20 Comebacks When a Girl Says She Has a Boyfriend

Girls have different ways of turning off flirtations and advances from guys. Sometimes, they even claim to already have a boyfriend.

This might be true, but sometimes it might be an attempt to just ward you off, it might also be an attempt to claim ‘hard to get’.

The only way to really know which it is, is to continue the conversation. Along the way you might realize that you still have a chance even if she does have a boyfriend,  but how do you do that when she’s given you such a response?

When a girl says she has a boyfriend, here are some better comebacks to still keep you both flowing;

1. “Are There Any Better Ones Left?”

A good comeback if a girl says she has a boyfriend when you make advances at her is to say, “are there still any good girl out there, I doubt I’ll find any like you.”

Then she can probably reply with “sure there are, if you search harder” or you can say, “with all the good ladies gone, what will I be left with”.

if she was only trying to be hard to get, she’ll most likely stay and this could lead to one discussion or another.

2. “Only One Man Can’t Take All Of This”

Comebacks When a Girl Says She Has a Boyfriend

You can as well say, “only one man can’t take all of this” and add ” there’s love in sharing”. Or you can say, “you do look like someone who needs a second guy”.

If she likes you, she’ll consider your request and give you a reply on the spot. That reply might be in your favor.

But, if any confrontation happens with her boyfriend along the line, you know she already told you about him.

3. “Don’t You Think You Need An Upgrade?”

Another nice comeback if she says she has a boyfriend is to say “Do you need an upgrade or “Don’t you think you need an upgrade” if she says she doesn’t need an upgrade, then you can still smile and say, “if you eventually change your mind about that, I’m still available.”

You can drop your number on a paper for her and leave, praying that luck will shine on you and she calls you.

4. “Why not have this conversation over dinner?”

If a girl tries to turn you off by saying she has a boyfriend, you can say, “that doesn’t mean we can’t talk over dinner” or “that doesn’t mean we can’t go on a date, right.”

You can also bolden up and say, “that doesn’t mean we still can’t go someplace fun together, except your boyfriend is the really jealous and over-possessive type and doesn’t want to even see you talking to any other guy”.

Adding that later part can give you an edge as she wouldn’t want to make it look like her boyfriend is over-possessive.

5. “Oh, You Can Bring Him Along Next Time”

Even if you don’t really mean it, you can ask her to bring him along next time. For example, if you ask her to come on a date with you, and she says she has a boyfriend, then you can say, “you can bring him along for the date” she’s going to be shocked.

She most likely won’t bring him along for the date cause that would be awkward, but at least that gives you a chance as you’ve challenged her reason for not wanting to come on the date.

Also, it makes it look like you don’t care if she has a boyfriend or not.

6. “Oh, that’s too bad”

Comebacks When a Girl Says She Has a Boyfriend

At this point, you are not willing to further woo the girl. You respect the fact that she’s honest about that and you’re not one to play around with girls.

This statement shows your resignation to fate that you can’t have her at that moment and you just have to accept the fact.

You may never know, the girl may respect you for that and give you a chance. Remember, you can’t force her to leave her boyfriend, you only have to present yourself as the better option.

7. “Boy, I wish I knew that long ago!”

This statement is similar to the previous one. It’s hard to let go of someone you’re suddenly attracted to. The fact is, most guys love challenges and they’ll be up to make the girl come after them.

If you’re like that, then you have to take up this challenge even if it might seem her boyfriend is so serious about her.

Be the most serious one. Look for those things her boyfriend is lacking and fill in the gap. Viola! You’re on your way to be next!

8. “Damn! All the good ones are taken”

You’re flattering the girl and a girl doesn’t take it lightly with such flattery. You might be having her think of you the whole night just by saying that to her.

Remember, ladies are moved by what they hear and you might as well use your words to your advantage.

Your expression while saying this should show that you would really regret not having another time with her. You might be surprised to get her number at the end of that conversation.

9. “That’s okay, he can watch”

Are you asking a girl and she’s telling you about her boyfriend? You might decide to be sarcastic by insinuating that her boyfriend could tag along to watch you guys during the date.

Be very careful not to receive hot blows on your face by her boyfriend who only resurfaced from nowhere.

If the girl really respects and loves the guy, she wouldn’t take it kindly to have you say that about her boyfriend. By saying this, it makes you daring. Most girls actually love daring men.

