What Do You Call Someone Who Perseveres?

You’ve probably seen a person lift a mad weight, whether on TV or your several visits to the gym. Even when these individuals are at their lowest, they still manage to lift the pipe loaded with weight.

Oftentimes, you struggle to find the right terms or rather set of terms to describe such a show of perseverance and consistency.

This show of perseverance may not be exhibited in the gym. It could be someone’s ability to pull through a hard financial or marriage crisis.

The awe-feeling leaves you wondering where all the words you knew went. And you wonder what would be the best term for the situation. The person might’ve shown the willpower of a soldier, but are they soldiers? Clearly not.

Therefore, I’ll be taking you on some pretty good terms you can call someone who perseveres.

10 Things to Call Someone Who Perseveres

It is not a soft skill to have the ability to withstand extremely uncomfortable situations. Below are some of the best ways to regard a person who perseveres.

  1. Stoic
  2. Trouper
  3. Tough
  4. Hustler
  5. Tenacious
  6. Ambitious
  7. Strong-willed
  8. Enthusiast
  9. Go-getter
  10. Fighter


What Do You Call Someone Who Perseveres

You’ve probably heard of stoicism. A belief system deeply rooted in virtues like discipline and truthfulness. Did you know that perseverance is also held in high esteem in the stoic community?

Yes, it is very respected among other virtues because someone who can persevere is believed to have more spiritual insights than those who are not. The ability to persevere is not secluded to only stoics.

Rather, anyone who’s determined to walk the path of stoicism must learn to accept this practice.

Therefore, the relationship between stoicism and perseverance can make you call someone who perseveres, a Stoic. Whether the person is a Stoic practicer or not, the term is not meant to decide that. Instead, it is just a term that bodies the person’s attribute as someone who perseveres.


The term trouper has its roots in the 1920s. You shouldn’t mistake it for a troop, because I know a lot of people who do.

Away from the meaning of troop which means an arrangement of soldiers, trouper has its origins in troup performers.

Funnily, it shares something similar with the troop as the word gradually became a word used to refer to tough persons. It was used to describe an experienced troupe member who believes in the continuity of the performance no matter how long it has gone already.

Soon, people started using this same term for those who are very hardened with focus. It was also used for those who did things without giving a thought to doubt. Hence, it is a good try if you call someone who perseveres, a trouper.


Just like the word itself, you can call someone who perseveres a tough person. A person who perseveres is tough. Tough in any situation they find themselves. Perseverance has to be done with a hardened mind and tough skin.

This means that you seldom entertain any form of distraction or are shaken by the difficulty accompanied by the work or task. It could be a case of maintaining celibacy, which is quite a hard task for the average human; Say the person is doing this exercise for a given period.

It takes perseverance to scale through all the time between when the person started to the time of finishing. So when it happens, you can call the person tough.

This is because it is not an easy task and he or she needed to develop a tough skin to become triumphant.


Being tenacious denotes having an unyielding spirit. It is a characteristic that a lot of victors cultivated to win tough wars or conquests.

Tenacious is the verb form of the word Tenacity, which means it involves a movement, an action, and is always unyielding.

What Do You Call Someone Who Perseveres

If the person who preserves does not show any form of weak knee or dying interest, you can call him or her a tenacious person. It goes beyond being steadfast to maintaining your cool while being tough on yourself.

I’ve discovered that those who persevere see rest or leisure as loops, so they avoid being in any of these states.


This is easily my best thing to call someone who perseveres because they’re barely concerned about their present condition.

A person who perseveres looks into the future. They’re majorly anxious to ensure their present actions yield beneficial returns in the future.

They’re ambitious and hence are focused on achieving a purposeful life in the time to come.

Another thing about ambitious people is they are slightly obsessed with winning. When you’re hooked on getting the bag or bagging that scholarship, you persevere with the processing stage and keep grinding or working till it’s done. So you can call someone who perseveres, ambitious.

When used in a statement, you can say; “Jin is ambitious about winning the marathon”. A marathon is an endurance run and an ambitious person will persevere and win the race.


Strong will and determination are alike. They’re so closely related that you can use one in place of another. You can call someone who perseveres strong-willed because that’s what is keeping him or her on track.

Oftentimes, having a will is good but not enough. It takes something more concrete to break into any field you want, and remain relevant.

This is the point where strong will comes into the picture because it comes to salvage the moment.

With strong willpower, you can walk a mile relentlessly. You persevere until the work is done because there’s a marked point of destination.

So when someone shows the virtue of perseverance in their endeavor, you can call him or her strong-willed.


You can also call someone who perseveres a survivalist. It is a term coined from survivor or survival and it means having the mindset of surviving.

This is a good term if the person who perseveres does that from a sick bed, waxing stronger and looking healthier daily. If the person is hopeful that he or she will be better again.

Those who survive do so against all odds. They survive because giving up wasn’t an option for them. Being a survivalist or having the mindset alone, means you’re persevering till things get better.

It means you’re holding on until lines fall in place for you. When someone perseveres in severe conditions, you can call him or her a survivalist.


Have you thought about calling someone who perseveres an enthusiast? Bet you didn’t. So there you have it. You can call someone who perseveres an enthusiast.

It goes way beyond being able to be steadfast to being focused. If you keep holding on while you lose interest, then all the strife is for nothing. You need focus and love for commitment to persevere.

An enthusiast stays on their lane and works within the confines of their path. Not only do they do this, but they’re also known for persisting. Persisting until they’re done with the work for which they set off.

It’s most unlikely to find someone who perseveres without enthusiasm attached to their list of virtues.


A go-getter is always on the move. He or she is always on the road, trying to make ends meet. I’ve learned in all my years that go-getters are super persistent.

They persevere until the very last. Their motto is “Steadfast till Victory’, which bodies their commitment to remaining strong-willed.

What Do You Call Someone Who Perseveres

You can call someone who perseveres a go-getter because that’s what they do. The person must’ve set their mind on a task and worked tirelessly despite the downturns to get to their goal.

They’re majorly ambitious and perseverant toward their goals. This is the reason most go-getters are also known for their high-risk management skills and determined mind.


The first thought to come to you probably pictures a soldier with the ruck on their back, a tough look, and a hardened face. Well, you might be right because soldiers are fighters.

What about firefighters? Or doctors, teachers, or parents? These are all fighters in their different field and uniforms. Most of these people struggle to make things work.

Soldiers struggle for the restoration of peace and order, while doctors fight to keep living. Firefighters make efforts to quench ravaging fire incidents while parents struggle to give the best training to their children or ward.

All these people have something in common, perseverance. They work even when tired. Even when hope is lost… you still see a soldier raise a flag in victory. Doctors still administer the last lap of medication to sustain life.

Hence, you can call someone who perseveres a fighter. He or she is fighting to remain relevant and reach their goal.


Perseverance is undoubtedly one of the hardest things to do as an average person. You’ll need a lot of decision-making abilities and a strong will to achieve the feat and scale through.

However, this post has provided you with some of the best things to call someone who perseveres. Terms like ‘Fighter’ and ‘Tough’ are my best picks and you can also choose yours.

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