Can You Call The Police On The Police?

Can You?

Tricky question it is. Calling the police on the police is something that is rarely heard of and which doesn’t happen often because most people call the police only when there’s a really difficult situation that requires the attention of the police.

Yes, you can call the police on the police. 

People can decide to call the police on the police for various reasons; they might be mentally unstable, trying to be naughty, or merely experimenting to know what happens when they call the cops on the cops.

These reasons are outrightly wrong and can get you prosecuted, jailed, or shipped off to a psychiatric hospital.

Sometimes, however, if you are accused falsely and someone calls people who appear as the police but have no warrant, identity, and are bent on using coercion, you might have to call the police on the police. In this case, you’re calling the police on the police for safety reasons and you will not be prosecuted for such.

You can also call the police on the police when you feel a particular police department isn’t handling your case properly or you feel that you’re being convicted of allegations you know nothing about. Then you call the police to intervene.

How Do You Then Call The Police On The Police?

Can You Call The Police On The Police?

Simple answer, pick up the phone and make the call.

Firstly, determine why you want to call the police on the police. Before calling the police on the police, ensure you’ve got valid reasons for doing so because if you call the police for irrelevant reasons, you might get yourself in big trouble. 

Then ascertain the situation properly so you can give definite answers when you are asked and get to safety if possible.

Are you being accused falsely by someone who claims to be the police?

Did someone call the police on you but it turns out they aren’t really the police? They’re only camouflaging the police to hurt you?

Did you see the police engage in some illegal act? 

Are you harmed even before arrest?

Do you feel someone is being arrested by the police without a warrant of arrest?

It is also important to take note of the following before calling the police:

The date

The time

The details and sequel of the events that took place. Ensure you have sufficient information before placing another call on the police.

If you can get to safety before calling to prevent further physical harm, do so. Then from a safe place you can call the police. When you call the police, remain calm and give sufficient details of what has happened, and if you’re safe or in need of help urgently.

Reasons To Call The Police On The Police

Calling the police on the police is quite awkward because, who does that? However things can get messy really easily and you might be left with few options. If you ever feel endangered and unsure if you should call the police on the police, then you probably should.

You shouldn’t hesitate to call the police on the police once any of the following happens:

Your rights are being violated

Can You Call The Police On The Police?

Ensuring the law is strictly adhered to is one of the things the police do and if you’re found disobeying the law, some of your rights can be withdrawn–and that’s legal. 

However, when you’ve done nothing and a police officer is trying to coerce you into doing what you shouldn’t do, trying to inflict pain or injury on you, trying to manipulate or hypnotize you, then you should call the police on that ‘police’ immediately.

The police maintain law and order, protect the life and property of its citizens, while punishing law offenders accordingly. It should be questioned when they try to do otherwise.

You see the police engaging in illegal acts

Cases abound of police officers engaging in illegal and gruesome acts. It’s unbelievable yet true. Aiding and abetting murder, outright murder, suicide, theft, rape, manslaughter, asault, and all. There are also cases of police officers shooting at suspects and killing them for unknown reason

Once you witness any of such, get to safety, and ensure the people around you are safe, then call the police, provide them with details of what has happened and wait for help to arrive.

The police are trying to make an arrest without a warrant of arrest

An arrest warrant is a court order given to the police and law enforcement officers. The arrest warrant is the permit to arrest a suspect and bring him to court. 

Although not all arrests are made with arrest warrants, you should consider calling the police on the police when you or someone around is being arrested without an arrest warrant. Worse still if they’re not straight forward and keep trying to keep their activities in the shadows.

Ensure the police have their arrest warrant with them else you could be in potential danger by letting them lead you away. 

Bandits acting as the police

The presence of the police signifies law and order so people tend to be relaxed when the police are present. This is why bandits and villains choose to masquerade as the police when they aim for a human target or when they need to get some illegal acts done.

When they masquerade as the police it becomes difficult to trail them as people begin to point fingers at the police. These bandits, drug dealers, gangs, and villains are smart and wouldn’t want to be trailed hence the reason for their cleverly concealed crime.

When you’re unsure of the people who’ve come to arrest you or someone close to you, call the cops immediately. Even if they’ve come for interrogations, deny them access and call the police.

You are not given a reason for your arrest

Can You Call The Police On The Police?

When a police officer has come to initiate an arrest, you have the right to ask if you’re being detained or arrested and the reasons for your detention or arrest, if the police cannot give you a detailed reason for which you are being arrested, and worse still does not possess an arrest warrant, you have the right to ask t if you can leave.

You can call the police when you’re safe and explain to them that you were almost detained for no reason. If you know the name of the officer in the previous scenario, you can inform the police and let them do their thing.

