Can You Call A Boy Beautiful?

Yes, you can call a boy beautiful. The term beautiful isn’t gender-descriptive, it can be used on both animate and inanimate objects. Beauty is surely there to see in the eyes of everyone who allows it. It has no restriction or the definitive way it can be expressed. 

When humans experience beauty, they do so from their point of view. So yes, a boy can be called beautiful if you see them as beautiful. A woman can be called beautiful, so also a car, horse, house, or beautiful scenery.

Also, when a boy is called beautiful, it is often because he has features that are like the modern beauty standard. Another thing that handles a boy to be called beautiful is simply because he is.

Why do you call boys beautiful?

Can You Call A Boy Beautiful?

People call boys beautiful for so many reasons, here in this article we are going to see how this reason may be responsible for a boy being called beautiful. A boy can be called beautiful because;

  • Because of how he looks
  • Because of his behavior
  • Because of fashion sense
  • It is his special name

1. Because of how he looks

One reason a boy can be called beautiful is because of how he looks. Some boys have an effeminate appearance. This means that their physical or outward appearance looks similar to a woman’s. This can lead people to call him beautiful.

Women who look a certain type of way conform to the standard of beauty in today’s world, and any boy whose features are closely similar would be called beautiful. His tag may often be used with women but it is not uncommon to see a man who can be called beautiful.

Some boys are also androgynous. This means that they look both like a man and a woman. Or you can easily distinguish their gender by their facial appearance. Such boys are called beautiful because the same feeling that is gotten from looking at a woman is ascribed to looking at them. 

2. Because Of Their Behavior

Can You Call A Boy Beautiful?

A boy can be called beautiful because of his behavior. Many folks are drawn to the character of a person. Some people only judge others by the character they exude.

If they are to describe a person, they will often do so using terms like beautiful, and this doesn’t mean the outward appearance of the boy.

Some boys have very good behavior and mannerism, they care deeply about other people and hardly make enemies. Such a boy can be called beautiful. Beautiful boys in this case are those that are obedient, caring, and friendly to people they meet.

An added quality also is good looks, once the boy has good looks, the term beautiful suits him naturally and is not weird in any sense.

If you come across a boy who is well-spirited and courteous, then the word beautiful can very well describe him. 

3. Because Of Their Fashion Sense

A good reason that a boy can be called beautiful is because of his fashion sense. In modern times and on the internet, we come across cross-dressers and a community of people who don’t conform to the traditional style of dressing prevalent in today’s world. If a person has a good fashion sense, especially if it is like the way a woman dresses. That boy can be called beautiful.

I am sure we have come across boys who are into makeup and design, these boys are breaking away from the male norm in dressing and wearing makeup that makes them appear beautiful to anyone.

When they are called beautiful, it is because they admire them and wish them well. The effort they put into being beautiful is appreciated, so it is no surprise that such boys can be called beautiful. 

These days there is no restriction on what we may wear, so if you feel beautiful in one type of fashion, then follow your dream. Boys have been called beautiful forever, so why not embrace it? 

4. It Is His Special Name

Whenever you hear a boy being called beautiful, chances are this is because that is his special name. Many people grow up with pet names, and nicknames that are gotten from friends, family, and even the community.

Some of these names are coined out of an original name or are usually given because of a trait, body feature, or story.

A boy being called beautiful is called so because this name refers to his nickname. He was a beautiful boy and the name followed him to adulthood. You will discover that the term beautiful is more than a referral to his looks, rather it is his name.

What do you call a boy instead of beautiful??

Calling a boy beautiful may not be traditional. It may even sound weird in some places, but I put it to you that is not the case. Modern-day society has put tags and stereotyping of roles and characters as a thing of the past.

If you see a boy that is beautiful in your eyes, you may do so. However, there are other names you can call a boy instead of beautiful. These names are suitable replacements and don’t take away the special nature of the word.

Here I am going to list out some words we can use in exchange for beautiful when referring to a guy. 

  • Baby boo
  • Big fella
  • Hot stuff
  • My hero
  • Handsome

1. Baby boo

 A boy can be called baby or baby boo instead of being called beautiful. Being called a baby is a very much accepted name for a boy. The term baby is also used for both adults and children. This pet name is suitable for a boy, especially if he is sweet and very lovable. 

Most boys are thrilled when they are given pet names, they are even more ecstatic when you call them names like baby boo. It tickles their fancy and makes them blush even. When you use such terms for a boy, he will fall in love with you.

2. Big fellA

A boy can be called a big fella instead of a beautiful one. This term is an old term, but it has always remained fresh as a term for males. It is often used to describe a boy whose physical attributes make him look like a giant.

It is also used to define how strong and manly the boy is. By calling a boy big fella. You are telling him you love how big and strong he is.

3. Hot stuff

If you don’t want to call a boy beautiful, then you can call him hot stuff. This term is beautiful and carries the same sentiments. If you call a boy hot stuff, it means that you know how handsome he is.

You can call your friend, husband and anyone you are dear to hot stuff. Handsome men are not strangers to being called hot stuff, they know they look good and appreciate anyone who calls them out for it. Hot stuff is a better and more acceptable term for a boy than calling him beautiful.

4. My hero

A boy can be called my hero instead of beautiful. The name ‘my hero’ showcases the strength and intentions of the boy. Tell him he is someone that is always there for you and that you appreciate he listens to you. My heart is a good replacement for beautiful. 

Every male child or man wants to be a hero or be called one. Men have a sense of responsibility for others around them, whether they be family or friends. If you call a boy my hero, you see that this would be more taken to him than being called beautiful.

 5. Handsome

If you are looking for a replacement name for beautiful, handsome fits the description effectively. A boy called handsome fits his personality, it tells him he is good-looking and will bolster his confidence. Being called beautiful may not have the same effect on a boy as beautiful.

If you have a boy, you love or a friend, do well to call them handsome. Men like being called handsome, the term is the original word that is meant for a man as beautiful is often ascribed to a woman. 


 A boy can be called beautiful even though for most people this might be strange. In recent times the barrier or line that separates the old way of thinking has been erased. A new system has been put in place that has rewritten these rules.

More often you realize any boy called beautiful results from how he looks and appearance. If he looks similar to a woman or has features that are effeminate, he can be called beautiful. Though such a term might be strange to some people, it is okay. 

If you are not comfortable calling a boy beautiful or you need more words to use as replacements, these names have been listed as all suitable replacements. 


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