What Do You Call Someone Who Likes To Socialize?

While some people kind of like finds it difficult to set things off with people that easily while others are pretty much good at it.

This type of person can pick up a conversation with you while they walk down the subway tunnel or while they try to pick up a few things at the grocery store.

Their personality is so exciting and eventful that you probably fall short of words to describe them. You can easily say the person is an outgoing person but isn’t that too much of a word to use right there? Maybe!’

However, I’ll be showing you a couple of terms or words or generally things you can call a person who likes to socialize. To find out more on this particular topic, keep your eyes on the letters and keep reading.

 10 Names to Call Someone Who Likes To Socialize

Like I earlier said, I’m going to let you into a couple of terms you can call someone who likes to socialize. It turns out, I curated this list from my view of this type of people and how they manifest.

The following terms below are the different terms you can call such a person, based on how they come out.

  1. Mingler
  2. Mixer
  3. Live wire
  4. Sociable
  5. Extrovert
  6. Gregarious
  7. Life of the party
  8. Befriender
  9. Social butterfly
  10. Outgoing


The name implies one thing…it means the person in question is a real-time people-person. A mingler can take networking with people as brunch and dessert. It is like the icing on the cake of their life. I meet a lot of people like this at Art Gallery shows and movie times.

A person, who likes to socialize, likes to mingle. The “mingle” term has been used severally for unconventional relationships like hookups and all those stuff people do.

But I’ve come to understand that a real mingler does more than just hold up with you. Someone who wants to socialize and mingle would want to know more about you.  It’s not about the gains, but the beautiful conversations that would lighten up the weight in our hearts.


When someone wants to socialize, they could be a mixer. It is more like a term that best describes someone who has been lost out in the people relationship part of life and they want to come back.

When such a person walks up to you or tries to initiate a conversation while sitting next to you in the open park, they’re trying to mix up and catch up literally.

For them, it is an opportunity to get to catch up with a lot of things they missed being probably a nerd or an introvert. When you meet such a person, you can call them a mixer.

I know it sounds a bit weird as it relates to sound production and emcees in the studio, but it is a thing, and a good one at that. Don’t forget to keep your smiles visible when you meet this type of person.

Live Wire

Before you debunk the thought that this is not about coppers and aluminum wires, it is actually about them…lol. Well, as it is, someone who likes to socialize is a life wire.

Once you come in contact with them, you’ll never be the same at that spot. It is like being hit by a meteoroid, you know the feeling…boom.

But here, the feeling is electrifying and painstakingly smooth. I met this guy recently who was a vibe. He knew the exact next things to say and I couldn’t help but be impressed.

We talked about many things and I’m telling you it was a total bromance with a stranger. By the time we were done, he wasn’t looking like a stranger to me.

I feel like this is what most people who like to socialize should be called. They’re live wires and they touch your life differently.


You got it right if your mind just preached to you that someone who likes to socialize is sociable. As much as I try to boycott the feeling, I believe this is a wholesome word for such a person.

Although it doesn’t capture the moments and the spice, it does capture the intent which is to network and get to know people more on a different level.

A sociable person sees others, especially those who match up to their standards, as oil fields. Do you know what they do there? They dip themselves into the person as much as they can and scoop value.

That’s where you see someone acting or throwing words at you like the dude down the street. A friendly person is down for the ride most of the time and is usually no time for bad energy for them.


What Do You Call Someone a Person Who Likes To Socialize

The much-anticipated word finally makes its entrance. I know how much you wanted to confirm that you can use this on someone who likes to socialize.

The thing is, you can call someone who likes to socialize an extrovert. The reason is that this type of person finds it difficult to be in their zone.

They’re probably better off outside the comfort of their house because comfort for them could be chit-chatting over a bottle of beer with a friend or even a stranger.

The first thing that strikes you when you meet an extrovert is their ability to blend in. Now that’s a likeness to socializing with people.

They pull this feat effortlessly and to the jealousy of those who can’t do it. So when next you meet someone who likes to socialize, don’t be in a frenzy to call him or her an extrovert.


This term means a lot of things from being outgoing to being sociable but I’ll stick with another meaning which is being expressive.

I don’t know how you perceive that but it’s actually what most people who like to socialize do. They’re overly expressive and blunt to some extent.

A gregarious person is not afraid to tell you how beautiful your smile is, without thinking it could come off as a flatter. He or she won’t hold back from telling you the things that are wrong with your outfit, but with a subtle tone and language.

All of these are geared towards gaining your trust and confidence as a friend. Such a person is highly expressive even down to giving details of how things went down and how they felt about certain events.

Life of the Party

I bet you’re probably thinking now; not all those who go to parties like to socialize. Hell yeah, you’re right.

But I’m talking about the early comers and the last to go home. They live the best part of their life on some pedestal of many colored lights and a shot of tequila.

What I mean by the life of the party is not necessarily a party person, but someone who comes alive all the time like some emcee in a nightclub.

This type of person has all the vibes to light up Mars without space travel. That’s what you call someone who likes to socialize.


Most people I know who are good at socializing are also pretty good at making new friends. Soon into high school, I found out my talkative friend knew everyone in our class before the week was gone.

I wasn’t shocked because he could do this; my only surprise was at the rate he did it.

He didn’t only get to know that many people, but he also made cool friends. This is the reality of most people who like to socialize. They’re good at befriending people and making beautiful unions from it.

Social Butterfly

What Do You Call Someone a Person Who Likes To Socialize

You’re probably what a butterfly has got to do with this topic. Did you take a minute and imagine how butterflies perch from one flower petal to the other? You didn’t.

Well, that’s what they are doing in this term. Someone who likes to socialize doesn’t do this with just one person. Instead, the person meets a good number of people to qualify as someone who likes to socialize.

Calling the person a social butterfly means you’re depicting how the person moves from one individual to another in the course of their socialization.

The term suggests that anyone who likes to socialize is metaphorically a butterfly, due to how they move from one person to another while getting to know them.


This is the last of terms on my list and it kind of sums up the life of someone who likes to socialize. This person is never tired of hitting the road anytime they’re needed.

Someone of this descent is not afraid to dance in public with their friends, go on safari adventures or better still travel around the world.

If you’re dealing with someone who likes to socialize, you can call him or her outgoing. This is because it bodies what they love doing…going out.


It is usually a wrap-up when we get to this juncture and it is about to be the same now. However, do not forget that I brought your way a couple of terms that you can call someone who likes to socialize.

My vocal point while creating this list is the different ways these people manifest their unique features.

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