30 Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Cry Baby

We know that when one is called a crybaby; it is because they exhibit traits relatable to babies, which includes crying often. However, we normally feel some form of relief when we cry.

On this note, some have made it a habit because of its relieving effect. It can be demeaning when someone calls you a crybaby because they feel it’s absurd.

Subscribing to such a name will only validate their claim. This is why you should not consider giving them a mere reply, but a comeback. In this article, we shall be seeing 30 comebacks when someone calls you a crybaby.

Your reason for exhibiting some level of softness may be way different from the way others picture it. However, if they go to any length to make it clear to you that they find your actions insensitive, your retort will suffice. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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I Cry Just Like Your Dad When Your Mom Beats Him Up

One way to tackle people who are quick to point out your weaknesses without paying heed to theirs is by bluntly referring back to their weaknesses. This is so powerful that it can shut them up and make them walk away in disgust.

I Would Have Given You A Terrible Look, But You Already Have One

Most of the time, when someone calls you a cry baby, they are referring to your facial expression when you get all emotional. A good comeback at this point is to tell them that your crying face looks more appealing than their best look.

My Tears Are Tastier Than Your Meals

You should make it known to someone who thinks you cry too much that your tears are more meaningful than things they take to be pleasant.

This is a way to get back at them for thinking you are being overly sentimental rather than logical.

I Wish I Had Some Time To Ignore You

When someone wishes to make you cringe by calling you a crybaby, they definitely wait to see your reaction or response. You’ll make their desires come true if you pay attention to them.

However, if you let them know that you don’t have a minute of your time to share for their sake, they’ll retreat in disappointment.

I Just Love Myself That Way

Radiating a high level of self-love is a way through which you can make someone who intended to make you feel bad by a certain action of theirs reconsider their plans.

This is a powerful way through which you can tell them that no matter how much they push their way through to get you, they’ll never thrive.

Do You Always Run Your Mouth Without Thinking, Or Is It Just When I Am With You?

The speed with which some people call others names can astound you.You may begin to wonder whether they just do it because you are present or if it is a personal trait. Hence, when a person like this calls you a crybaby, do well to ask them plainly.

I Would Choose To Be A Cry Baby A Thousand Times Over Because I Look Better Than You On Makeup

This comeback will make them think of their looks if they actually look that horrible. By this, you have successfully switched their focus from you by giving them a task to think about.

What Charm School Do You Attend?

There are better ways for a person who called you a crybaby can communicate how emotional they feel you are. Since they intentionally wanted to use a degrading term, they’ll call you a crybaby.

This makes them look like they never attended a charm school because they have no iota of etiquette.

Yeah! You Just Said That You Make Me Cry. I Won’t Give You The Privilege Of Seeing My Tears

Calling you a crying baby is an attempt to make you cry even more. Let them know how they obviously crave to see you cry, but you won’t give them the privilege of having that moment.

If You Ask Me, I Think You Are Overdue For A Brain Check

Using demeaning words on people isn’t associated with normalcy. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to point out their ill-mannered behavior. Asking them to go visit a doctor for a brain check will definitely make them realize they are behaving absurdly.

You Treat Me Like A Baby And Wonder Why I Cry Like One?

Some people treat you in a certain way because they feel you deserve such treatment. The thrilling part is when they react unduly because you conform to the treatment you got from them. However, it’s good you notify them not to expect anything more.

I’d Rather Be A Crybaby Than A Heartless Beast Like You

Just as they have chosen to be hard-hearted so they can prove a point to people, you’ve also chosen to be a soft-hearted person.

With this response, you are letting them know that your choice was intentional and, because you won’t regret it, you’ll choose it over again.

If Only You Were Like Me, Even Animals Would Love You

Crybabies aren’t as people take them to be. They are beautiful souls, and they radiate love wherever they go.

When someone calls you one, don’t hold back from letting them know the positive aura crybabies emit when they are around people, to the point that even pets get a feel of it.

Oh! I Never Told You About This Part Of Me?

Instead of cringing over some “You are such a crybaby” comment, own up to it. Make them feel like they don’t really know much about you if they are unaware that you are a crybaby.

When Did Being A Crybaby Become A Crime?

When someone refers to you as a crybaby, you should let them know that it was never a crime in the first place. It is a result of your personal traits, and so they are just making a case out of nothing.

I Trust You Get Your Reward When You Go About Talking People Down

Some people’s fulfillment comes when they cheer others up to attain success. On the other hand, talking people down is a source of fulfillment for others.

Hence, when someone calls you a crybaby, instead of withdrawing yourself, inquire if they actually get a reward for their hard labor.

Was This Intended For Me To Change?

You would have considered working on that “crybaby” part of yourself only if someone spoke to you reasonably. If they pointed out the setbacks you would have if you continued being all sentimental.

