30 Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Copycat

The next time someone calls you a copycat, there are some phrases you can say as a comeback that will turn the table – or even blow it off.

Being called a copycat is a gently derogatory word to describe you for imitating someone else. While it may be a lighthearted word, it can easily be taken as an insult or a word fashioned to make you feel ashamed.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Copycat

Of course, you may be doing the same thing that the person is doing in the same way, so you can expect them to call you a copycat since it is a common term.

But, by replying with the following phrases, you will be able to tell them that they did not succeed in getting under your skin.

List of The Top 30 Comebacks to When Someone Calls You A Copycat

As you go through this wide array of ideal responses, you will realize that none of them suggest that you should tell the person that they are the one imitating you. This is because replying with things like they are imitators; means you are the imitator.

But even if you go for comebacks of this nature, it all boils down to the context, the situation around why you were called a copycat, and how you choose to tone the response.

1.  If I see something, Ima do it. If I see people lynching idiots, you’re next in line

There is bliss that comes after admitting to something that you are truly guilty of. But you don’t have to take the fall for it after admitting it.

If the person’s intention of calling you a copycat was to demoralize you, this response is great to turn things around.

2. No, you copy me

As mentioned earlier, it is not wise that you respond with a comeback that calls the person a copycat.

But if it’s true, in the situation, it was the person who imitated you and called you a copycat to make it look otherwise to people, then quickly and sternly remind the person of the truth. Don’t use this when you are found imitating the person.

3. You wish

I’d always say that the best comebacks for any derogatory statement do not necessarily have to contain too many words.

By telling the person that being their copycat is their wish, it means they have a hidden desire to suppose it was true. It is another way of saying they are not worth emulating.

4. I’m not copying you

You don’t have to be a baddie in giving the best comebacks. A simple but firm “I’m not copying you” can magically pass the impression that you are confident and you would rather do something else than imitate people.

5. Now I wish I didn’t

It is okay if the person calls you a copycat. If you felt bad about it, switch things up by letting them know that emulating them was a bad idea in the first place and you wouldn’t have known if you had not done it the way they did their thing.

This will make the person feel bad and less confident about themselves or the way they do things.

6. If you run as much as your mouth, maybe you’ll get fit

This particular statement underscores the psychological hack to switch someone’s mentality through distraction.

Instead of focusing on the initial insult which is being a copycat, you digress and make the situation about the person’s inability to bridle their tongue and observe before speaking.

7. You don’t need to tell us what you dream about

This is another way of subjecting their opinion about you to ridicule. By replying with this response, you are passing the impression that being imitated is what the person craves and desires and won’t catch a breath before calling every dick and harry a copycat.

8. Oh I forgot, the world revolves around you

Calling someone a copycat is something most people who are selfish and self-centered would do.

Instead of bluntly saying the person is selfish and self-centered (which by the way has the potential to reveal that you are vulnerable and hurt by the remark), you can alternatively give this response as a comeback.

9. You aren’t the first to do it this way

This is another snappy comeback to say to someone who calls you a copycat. It is a witty way to invalidate the person’s point even though you were truly copying the way they do things.

In other words, you are letting the person know that nothing is new under the sun and he or she is not the first person doing things that way. At the end of the day, everyone is a copycat.

10. You’re so petty

Most people don’t like being called petty. And so, calling the person petty immediately after he or she calls you a copycat means that the person had done that only to satisfy their bittered ego.

So, anything they say about you, even though true, did not go through the process of self-thought.

11. Is that the best you could say?

Even though you were truly copying the person, you can reply with a comeback that shows the person he or she did not do enough to make you feel bad, and at such a failure in that regard.

Giving this response means that the person can not match up with your standard and sees no other reasonable way to make you feel inferior.

12. I’m doing you a favor

Being emulated is better than being completely unnoticed and overlooked. By giving this comeback, you are reminding the person that copying him or she should be considered an honor and privilege.

It also indicates you have your standard and so, imitating them should mean that they are worth it.

13. You just cleared my doubt

One of the ways you can turn the table around in a misunderstanding is to incite curiosity. By giving this response, the person begins to wonder what must have become clear to her.

It won’t take long for the person to realize that you are referring to being cleared that imitating him or she was a bad idea.

This leads us to the next point:

14. At least I now know the wrong way to do it

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Copycat

As a sequel to the aforementioned idea, you can otherwise say that copying the person’s way to do something has shown you one out of many other wrong paths to follow.

