Can You Call a Man Beautiful?

Can you call a man beautiful? Of course, you can call a man beautiful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling a man beautiful.

Although it is not the usual way to compliment a man because beauty has always been ascribed to a woman.

Beauty is a quality that gives pleasure to your senses or mind and this makes it not gender-specific.

Anything and anyone can be beautiful and this can be men, women, or a thing.

Often times we use handsome to describe the appearance of a man but going beyond the appearance, what do you say when you want to describe his personality? “You’ve got a handsome personality”? No!

This is why the word beautiful can be used to describe a man and it is not only restricted to his personality but also his appearance.

Although a lot of guys feel it’s awkward but complimenting a guy as beautiful is often times accepted when you are very much acquainted with that guy.

Is it OK to call a man beautiful and/or gorgeous?

Definitely! Both words are not gender-specific. Beautiful relate to goodness, courtesy, generosity, seductiveness, and physical attractiveness.

Gorgeous, on the other hand, relates to showiness, delightfulness, elegance, fashion, splendor, and physical attributes.

You will agree with me that these are attributes anyone can possess, be it male or female.

The word beautiful has a more extensive meaning because it describes the attractiveness of a person that you can see and not see.

This means you can describe a guy’s personality, mode of talking, or anything you find attractive about him as beautiful.

While gorgeous talks more about the physical attractiveness of a person.

Since the word “gorgeous” is not gender-specific, you can call a man gorgeous if he is attractive or pleasant to your sight because gorgeous is one of the perfect words you can use to qualify an attractive appearance.

Can I call my boyfriend beautiful?

Absolutely yes! if your boyfriend knows the essence of the word, he will feel on top of the world. 

Beautiful is a word used when you want to appreciate someone or something that pleases your heart in such a way that you can’t describe.

Although the word beautiful has been restricted to describing girls and other things of life that have an appealing appearance, guys can be beautiful.

If really the guy you call your boyfriend is pleasing to any of your senses, then he’s beautiful. And it could be his voice, personality, or physical features.

If there’s a part of your man that pleases you then why are you holding back from telling him how beautiful he is?

How to compliment a man

Often times when ladies want to compliment men they refrain from doing it because they do not want to be tagged as “vulnerable” or taken for granted.

Complimenting a man is all about being specific and showing him that he is unique.

You must understand that men are wired differently and unlike the ladies who love so much compliment men do not.

Here is what to look out for when you want to compliment a man:

Admire his character not just his clothes

To trigger the feeling of being admired in a man, all you have to do is start the compliment with the phrase “ “ I admire you for….” Place the name or a characteristic you admire him for.

For instance, you can say “I really admire you for how passionate you are about your work”.

Secondly, men want to feel special

Every man has this desire to feel unique and stand out from other guys, when a man feels special in your presence you automatically become special to him.

To have a man feel special and unique, all you have to do is begin a compliment by saying “not a lot of guys would have … You rock!”

Pick whatever behavior applies to him. You can say “not a lot of guys would have helped that Lady with her bag the way you did. I love how considerate you are”.

Compliment his competency

Every man has a deep desire to feel competent and a deep fear of inadequacy.

The more you can make a compliment and celebrate the things he is good at, like a job well done the deeper that compliment will land into more connection between both of you.

One way you can compliment his competency is by saying “wow this food is amazing! You are such a good cook”.

You should also compliment his ability to make you feel better

Men want their women to feel good and they want to know that they had a part in it. You can say something like “I was having a really hard day, but you came through for me”.

Thank you so much. I feel much better I appreciate you”.

What is the difference between handsome and beautiful?

Handsome and beautiful are both adjectives used to describe the human appearance, although beautiful does not only describe human appearance but just anything that is attractive and possesses beauty.

The main difference between beautiful and handsome is that beauty is not gender-specific but is majorly associated with the female gender while handsome is associated with the masculine gender.

Beautiful extensively focuses on describing an attractiveness that may or may not be visible. While handsome majorly describes the attractiveness of a visible appearance.

The word ‘Beautiful’ can be used in describing anything pleasant, this is to depict that beautiful is versatile while handsome isn’t.

For example, you can say “those shoes are so beautiful”. But in the case of handsome you can’t describe a thing as handsome it basically describes an appearance.

In rare cases, handsome can be used to describe a woman who is attractive in a masculine way.

What do men like to be called?

Guys just want to feel like men even if he’s really skinny or overweight when they are around ladies they want to feel their masculinity appreciated.

Any compliment that gives them that, makes them feel amazing about themselves and when they feel that way around you, they will always want you around.


Whether you are in a platonic or romantic relationship with a guy, they want you to call them handsome because it makes them feel good about themselves.

Also, because you appreciate their attractiveness this can also be an ego boost for a guy as it makes him feel powerful, tough and so much like the man he is


As much as guys desire their physique to be appreciated, they also like it when their intelligence is given some recognition.

You know, so many people can have appealing and attractive appearances, some others can be strong but not everyone can be intelligent and display their level of intelligence.

So, acknowledging his intelligence gives him the feeling that he stands out.


If a guy you are talking to is a romantic partner you would want to call him babe or baby.

It is a lovely term that gives men the sense of being loved and gives them a sense of assurance that they belong to their partner.


Both in platonic and romantic relationships, guys love to be called strong. It may be to describe their fitness and it makes them feel appreciated for their masculinity and physique.

Also, strength does not only depict their physical strength it can also refer to their mental toughness.

Telling a guy he is strong, especially in situations makes him feel that you acknowledge and appreciate his resilience in the face of a tough situation.

Big Guy

The truth is men love to have the feeling of masculinity, strength, and authority.

For this reason, they do their best to be at the top in virtually every area of their lives, from their jobs to cars to sports.

When you call a man “Big Guy”, you make him feel that you are attracted to his personality and masculinity which makes you feel secure around him.

Hot stuff or Hottie

It’s crazy that some people feel guys shouldn’t be called hot. Just like a lady loves to be called hot, a guy also does.

Calling a guy “hot” or “sexy” is letting him know how attractive they look and this boosts their confidence.

Do men like to be called handsome?

Do women like to be called beautiful? I think this answers the question.

Yes of course! it is almost impossible to find a guy who doesn’t love to be called handsome.

Handsome is an acknowledgment of physical traits and how attractive a guy looks.

Men love that and they don’t compare to women at least because they do not get that many compliments and this includes attractive guys.

Guys are used to always bottling up their feelings because they are expected to, but trust me, there’s this part of a man that wants to hear you appreciate his looks.

So, when a guy hears “you are handsome”, obviously he doesn’t hear it much he is going to feel good.

So, if you think about calling a guy handsome, try it! I’m sure he will love it.


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