You’re being naughty

While calling the police on the police is necessary some do it for fun. They call the emergency lines, give wrong details and while the police are there they also call another police department and get excited over their silliness. 

Some do this for many reasons: they are being silly, they want to play smart or simply do not like keeping to rules. Calling the police for no reason is wrong. Calling the police on the police for no reason is worse and can attract severe consequences to you.

If you’re found out, you might be arrested and detained, even thrown in jail–all for being silly.

You’re not satisfied with how a police department is handling your case

The police department is run by humans and humans, unfortunately, aren’t always at their best. If you find a particular police department is handling your case wrongly, you can call the police on them.

Sometimes, they might apply coercion to their interrogation, try to use violence or threat of violence as an interrogation method. Once this happens, you can call the police on the police.

You’re searched illegally 

When you’re stopped by the police on the road, they only have the right to pat you down and nothing more. It is wrong for a police officer to search you vigorously when you’ve committed no crime.

You also have the right to remain silent and speak only with your lawyer if the police officer asks sensitive questions that you don’t want to answer.

Take note of the details of the incident; the police officer, his name and all, and give sufficient details to your lawyer when he’s available.


What Happens If You Call The Cops For No Reason?

Can You Call The Police On The Police?

Calling the cops for no reason is calling the cops when there’s no emergency or case that requires them to be present. Unfortunately,  the cops experience these annoying situations regularly.

There are many reasons why someone would call the cops for nothing, however it can attract severe consequences.

Some do so mistakenly, while some do so intentionally.

When you call the cops for no reason and you didn’t intend to, place another call and explain to them the situation. Tell them you didn’t intend to call them as there’s no emergency whatsoever.

If they’ve already arrived, step out of your building and explain to them as you should that it wasn’t intentional. You can also thank them for how amazing they carry out their duties.

If the police smell something fishy and wish to search your building, let them do so because trying to prevent them will only ensnare you.

Then if you call the police for no reason, and they find out you called to make a joke of them and play silly. You can be arrested and detained for raising a false alarm. You might serve a jail term of 6 months or more and you will be fined.

Is It Illegal To Call The Cops On Someone For No Reason?

Calling the cops on someone for no reason is outrightly illegal. There are some variations however. Sometimes, a mentally deranged person might call the cops on a loved one who’s trying to help, an individual might have a strong resemblance to a person from a crime scene. 

While it is illegal to call the cops on someone for some reason, there should be a closer investigation as regards the situation. A child might be facing abuse from a parent and is instructed to call the police on the other parent who’s found out with threat of violence.

These are scenarios that play out regularly in the police department.

Calling the police on someone is embarrassing and can get you fined heavily for damages and even arrested, so you should be very careful when calling the police on anyone at all.

You don’t call the police because someone looks strange like a person who does evil, ensure you’ve got your facts right. Ensure you have enough evidence to convict them of whatever wrong you think they’ve done.

Do not call the cops on someone for no reason but if you need to call the cops for an emergency, do not hesitate to do so.

What Happens When Someone Calls The Police On You?

Every citizen is expected to be law abiding, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. We have bandits, drug dealers, thieves, criminals, and robbers littered over the place. 

Sometimes you can fall into one of the categories and you have to be reprimanded by the police.

When someone calls the police on you and you’re guilty of the offense, you’ll be cuffed and taken away. The police will also require you to make a statement, search for evidence and then you will be charged to court.

If you’re found guilty, depending on the gravity of the situation, you’ll serve a jail term or pay a huge fine.

However there are people who call the police on you for minor reasons. There are reports of people who’ve called the police on another because they had tattoos and we’re disgusted by the tattoos. There are also other illogical reasons why people can call the police on you.

In a situation where someone has called the police on you wrongly, remain calm as running will implicate you. Remain calm, explain every detail of the situation to the police and then let them settle things between the both of you.

If you were charged and put on trial because someone called the police on you, when you prove your innocence and get released, you could sue the person for malicious prosecution.

What Happens If You Call The Police Too Much?

It can constitute harassment if you call the cops too much, especially when there’s no emergency. You might get arrested for harassment. This is because resources are shifted to places where they are not needed and real emergencies are ignored.

You are encouraged to call the cops when there are emergencies that need to be handled by the cops, however it shouldn’t become excessive.

It depends on the regions though because in certain countries and regions, if the dispatcher doesn’t see reason enough to send the cops your way, he wouldn’t dispatch them even if you call. 

On the other hand some regions always dispatch the cops once you call 911 and this can cause some individuals to abuse the privilege.


Calling the cops too much can get you banned from calling 911 for a while, you might be charged heavily for excessive calls, and in severe cases you might be arrested and jailed.

You definitely don’t want that so even if you need the cops ensure you have concrete reasons why they should arrive.

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