This will send this person into a train of self-evaluation to the extent that the person begins to doubt his or her abilities.

15. Don’t throw the truth at me like it’s an insult

You can be realistic about the situation without sending the impression of being ashamed or defeated.

By giving this response, you are letting the person know that calling you a copycat is considered an insult and you won’t have it that way with him or her.

16. Yeah I know, you say it in your sleep all the time

This is another alternative to comebacks like ‘You wish’ or ‘in your dreams. When people say things in their sleep all the time, it means it is something they dream about and hence, a desire so badly.

So, giving this as a comeback insinuates that the person is only calling you a copycat because he or she would love that you find them worthy of emulation.

17. I’ve been called worse things by better people

You can drastically devalue the effect of someone calling you annoying things by letting them know they are not the first to give such a remark.

By giving this response, you are also establishing the fact that the person is no match to getting under your skin or making you act annoyed at trivial things.

18. It took you that long to notice?

Maintain confidence, pride, and someone who has everything in control by letting the person who called you a copycat know that you do that with your full chest and unapologetically.

Instead of feeling bad about what you were called, there are a few ways to pose confidence and infuse fear in the person. This response is one of those ways.

19. See me just at the end of the bell curve. Congratulations on being at the front

This is an interesting analogy. The person is probably expecting you to feel ashamed after being called a copycat.

But you can shock the person by giving this symbolic response that warrants the person to imagine becoming a loud person, and you are the controller of the loud person.

20. You feel admired, don’t you?

Chances are the person truly feels admired because they are being copied in the way they do things, speak, in their style or appearance.

And so, they call you a copycat to make themselves feel good. But instead of feeling ashamed of that remark, take advantage of their desire from you being a copycat using this response.

21. You haven’t seen anything yet

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more you can do to the person than copying their style. As the great creative would say, the best copycats steal and improve on what was stolen to defeat what was stolen.

The person should watch their back as there is more to what you can do than just copying.

22. It’s a side effect of being smart

As a sequel to the aforementioned point, this comeback is something you can say to gain your ground and also establish the fact that you are smarter than the person.

Smart people find an easy way to do outstanding things. It means you are not only copying the person’s way of doing things, but you are also making it better than it is.

23. That’s what the government wants you to think

It is a popular maxim that what the government wants you to think is an illusion and gimmick sold to you for empty promises.

So, when someone calls you a copycat, and you tell the person that it is what the government wants them to think, then you are invalidating their opinion about you in an amusing way that will keep them busy connecting the dots instead of finding something else to say as their comebacks.

24. We have something in common then

This is a sarcastic comeback to tell someone who calls you a copycat. The context of the insult is about you trying to have something in common with the person by imitating a particular aspect of their life.

And so, when you are insulted for that, you can admit it in a way that will make them feel bad about themselves for calling you a copycat in the first place.

25. You are the real… Real bother

For calling you a copycat, the person is implying that you are not unique and you rely on his or her way of doing things.

In other words, he or she is trying to say that they are unique and you are not. You can use this as a beautiful and snappy comeback.

The person would think you are about to admit that they are real and you are fake, but they don’t know what is coming!

26. At least I’m not you

You may be a copycat. But you are simply not an individual with a pathetic personality. Make this known with this response.

27. Coming from an a-hole, I’ll take it as a compliment

Make them feel that the remark did not make you annoyed. While doing that, this response will give them an equal measure of insult that they deserve for calling you nothing else but a copycat.

28. No I’m (insert your name)

You may need to remind someone who lacks the thinking capacity to define who you are and what you stand for.

29. Just like you do

Again, it is a risky attempt to call the person a copycat after you have been called a copycat. But if the person also fits well in the shoe, who says you can’t make that known?

30. Unless you’re a pregnancy test, take your negativity elsewhere

Lastly, this popular insult line could come in handy when someone calls you a copycat.

The only scary thing here is that if the person is a better comeback player than you, then you’ve just given him an open channel to check your king on the chess board.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Copycat

Final thoughts

Being imitated should even come off as a complement to the person – nothing more, nothing less.

If you were found to be truly copying someone in the way he or she says or does something, it could be that you admire that aspect of the person.

If you are now offensively called a copycat for this, replying with any of the above-listed phrases will reset the person’s mindset into thinking that being imitated is an exciting compliment.

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