Can A Man Be Beautiful?

When we use the word beautiful, it usually means charming, pleasing, attractive, and appealing.

Beautiful is a vast word that is used not only to describe women but things, buildings, work, and anything that appeals to us. So if we can ascribe beauty to inanimate things, why can’t we describe men as beautiful?

Usually, in the past, women were described with the word beautiful to compliment their looks and charm, and handsome and some other words were strictly used for men.

Yes, a man can be beautiful. Beauty belongs to every gender. Beautiful goes beyond physical looks, and beauty in a man is more than just his appearance.

If we can look at a completed work and say “beautiful” and if we can call nature “beautiful,” then we can look at a man and call him beautiful.

Then, describing a man as beautiful may be seen as abominable because society’s view of “beautiful” often places women in the picture. Delicate and soft women.

And women who choose to dress differently or appear in a form different from what the stereotypical woman is, seem to be deficient in beauty.

That same stereotype viewed men as rugged, hard, collected, and emotionless and anything close to beautiful was far from being manly. But these days, we are gradually coming out of that belief and are embracing beautiful as a universal word. Men are described as beautiful.

What Is Beauty In A Man?

There is no standard to measure beauty. What you find beautiful may not be the same with others.

But sadly, there are still standards society and even social media are using to measure beauty, beauty in men, inclusive.

Beauty is defined as qualities that include: style, shape, size, color, and physique which captivates or gives pleasure to the aesthetic senses. It also means qualities and mannerisms which meet one’s approval.

The definition of human beauty is based on human and societal perspectives. It may differ according to time, place, or culture. Male beauty is given different descriptions and meanings in different places.

For some, describing a man as beautiful would be because he has a feminine look, another place could equal youthful appearance to beauty, another would equal intelligence with beauty, while some other cultures would lean towards exuding hyper-masculinity.

For another, male beauty is emotional; anything that invokes the right emotions from a man.

Beauty goes beyond physical look or form and it’s the same for male beauty. Whatever meets your approval can be described as beautiful.

It includes manners, personalities, traits, charisma, and styles. A woman can choose to call her man beautiful because he cooks her breakfast every day.

Male beauty includes qualities that attract a man to the opposite gender. It could be the height, the wide shoulders, the muscles, the way he talks, the kind gestures, and many more.

The following are qualities that define beauty in a man

1. Appearance

The first thought that would always come to mind when someone is described as beautiful is appearance. Does she have the shape? What does she look like on the face?

For males, it would be; does he have the height? Is he well-muscled? How does he sound? Appearance is usually the first thing that is attractive in a man. It usually starts with the height. A tall man is considered beautiful.

A 6.4 ft tall man will stand out and attract attention in the crowd. Ladies usually gushes at the height of men. Another attractive quality in a man’s appearance is his physique.

A lean, muscled man is very attractive and considered beautiful. The muscle mass at the bicep, the lean torso, and the wide shoulder are part of the physique that is considered beautiful and attractive to men.

These kinds of men are usually used as models in fashion or beauty magazines.

There are different things about the appearance of men that appeal to different aesthetic senses and are considered beautiful.

Some are the look of the face; the chiseled jaw and the beards, for some the way he walks or stands qualifies as beauty.

When using appearance as quality to define beauty, it usually depends on individuals, societies, and places.

If society describes a lean, muscled man as beautiful, an individual may prefer her man to be plumpy with less muscle and that’s beauty to her, which is acceptable.

2. Personality

Another quality that describes beauty in a man is his personality. A man’s personality can be described as beautiful if he has endearing qualities that are appealing or meet one’s approval.

The way a man behaves can be used to describe him. Personality says a lot about a person. If a man has a good personality, he would win the approval of many.

A kind, caring and loving man would be described as beautiful by many, for he depicts qualities that appeal to the senses and are pleasing to the mind.

3. Youthfulness

In ancient times, youthfulness was equated with male beauty, particularly in Greece. And even today, youthfulness can qualify as beauty in men.

This quality doesn’t look at personal traits, or the physical form of a man, the youthful appearance is enough.

The grace and youthful charm, the well-toned skin, and the ability to do hard labor, all qualify as beauty in a man.

How Can You Tell A Man He Is Beautiful?

Telling a man he is beautiful is not out of place. If you have a male friend you find attractive, you can let him know.

However, some men may get offended by using “beautiful” on them, so you may want to know what your man likes first. There are so many ways to tell a man he is beautiful.

You don’t have to necessarily use the word beautiful. There are different words you can use to complement his looks or let him know you find him attractive.

You can tell a man he is beautiful in the following ways:

1. Compliment His Looks

You can tell a man he is beautiful by complimenting his looks. We started with appearance as the first quality that defines humans’ beauty including male beauty.

Looks are alluring and this is one of the ways used to describe people. When complimenting a man’s look, there are no restrictions on words you can use.

You are allowed to get a little quirky with your words. The following sentences can be used to complement a man’s look:

  • You look charming
  • Your hair is beautiful
  • You are gorgeous
  • You are good looking
  • I love your height
  • Have you been working out? This body suits you
  • I love your eyes, they speak to my soul.
  • You have such beautiful hands
  • You are handsome
  • You look striking
  • You are such a fine man

2. Compliment His Dress Sense

You can tell a man he is beautiful by complimenting his style of dressing. Men appreciate it when people compliment their dress style, especially if they paid serious attention to appearing beautifully dressed.

You can say these to them to complement their style of dressing:

  • You look dashing in these clothes
  • Your style is top-notch
  • These clothes look good on you
  • I find you attractive in this suit
  • You dress really hot
  • Your look is killing

3. Compliment His Mannerism

Another way to tell a man he is beautiful is to compliment his style of doing things, charm, and charisma.

The way he smiles, talks, walks, and does things can captivate you and you might want to tell him with these words:

  • I love your smile
  • You have a beautiful voice
  • You walk gracefully
  • The way you smile lights up your face
  • Your smile is charming
  • You have a beautiful sense of humor

4. Complimenting And Acknowledging His Personalities

You can tell a man he is beautiful by acknowledging and complimenting characters in him you find attractive.

It could be his loving nature, his calling you every day, his gentility, and the simple things he does for you that you love.

You can use the following sentences to compliment a man’s personality:

  • You have a loving nature
  • You are such a nice person
  • Wow! What a beautiful character you have
  • Wow! Such charming personality
  • You are very kind


Beauty embraces all genders. It is not only restricted to ladies. A man can be beautiful as much as a lady is beautiful. Beauty in a man involves his looks and his personality.

If a man has looks that appeal to you or characters you find attractive, you can call him beautiful.

You can tell a man he is beautiful in so many ways, by complimenting his looks, manners, and everything about him.

Tell a man he is beautiful today!


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