What Do You Call Someone Who Likes Pain?

Are you looking for a word to describe the kind of person who likes suffering or pain? There are many choices but the ideal word to use will depend on the reason why the person likes pain and in what context exactly.

For instance, some people like pain due to the relief that comes after it, while others like pain in the context of when it is being inflicted on others as they watch.

Either way, Mas*chism is the general word to use when you want to refer to someone who likes pain. However, other words still point to describing someone who derives pleasure from the experience of pain and humiliation.

What Do You Call Someone Who Likes Pain

In the rest of this post, we will look at different terminology that can be used to refer to people who enjoy pain, their meanings, the different situations that suit their usage, and when to avoid using them.

5 Names to Call Someone Who Enjoys Pain

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why some people love pain, and it could be interpreted in different ways.

For example, the word that would work for someone who likes to be hurt by other people will likely be different from one that will work for describing someone who sees pain as a turn-on.

Whatever the situation is, these five words are common terms that can be used to refer to someone who likes pain:

What Do You Call Someone Who Likes Pain

1. Mas^chist

The common and general word almost everybody uses to refer to someone who derives joy from experiencing pain is Mas^chist. It is overused but ideal for usage.

When you call someone a Mas^chist, it means the person derives gratification from being subjected to physical pain or humiliation.

It is important to note that this term best suits an intimate or love-making scenario.

When the person in question is being described in the context that he or she can not enjoy lovemaking pleasure without first experiencing the pleasure in pain, then it is ideal to use the word Mas^chist.

This does not mean that you can’t use the word in other scenarios, but it best suits the former.

Calling someone a Mas^chist means that the person also frequently fantasizes about being beaten, bound, humiliated, or otherwise made to suffer, mostly for lovemaking satisfaction.

Before you use this word, you want to make sure it aligns with the context and setting wherein you are referring to the person.

2. S^dist

Another word you can use for someone who likes pain is to call the person a s^dist. When you call someone a s^dist, it means the person is characterized by s^dism such that he or she takes pleasure in inflicting pain, punishment, or humiliation on others.

In other words, this term is best suitable when you are referring to the person under the context that the person likes to see others go through pain, or he or she likes to subject others to pain either as a means of revenge or exploitation of power, capacity, and position to do so.

You can also apply this in a lovemaking context and other situations as well. However, the emphasis on using this term is when the person derives gratification from causing pain and degradation to another.

Most s^dists may not like to go through pain themselves, but enjoy watching others go through pain. If the person in question likes to see other people hurt, either physically or mentally, then S^dist is the word to call them.

3. Algolagniac

An Algolagniac is someone who practices algolagnia. The latter means an intimate tendency that is defined by deriving intimate pleasure and stimulation from physical pain often involving an erogenous zone.

In other words, you could call someone who loves pain an algolagniac, especially when the person is a pervert that derives pleasure from lovemaking after experiencing or inflicting pain.

The problem with using this term is that it narrows the insinuation to an intimate sense. And again, it is a mouthful to pronounce and might make one struggle to recollect during a conversation compared to other terminologies in this list.

If you are going to use this term to refer to someone who loves pain, you have to be sure that the context is limited to pain derived from making love.

Meanwhile, it is an advanced form of mas^chism and can tilt towards psychological jargon which means you have to consider the level of literacy of the people you are speaking with before using this term.

4. Emo

Emo means a lot of things. One of them is emotionally open and sensitive to various emotions. A sub-definition coined from that is someone sensitive and receptive to pain and anything that subjects to humiliation.

When you want to use Emo, keep in mind that it is not a liberal word, yet ambiguous and has a high tendency to be interpreted beyond the intentional context.

When you say someone is an Emo, you are not just saying the person enjoys pain, you are also insinuating that the person is overly sensitive or emotional.

Most Emo have an attractive personalities such as being introspective or shy and can be creative.

If the person you are trying to describe loves pain and would rather not speak out for himself but prefers to deal with resentment inside of him just to please others, then Emo is an ideal word to call the person.

People that can be referred to using this term are those who would rather prefer to spend time alone or with people who share similar interests with them, especially in the area of music, and then make emo-themed arts.

5. Schadenfreude

Alternatively, you could call someone who likes pain a Schadenfreude person. Schadenfreude means pleasure or amusement as a reaction to pain, misfortune, or mistakes of other people.

When you call someone a schadenfreude person, it means the person enjoys seeing others go through the pain that was caused by their misfortune or mistake, or dilemma.

The german-borrowed word is best used to describe the person who loves pain when he or she has joy over some harm or damage suffered by another.

The problem with using this term is that it is limited to the application of the aforementioned context, unlike other words that tend to capture other situations of liking pain.

What Do You Call Someone Who Likes Pain

What Are Signs To Show That You Like Pain?

Some people are wired to enjoy the relief that comes after experiencing pain, or how stronger they get from those experiences.

One of the ways you can figure out that you are of a personality that likes pain, pay attention to see if you exude these signs:

  1. One of the prominent signs that you are of the type that likes pain is when you resist receiving blessings, praise, credit, or accolades when others try to give them to you even though you merit it. People who like pain generally don’t consider themselves comfortable with excessively good things for one reason or the other.
  2. When you are too concerned about being perfect, or you are cuffed to perfectionism, it is an indication that you like pain. Pain lovers tend to see themselves as inferior, and subject their lifestyle to the pain and strife of becoming a hundred percent. When you see yourself as the type that would prefer to work to the point of exhaustion, just to meet your targets it could be that you relish the pain that comes with it.
  3. People who naturally enjoy pain, physical or otherwise, mostly fall under the category of those who fail to stand up for themselves. They take whatever is thrown at them with the perception that once they overcome the hurdle, they become stronger.
  4. If you get uncomfortable or scared when everything around you feels good, or when you experience a winning streak, then it is an indication that you like pain. Those who like pain ten to run the other way from anything that feels too good.
  5. When, each time you feel humiliated, you don’t deem it fit to show others or people concerned about how you feel in order to make others feel good, then it is an indication that you enjoy the pain of absorbing and moving on. Most times, people who fall in this category find it hard to say No when they mean it. Instead, they try to please others despite the resentment inside them.
  6. Have you noticed that you are the type who complains about a particular problem affecting your life and then refuses to do anything about it, even when you have preferred solutions that will work? Examples of these include being attracted to abusive relationships.

Enduring the pain that comes from this and showing up courageous that it does not hurt is a mas^chist’s way of maintaining some sense of pride and maturity.

Aside from all these, those who struggle with the mindset of self-defeat, and cannot enjoy pleasure without feeling guilty or shameful, are examples of people who like pain.

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