30 Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Rat

If someone calls you a rat, it means that the person is angry with you or generally dislikes you often because he or she perceives you to have cheated or betrayed them. It is an informal way of expressing disappointment.

Being called a rat should not be treated as a nice remark because rats are generally associated with dirt, filth, and snitching – any of which the person is trying to associate your character with.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Rat

The next time someone uses that word to address you, you’d want to respond with a savage reply that will put them in their place. This response can be witty, funny, or even sarcastic but clear enough to throw them under the bus.

Let’s look at 30 different comebacks you can give to someone when they call you a rat:

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1. I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong

This is a very popular response that should always be in your back pocket for whenever someone says something to you and you want to respond but can’t think of something witty at that moment. This response will also work for such scenarios.

Let the person know that they are wrong for calling you a rat for whatsoever reason.

2. Thanks for the compliment. If I find anything nice to say about you, I’ll return the favor

Of all the symbolism and colorful things to describe people with, it is very offensive to call someone a rat. It is not nice.

So when someone calls you such, you can use this sarcastic response to let the person know that they have done something inappropriate but you are not like them.

3. Deal with it

The person might have called you a rat because you reported secret information to the authorities. Whatever the case is, the deed has been done and you are unapologetic about your actions.

Simply telling them to deal with it, then it means you have no regret and they can’t do anything to make you feel bad about what you’ve done.

4. Everyone has the right to their opinion. Everyone has the right to be wrong

This is a witty and indirect way of telling them that no matter what they think you to be, their opinion about you is very wrong. They don’t know you as much to symbolize your character as that of a rat. It is not only offensive, but it is also not acceptable.

5. Are you calling me a whistleblower?

In most situations, when people use the word rat to address someone, it means that the said person ratted on the individual.

If this is the case, then one of the best comebacks you can give is to suggest a fancy way they ought to have described what you did to them instead of using a rat. It is a sarcastic way of reprimanding them in the area of their choice of words.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Rat

6. Ouch. That was really as painful as watching you talk

What must have made them think of no other offensive to call you than a rat is a height of pain and heartbreak?

It means you have stabbed them in the back (even if for a good reason), but for a comeback, you will be twisting the knife and making them feel more pained.

7. Rat poison tastes better than the venom you spit out

They have used the rat word on you. Now, as a comeback, you can put the spin on the insult and turn the table around to make it be about them than it is about you.

By giving this response, you are implying that what they have just said is offensive and you won’t have any of it. It is a smart way of using the rat context to get back at them.

8. I’m sorry; I must have missed the part where your opinion mattered

Simply make it clear that their opinion over who you are, or what you have done does not matter to you. This way, you are showing that whatever they think to be you are not valid and won’t stop you from doing the right thing anyway.

9. I get that you want to be two-faced. The best you could do is make one pretty

This is a very popular reply that many people use to gain their feet after they’ve been called something nasty. It works pretty much also for when someone calls you a rat.

This is because it is effective enough to transition the conversation from you to the person who had called you a rat.

10. Well, fruits and berries aren’t my favorites

It is a no-brainer that fruits and berries are rats’ favorite consumables. But when someone calls you a rat, you are going to pretend like you don’t know the metaphorical meaning of being called a rat.

So if you assume it to be literal, it allows proving them wrong in the most humiliating way.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Rat

11. And you are chicken-hearted

Since we have all resorted to animal-inspired name-calling, don’t snooze on giving them an insult that symbolizes an animal.

Let them know that they are feeble-hearted for not being prepared for what you have done to them. If they are brave enough, they will be more concerned with facing the consequences of their actions that have been reported.

12. That’s why you can’t be successful, people will always rat you out

If you had rat someone out for a greater good cause, chances are the person, due to the heartbreak, will call you a rat. When this happens, you can make the conversation about them by turning the table around.

Let them know that they can never be successful in their wrongdoings because karma will always present someone to rat them out.

13. No, I’m (insert your name)

You can outright correct the person. Let them feel like they have been misinterpreted. When the person calls you a rat, immediately correct them as though you think they mistook you for a rat (as in the name) in the literary context.

So, correct them by telling them your name. You are X, not a rat.

14. Call me that again and I’ll show you what a real rat does

Another easy and convenient way of serving a comeback to when someone calls you a rat is to threaten to do the unthinkable.

This way, you are instilling fear in the person and threatening to do worse than you’ve already done. This will shut them up and perhaps walk away so that they don’t worsen the problem.

