

No one goes to the Father except through Jesus the only truth, the way, and the life.


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