Can You Call A Guy Stunning 

They’re so many words you can use in describing a person’s beauty. But it becomes confusing when you want to use it for both genders.

Like the words stunning or gorgeous, which is better to use for a guy? Is it even suitable to use any of them for a guy? We all know that these words are perfect for ladies but how about guys? Let’s check out if we can really use these words for guys.  

Can you use stunning for a man?

Can You Call A Guy Stunning 

Stunning refer to someone that is very astonishing and attractive. It could mean that the person has a striking beauty. The word stunning can be used for both a man and a woman.

Generally speaking, stunning is mostly used for a woman. You can use stunning for a man but you should note that it is not a very common word to use to describe a man.

You can use it to refer to his new haircut or outfit. So, yes! You can use stunning to describe a man, though it is not so common to do so. 

What does stunning mean to a guy?

Can You Call A Guy Stunning 

Calling a guy stunning would mean that he is really attractive. When you call a guy stunning, he sees it to mean that you’re trying to call him an attractive person.

The word attractive here means that he is so handsome that he pulls the attention of others around him. He may interpret it to mean that you see his handsomeness as a fascinating one.

He may also see the word stunning to mean that you’re attracted to him or that you feel his physical appearance is very much captivating.

To a guy, stunning could mean that he is very handsome. You may want to let him know that he is handsome or that you find him handsome, calling him stunning may not be so bad.

The difference is that stunning may not just mean that he is handsome but he is very handsome. Stunning extends the length at which he is handsome.

You’re trying to let him know that he is very handsome and it is appealing to you. You can use this word to appreciate how handsome he is.

Saying stunning to a guy would mean that you’re saying he is really good-looking. Probably, he just had a haircut or put on a tuxedo which you might be seeing on him for the first time and he looks really good.

It could be that the outfit caught you by surprise and you want to let him know that he is really good-looking, stunning would be the right word to use. You can use the word stunning to express how you see him, how nice he is looking at the moment.

Stunning means he has a striking beauty. When a person has a striking beauty, it means his beauty attracts attention. It means that his beauty is very noticeable. It attracts people’s attention. It is not hidden as it is very much visible to everyone.

Is gorgeous or stunning better for a guy? 

Gorgeous and stunning can both be used for a guy. Though, it is better to use stunning for a guy. Gorgeous is seen as extravagant praise to a man, it has a far stronger meaning than good-looking.

It is not common to hear the word gorgeous or stunning being used for a guy but this doesn’t mean it can’t be used. People usually prefer to use handsome than using the word gorgeous or stunning.

Using stunning for a guy shows that the guy is really attractive or that he is very handsome and the same goes for gorgeous. 

Stunning is better in the sense that gorgeous sounds more feminine. Gorgeous is a common word for referring to a woman and not a man.

Moreover, not all men will accept being called gorgeous or stunning. For men that are really masculine or men that are really proud of being called men, calling or complimenting them as gorgeous may sound offensive.

For people like that, it is better to use handsome or good-looking. It all depends on who you’re dealing with.

It can be a bit confusing to know which compliment is best for which gender, but the fact is that you can use either of them depending on which you feel more comfortable using and the person you’re using them for.

If you feel using gorgeous for a guy may seem a little awkward or demeaning then you should try stunning, or rather just go with nice looking which isn’t so bad.

They are both nice compliments, but people feel they are more of a feminine thing. They are other nice compliments to use for a guy like saying, “you look great” it sounds simple and neutral.

For some guys, calling them gorgeous may not be the best compliment to give as it is very rare to say such.

When can we use stunning for a guy? 

You can call a guy stunning in different situations depending on which you feel comfortable with. Where and when you compliment him, below are instances of when you can call a guy stunning. 

  • When he has a beautiful skin
  • When he puts on something nice
  • When he is confident
  • When he is intelligent
  • When he has a beautiful skin

You can call a guy stunning when he has nice skin. Probably, his skin is really soft to the touch and firm or it is very smooth and bright. You find his skin to be beautiful and charming, you can call him stunning.

He may be having skin that is too nice to be a man’s skin. You can call him stunning when you love his skin tone when his skin is more beautiful than most guys’ skin that you’ve seen around.

Probably, he is a skin care specialist or takes good care of his skin better than other guys and you find this stunning.

When he puts on something nice

Everyone loves to be complimented when they’re all dressed up. People tend to appreciate compliments when it is being addressed to their outfit especially if they put a lot of effort into it.

It feels good to receive compliments from people concerning your look especially when you try your possible best to look good. 

You can call a guy stunning when he puts on something very nice. It could be an outfit you’ve not seen on him before or an outfit that is totally different from what you’ve been seeing. It’s ok to let him know that his outfit is stunning when he is good-looking.

When he is confident

Can You Call A Guy Stunning 

You can also call him stunning when he seems confident. You might be a person that loves guys that are confident in themselves and seeing someone like that makes you feel like he is stunning. He is confident in everything from the small things to the big things.

Calling him stunning when he acts confident may sound a bit off but it only shows that you admire him and the way he approaches things. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to call him stunning in such cases.

When he is intelligent

One thing that can make a guy look stunning to you is his display of intelligence. If he is a very intelligent person, then you can call him stunning.

It could be that you like the way he talks, the way he acts, and the way he views things and all these can make him look stunning to you. Though stunning may not be the only word you can use in appreciating his intelligence it works too.

What can I say instead of stunning for a guy? 

Can You Call A Guy Stunning 

You might want to use another word apart from stunning to compliment a guy. They are so many alternative words and as well words you can use in place of stunning.  These words are also as nice as stunning for a guy just in case you’re in need of alternative words. 

You can call him charming. When you call him charming it simply means he is very attractive which is quite similar to calling him stunning. It is a nice word and it’s usually used to refer to gentlemen. 

Adorable is also a nice word to use instead of stunning. Being adorable could mean being very charming. It’s like saying the guy is sweet and charming. You’re describing the guy as lovable and very attractive.

It would also be nice to call him astounding and astonishing. Instead of calling him stunning, you can either call him astounding or astonishing. Astounding could mean that he is bewildered and amazing.

Probably, his sight is really surprising or amazing. It could also mean breathtaking, you might want to compliment his look to be breathtaking.

On the other hand, astonishing is also suitable to use in place of stunning. The astonishing means that he is incredible, amazing, outstanding, and breathtaking. 


In this article, we’ve come to know that you can call a guy both stunning and gorgeous. Though they are very rare to use people still use them once in a while.

They are specific times when you’re expected to tell a guy that is stunning. They are also words you can in place of stunning and gorgeous. But terms are nice compliments that show that you admire him and also tell him that he looks attractive.


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