Can You Call A Man Gorgeous?

Yes, of course! You can call a man gorgeous.  When the word “gorgeous” is used in reference to a male, it is considered exceptional praise, far more so than when it is used in regard to a woman; a gorgeous man is a dazzling handsome man.

Predominantly, women can wear all varieties of glamorous, swishy, fashionable clothes, but clothing and accessories options are much smaller, as well as the outfits seem to be comparatively bland and boring.

Similarly, many descriptors are frequently employed when describing women – pretty, stunning, alluring, gorgeous, and so on—yet only one is now being used to describe men: “handsome.”

This appears to be unfair because the word doesn’t really express its description and seems gender-specific. Therefore, since the word isn’t gender-specific, it can be used to refer to a man.

In What Situations Can You Call A Man Gorgeous?

In as much as the word gorgeous is not gender specific, it can sound unreasonable when used unduly. However, you can actually call a man gorgeous because it is just a compliment. Below are five scenarios where you can call a man gorgeous.

When Replying To His Compliment

You can call a guy gorgeous as a way of replying to his initial compliment. That is, if he calls you gorgeous, you can simply call him gorgeous too.

Also, in situations where you intend to compliment his looks but you feel shy since guys are often the first to give a compliment because society has made it seem like their obligation, he will probably conform to that and give you a compliment.

This is a good scenario to make the word gorgeous. It tells him that as much as he finds your looks dashing, you also find them spectacular.

For example, Man: You look so gorgeous today.

You: You too.

When Complimenting His Personality

Can You Call A Man Gorgeous

When a guy doesn’t behave like a very conventional guy will, he sure deserves some compliments not given to conventional guys.

The ambiguity in the word “gorgeous” is its amazing part. It is not limited to describing an appealing physique only.

You can call a guy gorgeous if you find his personality beautiful. This kind of compliment has a way of making him improve his character.

When Highlighting His Extraordinary Appearance

There are times when you are trapped in amusement because a guy’s appearance exceeds your expectations.

You are careful not to use the word “gorgeous” at this point because you believe it is often associated with women.

However, only a few words would describe his outstanding look, one of which is the word “gorgeous.”

This is to say if you look closely into the scenes where you declined to use the word “gorgeous,” they were the perfect moments to use it.

When You Desire To Have A Fling With Him

Can You Call A Man Gorgeous

In a scenario where you are sexually attracted to a certain guy, giving him the regular green light may slow down the process of getting him to know about it. An unusual word like “gorgeous” can be used to express your desire to go out with him.

This gives him an apt impression that you find him absolutely attractive and desire to have him in bed with you.

He possibly also has a thing for you, but since your disposition toward him isn’t so clear, he may not say anything about it. Hence, using the word “gorgeous” lights up his senses and gives you a better chance to get him.

When You Want Him To Fall For You

Can You Call A Man Gorgeous

Ever noticed how much guys revolve around their friends? You can trace their reason to the fact that they feel comfortable around them. Narrowing down our observations, we can be the sole reason for compliments.

Guys barely get compliments even when they deserve it. This makes them stay around people who acknowledge their specialty in a way and don’t hesitate to say it.

If you want a guy to fall in love with you without directly approaching him, try the use of endearing words to appreciate every little thing about him. Equally, it is one of the nicest times you can use the word “gorgeous”.

10 Names You Can Call A Guy Instead Of Gorgeous


Can You Call A Man Gorgeous

It will be hard to find a guy who doesn’t love to be called handsome. It is an acknowledgment of their physical traits and how attractive they are.

Guys don’t compare to women; at least, they don’t get that many compliments even if they are attractive. Hence, when a guy hears “You are handsome,” it’s going to make him feel good.


Can You Call A Man Gorgeous

One startling meaning of pretty is gallant or manly. It is not renowned by quite a lot of people because it was mostly used far back in the 15th century, which depicted a man as a worthy or clever fellow.

Although in recent times, being called a ” pretty boy” is being termed an insult because it is a quirky way to describe a guy who has feminine looks. However, it is still a fascinating way to describe a man.


Although the word beautiful is quite synonymous with pretty, beautiful can be used to not only talk about the looks of a man. You can call a man beautiful because of how much you love his dress sense.

Also, you probably want to talk about his skin or hairy arms. The word “beautiful” is one of the many names you can use to call a guy.


If you want to step up your compliment game, you’ll love to use the word “s^xy.” It is a good replacement for the word gorgeous, especially when you intend to describe his enticing physique.

Calling a man s^xy heightens his level of confidence, and this will not only make them feel good about themselves but also enhance your relationship with them.


An incredible name you can give a man is funny. It’s a whole lot of work to crack someone up, especially when they are intentionally doing it. This makes them loveable.

Therefore, calling a guy funny makes him feel you acknowledge the level of creativity he puts up to make you happy. Try calling a guy funny; he will definitely love it.


Can You Call A Man Gorgeous

So many guys conclude that they are not masculine enough if they don’t have obvious muscles. Just as women devote time and money to their appearance, men devote time and money to their physique.

A lot of them hit the gym on a regular basis because having a built body gives them the “Alpha-male” feeling.

Therefore, one way to pacify them is to call them names that show you acknowledge their fitness and that you find them somewhat attractive. “Tough” is one good word you can use.

Big guy

Guys are all about their masculinity, strength, and stamina. There’s no better way to make them feel that than by resounding the word “Big Guy.” It implies that you find their level of manliness and display endearing.

This boosts their confidence rate and makes them have some kind of reception toward you.


Can You Call A Man Gorgeous

Relative to the meaning of the word charming, you are trying to let the guy know how much glamour sticks around their looks.

Guys seldom wear make-up, so calling them charming is a way to say you admire their natural look. This gives them so much confidence in their looks.


Since the word “gorgeous” is used to appreciate what you find attractive, ” brilliant” can also be used in place of “gorgeous.

Here’s why: Calling a man brilliant shows that you fancy their intellect, and just like you’ll get that heartwarming smile if you complimented their physique, their reaction will be no different when you applaud their brilliance.

If the guy in question exhibits some level of proficiency or creativity, you’d want to consider calling him brilliant.


Can You Call A Man Gorgeous

At that point, when a guy knocks you off your feet after taking the time to dress his best, the least you can do to undermine his effort is to throw a casual “you look good.”

This is because he looks better than good. Hence, “looking good is an understatement”. The word stunning translates the extent to which he dashingly appears.


To bring this interesting article to a wrap, I would like you to know that the disposition of most descriptive terms comes as a result of how people feel about them.

If you look out for their meanings, you’ll discover that they are used to make a general description of this. However, since most people have made them gender-specific, they tend to sound like an insult when used by the opposite gender.

When you next want to compliment a guy with words you feel will be more expressive, do not hesitate to use them. Shake off the feeling that they are gender-specific.

I believe you now understand why you can call a guy gorgeous when you can specifically call gorgeous and there are words you can use in place of gorgeous.

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