Can You Call a Girl Dude?

Sounds tricky if you try to think of it deeply but with good reasons or not, you can call a girl dude.

If you are friends with someone, calling them dude is a way of showing that they are in a circle of friends and not just faraway playmates.

Also, dude is a unisex general name. I think it is great because it saves us all the stress of always finding a feminine word that also says friend.

What does it really mean if a guy calls you dude as a girl?

There are so many meanings for a guy calling you dude and there are so many reasons he would call you dude, sister.

Let’s look into them:

You are his friend

Do you know that moment where you finally get the sign that you fully initiated into a clique of friends or a group? It is like that too.

Just the way you get a place at the lunch table, or a cool nickname or they start listening to your opinion and inviting you over, calling you dude is a way of saying hey we are friends and not just classmates who are acquaintances but actual friends.

By the way, I am pretty sure you share pizzas and play video games with him.

He is probably not paying attention

Sometimes we are not just paying attention. Our mind is focused somewhere while we are trying to interact with the world around us.

In a situation like that, he can call you dude to get your attention because he is not paying attention. At the moment he probably does not remember your name or even his name.

You can’t really count that, especially if it happens once in a while when he is immersed in playing COD or watching a football game.

You are friend-zoned

Then again, what if he is not just paying attention to you? This will hurt if you have a crush on him and you are hoping that by hanging out with him or around him, you would catch his eye.

If he is a gentleman, instead of making fun of your crush and probably leading you on to hurt you, he will probably start giving clues to know that he is not interested.

And for the record, guys don’t really have that time so the only clue you will get is him calling you dude.

He may not even know your name. He just knows he sees you regularly so you are friend-zoned and you are a dude.

He is comfortable around you

Are you his best friend’s little sister or the cousin of one of his football buddies? The thing is he will tend to call you dude.

You are not exactly friends but then he is comfortable around you. You can tell jokes, play games, tell stories, have fun and all and yet it won’t be like with your friends or with your friends.

All that points to you being called dude. Same if you are his neighbor or if you are a member of his group in a school project.

He may eventually call you by your name, but being someone who doesn’t take time to note the details you will be a nameless friend aka a dude.

He has a crush on you

Do you think it is weird that a girl uses the word dude as a word of endearment? Well so do I but hey their gender, their rules.

It is not really common though and most guys do this if the girl they have a crush on starts it first.

It is a way of flirting with someone they like, so, if they call you dude and they wink or maybe they say it in this exaggerated way that gets everyone’s attention.

They are probably saying, “Hello dear, I am calling you dude but am saying it in a weird so that you know that you are special from the rest of the others.”

You might also call yourselves dude because of a joke or incident that happened. Who knows, it might be how you met or why he has a crush on you.

Then again, he might call you dude to get your reaction. If he is into you, he will really want to get your attention and will start making plans to win you over or on how to make you his girlfriend.

He will try to guess your feelings for him. In this case, calling you dude and getting a shocked look tells him he either distracted you from what you are doing, or that he startled you with that very general, common name.

If you are playing hard to get, note this. If you have a crush on him, be relieved.

That’s just what he says

Everyone has their diction, their choice of words, the way they talk, their slangs, outdated or not, and how they speak or pronounce words.

For this guy, he may just delight in calling everyone dude. Well, not necessarily delight. It is just something that is a part of him, something he does unconsciously, naturally.

In fact, it is so natural for him that he can call a total stranger dude or say it to get someone’s attention. If you aren’t sure, watch him. If he says it, well, a lot, then you know for sure.

Now you don’t have to bother about it. Maybe one day he won’t call you dude anymore, and he will have an even better name that he doesn’t use for everyone to call you.

What if your girl crush calls you dude?

Since dude is such a general name, you can accept it from anyone, right? Well, except it is that girl you have this massive crush on.

You probably don’t know what she means when she calls you dude but you know you don’t like it and it is making you sulk that she touched another guy’s forearm and smiled. Well I will tell you what it means

First, it can mean she sees as that, a dude. You know, a guy she can ask you to help her move the heavy bags to the next room or for a pencil. You just do that.

You are friends or maybe acquaintances but that is all you are to her. She never stops to think of you. That’s sad.

Second, it can mean, hey she knows you have that crush on her but she is not into you so she will let you down softly with subtle hints such as this.

Better than her turning you down when you ask her out or try to hit on her right?

And the last one, and the one we all want: she is flirting with you. How? Well maybe she does like you and she knows you like her too.

She won’t just walk to you and tell you that right. She will play around and call you dude and do other little things that she hopes you will catch onto. It’s nice if that’s what your crush means.

What is the feminine version of dude?

Is there a feminine version of the word dude? Yes, and it is ever so silly. In the past, you would call a guy dude and a girl dudettes or dudess. Yes, you read that right. A lady was called dudette or dudess.

This is however no longer in use. The hip surfer teens of the 1960s are now our parents who no longer remember what it is like to be a carefree teenager.

Well since that is no longer used (unless you want to start it as a new millennials/ gen z slang), what do we call out female friends?

Common names are buddy or bud, sister or sis, girl, and not something I want to be called, mate.

You can use any of these depending on how well you know this person or how close you are. If you had bro in mind, then no. It falls along the same lines as a dude.

When a girl calls you dude, are you friend-zoned?

Yes. If she is not attracted to you in any way, she can decide to call you dude. After all, there is no need to call you anything else so you are just her friend.

She may do this unconsciously though. However, as I said above, if she knows you like her and she is not interested, she will call you dude to let you know that you have been friend-zoned and will always be in the friend zone.

If you are bothered about it, best to ask her about it and stop worrying about it.

And that’s it. Who knew one common word could bring up so much of an issue.

A little tip, stick to names, and first names especially if you will be offending people by calling them anything else. That said, thank you for reading. Have a great day!


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