10. “Hey, nothing lasts forever!”

At this point, you are only trying to convince the girl to be hopeful about you and less hopeful about her current boyfriend. This can actually work if her boyfriend isn’t treating her right.

You can easily break into her heart if you have your way with words and you’re sure that she’s not a hard nut to crack. But, before you go doing this, ensure that you truly want to be with her and you’re not being wicked here.

11. “You should take my number, no need to ask for yours”

You are actually leaving the girl at her own will. She might not call you immediately if she likes you or she might not even call you at all. So, that’s a risk on your own part by letting her decide if she wants to continue the conversation with you or not.

Also, by doing this, it depicts your confidence in yourself and it shows how good you are at the game. That alone will build curiosity in her and she might want to know this strange guy who is so sure that she’d call. She might eventually call you.

12. “Then why do you keep hitting on me?”

Comebacks When a Girl Says She Has a Boyfriend

It might not be true that she’s hitting on you, but you are saying that to get her uncomfortable and to make her even consider hitting on you.

If she’s hitting on you, then that makes it easier. Weaken her defenses and let her know that you are aware of what she’s doing.

She finds you attractive, probably more attractive than her boyfriend. So, telling you that is just a way of testing how serious you are with your intention and how far you can go to get her.

13. “Good Lord, and the dream ends here.”

A man already plans a life with the woman he’s hitting on. The plan may be good or bad. Men fantasize a lot and most times, it’s about the body of the girl.

So, a girl making that statement to some men is like shattering that fantasy of fun they are already envisioning.

You can as well just come clean by declaring the end of your dream which is brought about by her response.

She might not care about your dreams and on the other hand, she might be interested in the kind of dream you had about her.

14. “What a way to leave me hanging”

Of course, that conversation will not end there. She hasn’t rejected you nor has she accepted. That means that she deliberately brought up the issue of her having a boyfriend to mask her indecisiveness.

At this point, you will be left wondering if she likes you more or her current boyfriend.

You can let her know your displeasure with what she’s done and feign frustration. That might get her to feel bad about what she said or she might not even care. So, it’s a two-way thing.

15. “Not even a walk?”

This shows your desperation at the moment. Regardless of her saying she has a boyfriend, you still believe that you can be good friends or maybe you have a chance at dating her. That is why you still insist on having a walk with her.

Here’s the deal, if she accepts to walk with you, you have a big chance at being her friend and maybe lover. If she refuses a wall, just walk away. That didn’t work for you. She’s not just interested in you.

16. “Try me”

Comebacks When a Girl Says She Has a Boyfriend

I know of guys who will still shoot their shot even when a girl has clearly stated that she is currently engaged to someone else.

These ones are actually bold and they seem to know what they want and are out for it. You might want to ignore her excuse of having a boyfriend and ask her out.

Just be prepared to receive whatever answer comes from this. She might blatantly refuse you. Just know that this refusal can also turn to acceptance in the future.

17. How good is he?

While trying to present yourself as the better person, don’t forget to ask this question because you actually care for her wellbeing.

You can also say this in a sarcastic way and let her feel the hurt of rejecting you because of another man. Your tone and facial expression will better relay this.

18. “5 minutes will do”

A lot of guys just want to be given the time to say all that’s on their minds. They might think you didn’t understand them well so they need more time to explain.

They obviously don’t care if you have a boyfriend, they just want to have a chance with the girl.

19. Did you expect me to be offended?

Exactly! That girl said she has a boyfriend so you’d feel lost and get offended. If you’re not offended, you can actually let her know that you’re not offended by using this comeback on her.

She might even feel the uselessness of saying that to you. You might actually win her over by showing her that you’re not jealous and you don’t feel bad about that at all.

20. “The better”

Probably the best comeback to use I’d you want to get back at the girl. This means that you prefer that she’s with another boy than for you to be with her. Believe me, no one wants to be told that she is not wanted by a man.

Regardless of how many men she currently is with me, she always wants to be admired and wanted by many. So, for you to tell her that you’re better off without her is a prick on her ego. You might have her chasing you.


For a girl to tell you that she has a boyfriend might mean that she wants you to try harder and she actually means for you to stop hitting on her.

Decipher which one she wants and use any of these comebacks to get to her.

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