30 Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Nerd

If you think about it deeply, you will agree with me that being called a nerd is not a bad remark. Most of the very rich individuals today like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates among others can be considered nerds.

However, someone may call you a nerd in a derogatory way. So even though it makes you feel like a soon-to-be rock star in society, you may also feel uncomfortable with the way the person says that to you.

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Nerd

So when someone calls you a nerd, you don’t have to feel offended before giving them a comeback.

I have gathered some of the brilliant and snappy things to say whenever someone calls you a nerd that will effortlessly echo your smartness, confidence, and pride in your personality.

List of The 30 Best Comebacks for When Someone Calls you Nerd

It may surprise you to know that the Urban Dictionary defines a nerd as, “The person you will one-day call boss.” So, with this understanding, you don’t have to feel defeated or insulted when someone calls you a nerd.

Instead of making the situation about them (the general rule of giving comebacks), you can brag about having the highest IQ within your crew and having your act together in life while being socially accepted.

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Nerd

1. I’m not a nerd. I am just smarter than you

The fact that the person called you a nerd means you are unique in a typical way. By giving this response, you are being specific on what constitutes your attitude of being a nerd and what makes you stand out – an attribute that they observe, but do not have in them.

2. Be nice to nerds, chances are you’d end up working for one

Most top employers of the world, the rich and High-Income individuals are nerds. Use this to your advantage by selling a promising future that is ahead of you. Use it to shame them to the grown and they’d regret they called you a nerd in the first place.

3. I’m a nerd, you’re a turd

If the person sounded on a derogatory note, it is clear that he or she is not trying to comment on your smartness, but rather attempting to say you are a pathetic social mess.

You can turn the table around and make the perceived insult by letting them know their situation is worse.

4. Have you only just noticed?

When someone is trying to make you feel defeated over an insult, and all you do is own it with pride and make them feel inferior or petty, they become bitter.

By giving this response, you place yourself in a position of authority and confidence about your personality.

5. Thank you! For a second I thought I was thinking I was you

A great comeback for when someone calls you a nerd can begin with one of the five magic words. It makes the person think that you consider the remark a compliment.

The second part of this response will make the person feel you are better than them by far.

6. I’d rather be a nerd than a jerk any day

For one, you are making the person know that his or her remark did not make you feel bad as opposed to what they expected. Aside from that, you are indirectly calling them a jerk without saying it.

7. At least the brain store was open when I went there

This is another witty and clever response to give whenever someone says you are a nerd. It sends the impression that you’ve interpreted the remark to mean that you are smart and obsessed with knowledge consumption.

8. Rather be a nerd than a dumb a*s

Not only are you going to sound like you are calling them dumb a*s, but you are also sending the impression that you enjoy being perceived as a nerd.

Even though it doesn’t sit well with you, it is better to make them feel like they didn’t succeed in getting to you.

9. Smart enough to be a nerd.

Yes, this is a clever way to refine the remark to your favor. So, you were called a nerd. Let them know that it takes a dint of hard work and smartness to be a nerd – something that they’d probably never be able to pull off.

10. Then what does that make you?  A cool person, right?

Sarcasm is a great way to make someone feel defeated even after throwing an insult at you.

By giving this response, you are indirectly insinuating that they’ve shot themselves in the foot by calling you something that they can never become no matter how hard they work. You are a nerd, but the world does not reckon with low-life people like them.

11. This means a lot coming from a geek like you

The person doesn’t necessarily have to be a geek before this comeback becomes ideal to use.

By giving this response, you are simply leveling the playing ground and making sure the person doesn’t assume the top position in the conversation. It is one of the smartest responses you can give.

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Nerd

12. Don’t have to be a nerd to be smarter than you.

The next time someone calls you a nerd, instead of trying to make it sound like a good thing to be a nerd as a comeback, simply let the person know that you are smarter than him or her, but you didn’t have to become a nerd to make that happen.

13. Why would I give a sh*t about what a little dork has to say?

One of the best ways you can bullshit someone after the person has thrown an offensive remark at you is to act like you don’t care.

But it takes the witty construction of words to echo that to the person’s head. This response is one of the best ways to show that you couldn’t care any less about his or her opinion.

