Can You Call a Guy Buttercup?

Some people don’t even know that buttercup is a word, others don’t know what it means, and some use it wrongly.

We will be starting with the big question then we will decide what a buttercup is.

So, Can you call a guy buttercup?

The answer is yes, you can call a guy buttercup. Buttercup has different meanings and all of them are okay for guys depending on what you mean.

For those who don’t know what buttercup is, let me save you a Google search. Relating to this topic, buttercup is the name of a poisonous species of flowers that had a cup shape.

It’s not the poison that matters, it is that they are sweet to smell, colorful, have a beautiful shape, and make lovely decorations.

That’s said, you will generally guess that if you are called buttercup, male or female, then you are trying to say that the person is beautiful.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see what it means when someone calls you a buttercup.

What does it mean to be called buttercup?

To be clear, anything a girl is called buttercup, it is to say she is gracious, beautiful, and generally a lovely person.

For guys, that is where there are so many twists. Let’s start:

You are weak

We are already off to a hard start. When someone calls you buttercup as a guy, they might be trying to say that you are weak, spineless, you have no strength, you are puny and they are way stronger and bigger than you.

The funny thing is, you will hear this from women more than men. They are not necessarily bigger or stronger but they mean that to them, you are weak as a man.

I imagine this is a fight scenario, and the lady all pissed about something you did says “bring it on buttercup.” Then again, why fight a woman?

In a case like this, the slang “suck it up, buttercup”  can be used. The slang started because it rhymes (up and cup), and it is a way you tell people to stop letting the pressure get to them.

You lack confidence

Maybe you won the fight, threw a few blows, and made other girls cry but then you probably did that because you don’t have the confidence to use your words to settle issues.

I am sure the men that took you away called you a buttercup. Someone who lacks confidence and boldness is also known as a buttercup.

Note that it works if you are a guy. You are not just worried about eloquence in speech, oration, or shouting at someone.

According to this definition, back then confidence was more about your values and standing for what you believed in. If you couldn’t do that then you were called a buttercup.

And then there is the part about facing the public, speaking, being able to hold your head up and not be ashamed of who you are.

I will say then that confidence and charisma were similar and you needed them to not get the title buttercup.

You are soft

While this can mean gentle, it doesn’t entirely mean that. It borders on weakness and has little to do with physical strength.

Then again, you will be described as someone who is tenderhearted, caring, and won’t hurt anyone. Not because you can not, but because you choose not to.

Still, this depends on who is calling out that and how they see you. In the era of knights, you were a buttercup that was soft and weak.

In the modern era, you are seen as a nice guy who didn’t misuse his strength and power, so you are the kind and harmless buttercup with a big heart.

You are sensitive

A lot more sensitive than a man is allowed to be, I believe. With the belief that you are supposed to be tough, you are not meant to cry whether you lose your job or get a splinter.

You are also seen as having feminine characteristics as regards your character. Women are nicer, softer, they smile more, are friendlier, I could go on.

Now I am not saying men are not all of this, but by definition is all that is being too sensitive which is a bad thing.

If you don’t want to be called a buttercup, you don’t call cats cute, admire people openly or show affection and care at all.

You are her friend

When you are called buttercup with this meaning, it is probably not just you. More likely a group of friends. Here no one is thinking of how soft or weak or unconfident you are.

They are just saying hi, just the way you would say “what’s up fam” or “hello y’all”. It is simple, uncomplicated, and very nice.

You will hear this from a girl and not a guy because just like you other guys will wonder if they think they are weak. If it is a guy, maybe he is a bully or a meanie.

You are more than a friend

And I don’t mean close friends, besties, or confidants. I mean there is a romantic relationship between the two of you and she won’t joke with you.

In this case, buttercup is more than just a fancy old-fashioned nickname. It is way above dude or bro. In fact, it is equivalent to my love.

If a girl calls you buttercup and you guys don’t have a lot going on, you can tell that she wants a relationship. It is an easy way to tell unless, like you, she doesn’t understand the meaning of the word.

