30 Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Catfish

While some people consider being called a catfish as a compliment, others get offended by the remark.

When someone calls you a catfish, the general interpretation is that they mean you pose a deceptive fictional persona or fake identity online for gratification or other purposes.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Catfish

In other words, when you are called a catfish, it sends the impression that you pretend to be someone else online.

When someone tags you with the label, the best comeback to give would be one that shows you remain unbothered with extreme confidence.

You also want to be able to reflect through your response that they are generally insecure and obsessed with their label which is probably why they pass comments about how you live your life on social media.

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List of the 30 Best Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Catfish

The person may have sent the impression that you use fake photos, and sometimes a false persona, to find friends or romantic partners on the internet.

But let them know that you don’t have poor self-esteem. And yes, you don’t have to say it in a nice-and-thank-you kind of way.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Catfish

1. No, I’m human, id*ot

The literal meaning of catfish is an aquatic animal. So even though you understand the connotative meaning in which the person calls you a catfish, you are going to pretend and sound sarcastic to get the person thinking that you interpreted it literally.

2. I wasn’t made to impress you

For the person to call you a catfish, it means he or she thinks that you should live your life to suit some person instead of supposedly faking to be someone else.

But get it straight with them that how you live your life is not their business and you are not made to impress them.

3. Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people don’t care

By giving this response as a comeback, you are outright debunking the opinion of the person about you. You have to sound like you don’t care about what people think about your personality.

It is a witty way of responding to anyone who says you are a catfish, no matter the situation.

4, I’m fake? Well, you are so fake, Barbie is jealous

Again, you don’t have to admit to anything the person has said about you. The best you can do is to place a spin on the remark and make it about them and less about you.

But this time, you are going to make it look like they are worse than what they’ve called you.

5. Sounds more like a compliment rather than an insult

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Catfish

If you make them believe that you consider being called a catfish as a compliment, you have automatically jeopardized their desire to make you feel bad about yourself.

Instead, you condition their mind to start thinking that they might have mistakenly admitted that you are worth being a model or someone admired online.

6. Unlike you, I’m too attractive to be fishing for some kind of relationship online

Be point black so that you wouldn’t be a catfish like them. Chances are they can call you that because they live such a lifestyle and can easily recognize one from a mile away.

So, let them know that you are superior to them and won’t play in their league.

7. If you don’t like me, there’s the door

I would always say that one of the best ways to make someone feel bad after they’ve insulted you is to show that you don’t give a shit about their opinion of you. Make sure that when you use this comeback, it applies appropriately to the context.

8. Call me fake, that’s just me. Give me a break

This is a pun mixed with a comeback at its best. It sounds like a movie quote but it is just a witty way of communicating a clear message that you take pride in your personality and will not let anyone ruin your day with their bullshit opinion about you.

9. Call me what you want, I’m just that unique

It is easy to triumph over someone who comments ill of your personality because you can easily respond with what contributes to your uniqueness as a person.

Let them know that, whether you are a catfish or not, you are unique and there is nothing they can do about it.

10. I’ve been called worse by better

By giving this response, you are not only showing that you are bigger, stronger, and wise enough to ignore their opinion, but you are also indirectly saying that they are nothing compared to the caliber of people that have called you all sorts of things in the past.

So, you are more experienced than them, and you are not moved by what they say to you.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Catfish

11. It took you so long to come up with that

This is another brilliant comeback that you can use to intimidate the person. When the person calls you to catfish, look at them, scoff, and ask how long it took them to rack their brain in a bid to say something that they think would get under your skin but was dead on arrival.

12. I’ll eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that

It is a witty way of illustrating the degree of the dumbness of calling you a catfish over a matter.

It is either they begin to realize that it was not a wise thing to say, or they feel defeated for taking you on and commenting falsely on your personality.

13. I wouldn’t want to engage in this argument of idiots. You beat me in experience

Instead of returning the insult still around the concept of being fake, you can transition the course of the conversation to the aspect of them being an idiot for making such a comment about your lifestyle.

This response is a very dramatic way to make them feel defeated.

14. It is scary to think that people like you are allowed to vote

What you are doing by saying this immediately after someone calls you a catfish is that you are telling them they have the problem of poor judgment and cannot think logically to access someone’s attribute objectively without letting their emotions come in the way – Hence, their immaturity.