14. It’s funny, hearing it from a little dweeb like you.

Dweeb sounds more derogatory than being called a nerd. So the next time someone calls you a nerd, you can make their situation feel a lot worse than yours by calling them a dweeb.

But there are more interesting ways to do that and this response is one of them.

There are others:

15. Okay dweeb, whatever you say.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to make their situation look a lot worse than being a nerd. So here is an alternative as a sequel to the previously discussed point.

Make sure you sound undisturbed or concerned about the remark when using this comeback.

16. Says the dork himself (herself)

You can take things lightheartedly but make them feel beaten by your words by using this response. They have called you a nerd.

You don’t admit it or otherwise, but since it is coming from them, they pay the price for having an opinion about you.

17. A nerd calling other people nerds, now that’s funny

Another comeback is to go for the cliché it-takes-a-nerd-to-know-a-nerd thingy. But you have to make it sound new. It is even hilarious that they were able to recognize you for being a nerd when they are nerds themselves.

18. Exactly what your GF called me last night after I help her with homework

Again, saying a thank you after being called a nerd sends the impression that you take it as a compliment as opposed to what they expected.

They are disappointed. But it doesn’t end there because you are no nice guy. You can win his girl because you are a nerd and he isn’t. Checkmate!

19. Is that what you call people smarter than you?

By giving this response, you are not necessarily admitting that you are a nerd. You are simply letting the person know that they have indirectly admitted that you are considered smarter than them

20. If you try hard, maybe you can become one too!

Make it look like they admire being a nerd hence they are complimenting you for being one. Tell them that they can become a nerd if they work a little hard instead of lazing around. As icing on the cakes, you can add they could alternatively continue to be dumb a*s.

21. What do you call a nerd 10 Years from now?

As mentioned earlier, most industry leaders are considered nerds. Take advantage of this and formulate your comeback.

Instead of leaving it to be an open question (which creates room for the person’s comeback), simply provide the answer by adding “and the answer is BOSS!”

22. So is Bill Gates

The reputation of Bill Gates needs no introduction. Many people consider folks like Bill Gates as Nerds. Make the person feel like he has placed you in the position of next-rated billionaire and software juggernaut.

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Nerd

23. Thanks dummy

Again, you are saying thanks to making the person feel like they just complimented you as opposed to when they initially wanted to sound – derogatory. But in addition, you won’t just say all nice and well.

24. At least, I am doing something for my future.

Okay, you can sound offensive. What people would automatically read to this is that there is nothing wrong with being a nerd since you are busy doing something with your life. Something they are probably not doing

25. I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce

Instead of making the comeback about being a nerd, you can transition the conversation to another entirely different problem about the person but make it sound like it is a comeback from where their insult sent you.

26. At least I have a personality

They don’t have a personality, which is shameful. That’s what this response is all about. And, it is savage.

27. Where’s your off button?

You want to make the person sound like they have been saying rubbish all the while even before the moment when they called you a nerd and now, it is time for them to shut up.

28. Look who’s talking

Another way you can give a befitting response to someone calling you a nerd is to show the person that no one has a perfect personality. While you may be a nerd, the person may be something worse.

29. I feel sorry for you

The person would begin to wonder why exactly you are sorry for them. If they ask why to unleash the most offensive thing about them that you can think of. The situation is now about them and no longer you.

30. So what?

Being a nerd is not a bad thing. The person doesn’t see it from this perspective and that is why they have said it in a derogatory manner. Now, take the bulls by the horns and tell the person ‘What is your point”

Is Being Called a Nerd an Insult?

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Nerd

When someone calls you a nerd, it could be a compliment or otherwise. Ultimately, it is not a remark you should be worried about because it is a sign that people recognize how good you are, especially in a school context.

If you prefer to give a comeback instead of walking away in silence, then make sure to do this by keeping your head high and sounding like you are the one who is jealous since they are not as smart as you are.

Final thoughts

Chances are the person who is calling you a nerd sees you as an overly intellectual person. But he or she probably can’t just deal with it, and so they decide to call you a nerd in a way that makes it look like you are obsessive, introverted, or lack social skills.

If you are going to give the best comeback to someone who calls you a nerd, you need to first psychologically consider it as a compliment regardless of the person or context.

If you sense that the person calls you a nerd to send an impression that you are unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept, use the above-mentioned comeback to make the person look worse, perhaps a social mess.

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