But since they decided to be all arrogant about it, they sound like it’s a death sentence if you don’t undergo a speedy transition. Hence, you should let them know that even if they say it a thousand times, it has no impact.

If I Wasn’t A Cry Baby, I Would Have Gone To Jail For Hurting You

When someone calls you a crybaby, let them know how advantaged they are because you are one. If it were not so, you probably would have hurt them. Therefore, in as much as they consider it a weakness, they should be grateful for it.

If You Have A Problem With Yourself, Speak To Yourself And Not To Me

Name-calling is one way through which toxic people reflect their actual selves. They are constantly convinced that others are making mistakes in some way while they are not. Hence they tend to judge everyone’s actions.

If you don’t point out the reason they feel that way about you, you’ll be giving them even more freedom to exercise their toxicity.

Too Bad, I’ll Be A Fool To Believe You Because Your Mouth Runs Like A Broken Tap

To your detriment, believe in a talkative. These people say all sorts of things, whether true, untrue, reasonable, or unreasonable, just so they can have something to say. If a talkative call you a crybaby, they are most likely being illogical about it.

On this note, do not hold back from letting them know that only a fool will approve of what a talkative like them says.

It Is Human To Cry And Insensitive To Make A Case Out Of One Who Expresses Nature

Everyone cries at some point. The only difference between them and Cry Babies is in the rate of frequency. However, since everyone cries, it makes crying natural. Anyone who makes a deal out of being a crybaby is insensitive, and they are the ones who need a self-check and not you.

Who Said Your Opinion Was Needed?

Although everyone is entitled to their opinions, some use them as a yardstick to get at others. If you were being called a crybaby, just so you can feel hurt, then do not hesitate to let that person know that their opinion wasn’t needed because it doesn’t count.

I Would Only Accept That If You Have The Nerves To Look In My Eyes And Say It.

Obviously, crybabies are somewhat emotional people. It may be a great deal for them to keep eye contact. However, this isn’t only peculiar to crybabies, as there are certain personality types where the individuals portraying such would take their eyes off you the moment you stare at them.

They are the same as crybabies because they share similar traits. If the person who calls you a crybaby is also relatively emotional but doesn’t show theirs through crying, you can let them know that there isn’t really any difference between you both.

What Makes You Think You Are Better Than A Crybaby?

Never allow someone who calls you a crybaby to get you down by making you feel you have a personality disorder.

Some of them have the worst habits you’d want to consider inhumane. And so this doesn’t make them any better than you, who reflect natural traits. With a conceding tone, let them know that not being a crybaby doesn’t make them any better than you.

Yes! And I Would Cry A Thousand Times Rather Than Listen To The Gibberish You Spit Out Of Your Mouth

Some people use descriptive terms on others just to prove a point. They may be trying to put up a picture that shows that they have it all figured out but you need to work on yourself.

Hence, you need to let them know that they are spitting out gibberish from their mouths because no one has it all figured out.

If I Said I Care About What You Think, I’d Be Jailed For Telling The Most Grievous Lie Ever

Giving ear to people who call you names because of your personality will only give them room to do it even more often.

Hence, it shouldn’t end at ignoring them. Take it a little further, by letting them know that you don’t give a fuss about what they think about you.

Behind Every Crybaby, There’s Someone Who Makes Them Cry

It could be that the person who called you a crying baby is the one who made you cry.

Without realizing it, they would continually call you one. You need to let them know that if they were not there, exhibiting a certain character of theirs, you wouldn’t have had a reason to cry.

Yeah, I Am A Crybaby Because I Cry Over Little Things, But I Will Never Cry On Your Accord, Even If You Were Going 6ft Below

When someone makes you feel less of yourself because of how often you cry over things they term meaningless, let them know that what they term meaningless is even more worthy than anything they hold in high esteem.

And you’d rather cry over it than allow a teardrop in their regard.

I Am Still Not As Vulnerable As You Are

Being a crybaby doesn’t make you vulnerable. There are people who can’t dare the things you would.

As a result, you must demonstrate to them that, even if you cry frequently, you are capable of taking on responsibilities that they would not dare to take on.

What Matters Is That I Feel Better, So Your Opinion Makes No Difference

Crying relieves stress, pain, and anger. Consequently, you may be seen as weird each time you cry over things.

However, you need to let them know that just as everyone else has their own pattern of cooling off, you also do.

And you do this through crying, so it doesn’t make you less of a human. It only makes you different from a thousand people doing the same thing.

Before you think of forgiving someone who calls you a crybaby, think of the many more times they’ll call you by the same name. Some days when they wouldn’t care if you were in public, before they screamed at the top of their voices, “Hey you crybaby!.”

If you are ready to tolerate their annoying attitudes, then it’s fine. But if you can’t, just like I won’t, you can consider any of the above comebacks to put them in their rightful place.

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