30 Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun of Your Looks

If you have been in a situation where someone made a joke out of your appearance, and then you had nothing to say in return, come closer, this article is for you.

With the best snappy and savage comebacks gathered in this article, you will never be caught off guard.

Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun of Your Looks

The best comeback for when someone makes fun of your looks is one that will let the person know that they cannot succeed in stealing your day.

You may not be able to memorize all the comebacks in the world, but putting a few clever ones in your back pocket will be useful when someone with bad air around you tries to ruin your day.

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List of the 30 Best Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun of Your Looks

When someone habitually makes a joke out of your appearance, they are nasty individuals with the mission to make your day gloomy. With any of these 30 comebacks, you should be able to remind them that it is your life and not theirs.

Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun of Your Looks

1. Are you chewing on a brick or talking to me?

One of the best ways you can get back at someone who slammed your appearance is to use an analogy to jeopardize their imagination at that moment as opposed to what they are expecting you to feel.

Ask the person whether he or she is chewing on a brick or referring to you, because, either way, blood will soon be running from their mouth, or they’ll soon lose their teeth.

2. Were you raised by dogs? Because you’re acting like a bitch!

You don’t have to give a comeback that directly revolves around your dressing because if the person is good in the comeback game, you are only giving more room for insults. So simply transition the insult convos and make it entirely about the person and less about you.

3. Why don’t you slit your wrists?

If they are so disgusted by the way you look, then they have high blood pressure and can not see how gorgeous you truly are. As a good friend, recommend slitting their wrist to lower their blood pressure which will allow them to see better.

4. What did you say, pizza face?

This response will best suit when the person who is making a joke about your appearance is with make-up.

By giving this response, you are sending the impression that they look a lot worse even with artificial enhancement. You can also substitute Pizza face for cake face in the comeback, it has the same effect.

5. You have the mental ability of a soapdish

This is an outright insult to the person’s thinking capacity of processing what appears good-looking and otherwise.

This comeback pretty much applies to just any kind of insult that someone may say to you but it sits well with appearance-related remarks.

6. Are you talking to me?

If you ask this question immediately someone makes a joke out of your look, it sends the idea that you are about to do something bad in retaliation.

Hence, you instill fear in the person. If you are good at your tonality on this one, the person could even begin to regret why he or she remarked in the first place.

8. I’m ugly, you’re immature, nobody’s perfect

First of all, everyone – including the person insulting you – will agree that nobody is perfect. Take advantage of this common ground to define that their problem is worse than yours.

9. Yeah, I take after my dad. Do you even know what your dad looks like?

If the person had said something like you are ugly, you can begin your comeback by first admitting the person’s insult which may make the person feel victorious. Only if they know what is coming in the next nanoseconds.

10. Yeah, I’m ugly, Guess I missed out on my beauty sleep for a while. What’s your excuse?

This is another direct and clever way of giving it back to someone who slams your look or appearance. It has a more lighthearted and conversational tone. So, it may not offend the person, but it prevents you from feeling defeated.

Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun of Your Looks

11. Please remind me to talk to you the next time we meet

Instead of just saying thank you and leaving in silence, let the person know that talking to them is always a mistake because it is simply a waste of time.

Of course, you don’t expect them to comply, but it is another way of saying they should f*ck off with their shitty opinion about you.

12. You must have me confused with someone who cares

You can pretend not to believe that they intentionally called you a nerd. Fake that you are oblivious to the directness of the insult.

This will make them want to emphasize that you are the one they are referring to, and then by that time, you will have more reason to insult them more satisfactorily.

13. I wish your mouth had a snooze button

With this response, you have killed two birds with a stone. Not only are you insinuating that it is time the person shut up or quit talking about you, but you are also pointing out that the person says things that do not matter, and words from him or her should not be taken seriously.

14. I`m busy right now, can I indulge you some other day?

Everybody likes to act like they don’t have time for rubbish. The reality is that some of us tolerate more rubbish than others. With this response, you are sticking it to the person that you don’t have time for their nonsense, not now, not ever.