And yes I know that I said above that it’s a way of greeting. It is but to that lady, you are more than a close friend.

Since that is what the word meant when it first came out, I place all bets that she is saying with a look in her eyes or a very seductive smile on her face.

How do you respond to “what’s up, buttercup?”

if you are old or you follow old-time music, you will know of the song “what’s up buttercup” by the champs, which was released in 1958.

The champs were the ones that sang Tequila so I am sure you will enjoy what’s up buttercup if you liked that. Well, that was a fun fact.

From the definitions above, you understand that there are different replies to this greeting. What’s up buttercup is also a rhyme, and a cockney slang phrase so depending on how it is said, you can pick your reply.

Nothing much

Since it is a greeting, saying nothing much is just fine especially if nothing is going on or nothing worth discussing.

You don’t have to look for a rhyme just to impress someone, plus it is hard to find words that will work well to answer the question appropriately and still rhyme with the answer.

That’s your homework if you want to try. Then again if something is going on, then it is up to you to tell the greeter if you want to.

I’m out of bed, daisy head

If you wanted a rhyme so bad, then here is one for you. Now since buttercup is just there as a nickname, then you should focus on what’s up which is the same as “how are you doing?”.

Well, bed rhymes with head, and it tells the greeter that you have started your day. It’s great if you live together and they are trying to check if you are still sleeping, or if it is over a text where the person is also checking to see if you have woken up.

Other than that, this reply in say, the middle of the day, is so off and it will earn you some stares.

Wanna know how this reply came? Well, the first time it was ever used, the girl who was greeted was still asleep.

That was in 1819. Since then, we use the reply as a reference to the girl and to the greeter that we are not asleep.

Hey there, lavender

Aside from being a shade of a color, lavender is also a beautiful flower, like a buttercup. Using it is saying, you think they are beautiful too.

It is a very enthusiastic and happy reply that shows that you are excited to see them. Also, it goes well for both friends and your partner. It is simple, great for starting a conversation, and very beautiful.

Nothing new, honeydew

Similar to nothing much but the difference is who you are talking to. This is great for a partner you meet, say, in the evening.

You are telling your liver well that they are honey and well there is nothing much. It is better than the first if you are talking to them because while the first one sounds lifeless and a bit dismissive, the second one has love in it.

I’m feeling a little cold, marigold

Well, I guess I will mention it now. The rest of the replies are rhymes so have fun. Okay, this reply is good if you are unconcerned or indifferent to whoever is talking to you.

That means you can rhyme even if you are not in love with the greeter. Marigold is also a flower. Beautiful, yes but it doesn’t mean that you think they are that beautiful I guess.

Also, you use this if you are not feeling too well. What’s the harm? If you are under the weather, chip it in. Works two ways, what do you think?

Today blows, rose

No, the greeter doesn’t have to be named Rose before you use it, but you must be offended and unhappy about something if you must.

When something blows it means it is not going the way you want it to and you are quite upset about it. You can wait for the “what’s wrong” reply and then go on to tell them what happened.

Also, you can use this with your friends if you want. It is not limited to your lover.

Taking a trip through the tulips

If you know your flowers, you will know that tulips are also fliers, and they are great to walk through. This reply means that you are happy and you have no worries.

It is equivalent to saying, “I woke up on the right side of the bed and I am having a great day”.

Though there is no flower as a term of endearment, it is a nice, warm reply and it is great for anyone who is happy for you.

Is buttercup a term of endearment?

You have already figured it is. It was very popular among the English hundreds of years ago. You could say it to both genders and they would feel loved.

But like I said, it wasn’t just said as slang or very casually. It was a very strong romantic word that was used for someone with whom you were romantically attached, like a lover or financeé. It is the same as calling someone my love or your betrothed.

Nowadays it doesn’t have the same meaning and it is not rampant anymore. When someone says buttercup now, it is mostly to a female, and to tell her that she is cute or that she looks lovely.

I guess only the elderly people would use the word any of the meanings above.

And that’s the end. We learned a lot about buttercups today. Way more than you have when in any science class I can bet.


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