15. Wow, you even sound dumber than you look

Let the person know that you initially had a good impression about them but were disappointed the moment they said that about you.

It makes them feel like a failure and they would begin to desire to be approved by you. It is a psychological hack. Only those without a heart won’t fall for this.

16. You are so fake, Barbie is jealous

The problem with this comeback is that it has the potential to reveal that you are truly hurt by what they said, thereby creating room for more insults.

But it is also a great comeback because you spin the whole thing around and make them feel bitter with this response. It depends on how you say it.

17. Jealousy is a disease, get well soon

In other words, they are jealous of how you live your life online and so they decide to call you a catfish. Even though you perceive they didn’t say it because of jealousy, giving this response will make people believe so, effortlessly.

18. I may not be perfect, but I’m not you

This might be cliché because it applies to almost every insult and it is widely used and known by everyone. But it is a powerful way to level the playground in this situation.

Make the person admit that no one is perfect. But still, let them know that you prefer to be 90-year-old You than 20-year-old Them.

19. It is funny to think this is coming from you

This sends curiosity to the person’s mind immediately after you say it because they will begin to wonder what aspect of them have you placed so much expectation or held in high esteem that was dropped simply because they said something false about you.

It is a strategic way of excusing yourself from any awful situation even though there is no actual reason why you made the response.

20. You are the reason God created the middle finger

You don’t have to use the F word verbatim when there are one thousand and one ways to make the person feel ignored.

This response is savage and witty enough to shut down anyone who tries to sabotage your personality by calling you a catfish.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Catfish

21. Someday you’ll go far. I hope you stay there

When someone calls you a catfish, it means the person sees you as a fake person. But by giving this response, you are sending the impression that the attitude of the person commenting ill on other people’s matters will not take them anyway.

And even if they get lucky, the chance that they will remain at the top is very slim because of their attitude.

22. Were you born this stupid or did you take lessons?

This is a rhetorical question as you don’t expect the person to say no or yes.

But what this kind of response does is that it creates the idea that you believe what they have just said to be one of the many other stupid things that come out of their mouth which has made you convinced that all the things they say hold no water.

23. The people who tolerate you are the real heroes

Let them know that their attitude of commenting falsely on people matters is what many people around them have to deal with.

As a result, they probably burn more calories keeping up with their nuisance attitude than the amount they burn jogging several kilometers.

24. If I wanted to hear from an a*shole, I’d fart

There are many smart ways to say someone’s opinion about you is bullshit. This is one of those ways.

25. Is that the best you can say?

Make them feel like, even though they managed to observe a part of you that can be labeled as an insult, it still doesn’t cut it if their mission was to get under your skin. You are not moved.

26. Good story, what chapter do you shut up?

I have recommended this comeback for many insult situations and it works like crazy.

When you tell someone this after they have told the story of you being a catfish, commend them for their effort and tell them it’s time to shut up. Do this by using the above response.

27. What makes you think I care about your opinion?

You simply do not care. If by any chance they think you do, make them know that they are wrong.

28. You are so full of shit, the toilet is jealous

You don’t have to give a comeback that is similar to being called a catfish. Simply emphasize that they say shitty things. And even the HQ is jealous of the words they churn out about people’s lifestyles.

29. Too bad you can’t Photoshop your ugly personality

I’ve heard this response from many people whenever they are insulted. If the person calling you catfish seems to have offended you with that remark, take the bull by the horn by telling them that unlike you, they have a bad personality that can never change.

30. You’re so real, a real a*s

This is a word-and-opposite-themed comeback. When someone calls you fake, try to make them see that they are the opposite – real. This would initially make them feel good, only to hear that you mean real a*s nanoseconds later.

Final words

If you compare all the comebacks that we have discussed in this article, you will realize that they are short, snappy, clever, and somewhat savagery.

That is how ideal comebacks to when someone calls you catfish should be. You shouldn’t be revealing too much when responding to them. You also don’t have to prove anything.

Even though they mean that you seduce a person with a false identity online, prove to them that their opinion about you does not matter.

Ultimately, make sure you don’t sound insecure, vulnerable, or defeated as you use these comebacks.

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