15. Did you know it’s okay to have a thought, but not speak it out loud?

There is a popular saying from the holy book that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. They have the right to think the stupid things they are fond of thinking.

But where they got it wrong was to say it out. This is more than a comeback; you are schooling them.

16. That’s not what your mom said last night?

No matter how unnecessary it sounds, bringing someone’s mom into a heated conversation can blow things up. For this response, it is the price the person would have to pay for commenting on your appearance in a derogatory manner.

Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun of Your Looks

17. You want a perfect girl? Go buy barbie

I like this response because it rests on the pillar that everyone would agree with nobody is perfect. But you are not going to just simply say nobody is perfect.

You want to make it sound snappy and clever. So rearrange your word construction and make your response sound like this comeback.

18. I would rather have an ugly face than a heart as bitter as yours

There is no way you would say this to someone without the person feeling as bad as you felt when they commented on your look in a bad manner except the person has lost his or her conscience.

By giving this response, you are sending the impression that you may not look as impressive but you are far better than having a heart that condemns.

19. I’ve read that people who say hurtful things have mental issues

Now this comeback is a psychological flow because you get the person to first agree that they have said something to you that is hurtful.

But it won’t go down well with them realizing that it could associate them with mental problems. It is a smart way of telling them to see a therapist for brain evaluation before it goes out of hand.

20. Oh really? Also, the sky is green today. Right?

This is great sarcasm. Make them feel like they don’t know what they are saying. They are talking about your looks and not theirs.

So, if you can make a guess about their poor judgment, it invalidates their opinion about your looks whether it is true or not. Tell them they are going blind and need a pair of glasses

21. I can’t spend a second allowing people like you to get to me

You simply do not care about people’s opinions about you because it doesn’t matter. Polish your self-esteem and make it shine with a response like this.

22. Continue doing what losers do

It is easy to categorize people who say hurtful things as losers. It is very easy and they can fall for it. You are automatically sending a message, through this comeback, that they are jealous of your look deep down but too cocky to admit it.

23. Wow, they grow up so fast, little Billy the dumb-ass, all grown up and still the dumb-ass

They won’t know where you are heading with the first few words of this response. But in the end, it will dawn on them that you still consider them low-life opinionated individuals And so, their opinions about your look did not matter to you.

24. There are three things I must tell you, (insert the person’s name)

Once someone makes fun of your looks, maintain a serious face and make it sound very important that you have three things to tell them. You will draw their attention and curiosity.

Once they ask ‘What?” you say “Shut your mouth, use the door and get some manners”  Afterward, take your attention from them and move to do something else in the room.

25. I would rather be called ugly with my natural looks than be called beautiful with a plastic surgery disaster like you

There is no need to comment on the impact that responses like this can cause on the person who made fun of your look. For the best delivery, make sure you don’t stutter and say it with authority, poise and confidence.

26. It’s strange how someone with such an unattractive personality can call someone else ugly

Remember that the core mission of giving a comeback is to make the insult more about them and less about you. This becomes very important when we are dealing with body shaming or name-calling. Make their situation worse.

27. Is that the best you’ve got?

The person had probably thought so hard about how to get to you and decided to pick from your appearance. You can sabotage their effort and make it look futile by saying they did not do enough and you are not moved.

The goal is to show them that none of the words they say will get under your skin.

28. I honestly appreciate your lame comment, but I would pick an ugly face over a shallow personality any day

When someone makes a bad comment about your appearance, one of the ways you can make them even bitter is to sound like you appreciate their point of view. But you won’t stop there like the average joe. Take it a little further by pointing out that they are still not better than you.

29. Coming from the person who has a face, not even a mother could love

Launch an emotional attack on the person by painting the picture of rejection which the person should be battling with rather than poking into your business.

30. Thanks, but you should be more worried about your breath

You may be starting your comeback with a magic word to show appreciation for the opinion shared, but you are also making a transition, moving the conversation from your appearance to being about their mouth odor (even though it is not real).

Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun of Your Looks

Wrapping up

No one enjoys being insulted about their appearance, let alone when it is done in public. If someone does this to you, the above-mentioned snappy comebacks should not elude your memory at that critical moment.

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