15. Call me whatever you want, I don’t care

People who call others offensive names are usually irked to the peak when they are treated as less important, ignored, and not given the attention they expect.

The next time someone calls you a rat, act like you don’t care by giving this response. Then walk away. They cannot do anything about it and that’s the truth.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Rat

16. Look who says that…

Instead of helping them achieve their desire by calling you a rat, you can twist the whole narrative and refer to any occurrence in the past where they had behaved in a manner that justifies them being called a rat too. Nobody is perfect.

When they call you a rat, prove that is what they are by reflecting on their past behavior of betrayal too.

17. Then you are a rat poop, always all over the place

Another interesting way of getting back at someone who says something awful to you is by making it look like they are worse than what they perceive you to be.

Let them know that if you are a rat, then they are rat poop which sounds more derogatory.

18. If being a rat means doing the right thing, then say whatever you want

As long as your conscience is clear and your intentions are clean, there is no need to get yourself worked up because of how someone sees or judges you.

Make it clear to the person who has called you a rate that you are proud to do the right thing so they can say whatever they want.

19. And what are you, the best rodent?

When someone says something awful at you, they are instinctively implying that they are better than you as long as that attribute is concerned.

As a comeback, you can admit to that using great sarcasm. Let them know they are better than you at being a rat. Perhaps, they rubbed off on you.

20. Well, cheese is worth more than you

This is another brutal way of making someone feel humiliated after they must have said something that hurt you.

The next time someone calls you a rat, use this reply to achieve your mic-dropping moment. It is savagery enough to remind the person that their opinion doesn’t matter to you.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Rat

21. You’re welcome

When someone says something with the expectation that you feel hurt by that word, you can prove to them otherwise by showing that you consider it a compliment.

By saying thank you, you annoy the person further because it is an indication that they did not succeed in getting under your skin.

22. My squeaking is better than the best thing you’ve ever said

You can play around with the context in which the person insulted you and make them feel inferior. They have likened your action to that of a rat.

As a comeback, prove to them that, even in what they perceive you to be, you are still better than them. Insulting you will not make them better.

23. Your a*s must be pretty jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth.

This is another clever way of implying that all they are saying about you is seen as bullshit. If you want to express that you don’t care about their opinion, this is one of the best responses you can opt for.

It instantly establishes the gap between you and the person in terms of thinking capacity.

24. It’s funny how the people who know me the least have the most to say.

By giving this response, you are invalidating their opinion. They don’t know you well enough to describe you in that manner.

This response is effective when a random person calls you a rat because of what they have heard about you and you want to stick it to them.

25. I skipped the trap and you didn’t!

Who says you cannot make jest of the person while replying to you being called a rat? After the person has said such a remark, rub it on their face that they are now on the radar of the authorities and you aren’t. So who is the rat in this case?

By giving this response, you have smartly taken the derogatory term out of context and interpreted it in your way.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Rat

26. Oh! I am sorry. Were you trying to insult me?

When you show that you did not initially understand them to be insulting you by calling you a rat, you further annoy them. It is also a sign that you don’t care.

27. You are only saying that because you are angry

When people are angry, they can say different things. Now, for someone who cannot control their tongue, there is only little to talk about when it comes to things they cannot say when angry. Use this as an advantage in ridiculing them as a comeback.

28. Oh really? Seems you are visually impaired

Another way you can humiliate someone who tries to call you a rat is to pretend like you don’t know the metaphorical meaning of the remark. When you do this, it allows you to imply that they are blind and not to see that it is human standing in front of them and not a rat.

29. I’ve been called worse by better

This is a popular response. But, it works well for this situation because it helps establish the fact that they did not succeed in getting to you with their remark since you have seen worse than what they called you. They are disappointed.

30. What do you mean by that?

In an attempt to explain to you what they mean by calling you a rat, they unknowingly create an opportunity to sound stupid and also extra room for you to invade and use their words against them.

In my opinion, when someone calls you a rat, it is best to either confront them or simply avoid them because it is not worth the effort.

If you’d want to stick it to them (which you should because you owe it to yourself to be fairly treated), then use any of the above-listed comebacks to call them to order.

Most times, their response to these comebacks will reveal why they had called you a rat, and prompt you to make them stop using such offensive remarks.

Keep in mind that none of these comebacks will be effective if you are not able to communicate well – that is, by keeping your cool.

When you reply with a range in your tone and expression, you are showing that you care about their opinion and they’ve gotten the best of you which is exactly what they want. Don’t give them that opportunity.

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