20 Comebacks to “Are You Even Old Enough to Drink?”

It would be unfair to conclude the act of having fun and nightlife is complete without drinks. Drinks like tots of whiskey dominate the bar side while the main floor is usually dominated by cocktails and beer.

But there is an age prohibition on the intake of drinks (mostly alcohol), which makes younger guys and girls ineligible to take them.

However, you can’t dispute the fact that there are people who don’t look their age. They might be aged but has the physique of a 21-year-old lad or girl.

This often leads to misconceptions about the person resulting in mistaken identity. This misconception can be reflected when someone asks such a person if they’re old enough to drink.

In this post, you’ll learn a couple of comebacks in case someone mistakes you for a kid and you’re even old enough to drink. Keep reading on!

Best 20 Comebacks to Are You Even Old Enough to Drink

This article shows you the very best of comebacks when someone asks if are you even old enough to drink.

The game plan is to give you a reason to have a say. Sometimes, silence doesn’t do the magic which yearns for something else like a comeback.

Below are the best comebacks to when someone questions if you’re even old enough to drink.

  1. I’m wondering if you’re old enough to ask me such a question
  2. That depends on who’s talking
  3. Are you sure I’m old enough?
  4. Your wife thought I was old enough last night
  5. If you’re not a cop, don’t bother asking
  6. How old were you when started?
  7. Would you mind zipping up your mouth?
  8. You should talk with my parents
  9. Are you sure you’re young enough to continue living?
  10. I don’t think so, you have to tell me if it’s your problem
  11. Hold my beer, let me give it a thought
  12. God made the middle because of you
  13. You don’t need a straw for your beer, you already suck
  14. Why are you this obnoxious or is this natural?
  15. You seem to have a lot to say, a lot of bullshit
  16. Being a thorn in another’s skin won’t make yours smoother
  17. I enjoy your company the more when you keep silent. How about you try that?
  18. Are you this annoying or you bought a course online?
  19. Don’t spill trash if you have nothing else to say
  20. Maybe not, but I’m old enough to tell you how much you suck

Without much ado, let’s get right into the meat of the post.

I’m Wondering if You’re Old Enough to Ask Me Such a Question

If you look at the subject matter from the angle I see it, it is a case of sounding condescending if someone asks if you’re old enough to drink.

Probably the person is trying to downplay you that you’re not old enough to take up a bottle of beer and gulp down like you don’t care.

This intentional derogation is more pronounced if the person asks you this question in an open place, perhaps a club or a roadside bar.

However, you shouldn’t fold your arms and look while the person cuts you down to nothing with their bad gesture. Rather, you can count on this line of a comeback to counter their motion and ask them if they’re old enough to query you about that.

That Depends on who’s talking

If I’m left with the option to decide whether or not I’ll provide answers to this type of question, I would request I know who it is that is asking before I give out the answer.

This comeback suggests that you will only provide an answer to the question depending on who’s asking you.

This is a subtle way of saying the questioner does not deserve to receive any answers from you. In that sense, this line serves as a meticulous comeback for anyone who asks if you are old enough to drink.

Are You Sure I’m Old Enough?

There’s always a place for asking a question as a form of a comeback to the person who asks are you even old enough to drink?

However, this particular line of comeback is not a true question rather it is rhetoric and is meant to put the person you’re asking in a real-time mental frenzy.

So if getting the questioner puzzled is what you’re looking out for, then you should count on this line of a comeback to get that done effectively. You might as well employ the use of facial expressions to further buttress your point.

Your Wife Thought I Was Old Enough Last Night

It would be a fair fight if you exclude the families or friends of an attacker from a fight, especially if he or she doesn’t include yours.

But there’s no fairness in life, so you might as well forget about courtesy and bring on the savage with all you’ve got.

In this case, you’re bringing in the wife of the questioner who is now preferably a guy. It will be a relationship or marriage spoiler alert if you say this comeback to the person who asks whether you’re old enough to drink.

Don’t bother about the adverse effect of your comeback because the plan was never to pet the questioner.

If You’re Not a Cop, Don’t Bother Asking

Comebacks to Are You Even Old Enough to Drink

This line of comeback proposes that you only grant answers to cops. While this might sound too much to hear, it is a deliberate statement that means you don’t have anything to offer as an answer to he who asks whether are you even old enough to drink.

Furthermore, telling the person not to bother asking indicates that their question is baseless and as such doesn’t deserve any response from you.

How Old Were You When Started?

Like I mentioned earlier on, you can’t overemphasize the place of questions in carving out the perfect comeback when someone tries to downplay you by asking if you’re old enough to drink.

This line is another question-like comeback that you can use to counter the person who puts up the condescending statement against you.

Unlike the first one, this one is a true question and you’re probably waiting for the questioner to open their stinking mouth and provide you with an answer.

Don’t forget to employ the services of facial expression when you ask this question-like comeback, because it sets the mood for the comeback.

Would You Mind Zipping up Your Mouth?

It is highly inconsiderate for someone to open their mouth and say something as bad as asking if you’re old enough to drink. Although the question is not bad in its form, it could turn sour if the person makes use of a derogatory tone or language.

In the latter case, you can use this line of a comeback to show the person that you never asked for their opinion so they had better keep quiet.

The use of the phrasal verb “zipping up”, shows the severity of your hunger for them to shut up.

You Should Have a Talk with My Parents

I believe your parents know when you were born and can tell your real age. They’re also left with the duty of confirming whether or not you’re old enough to drink.

However, if your parents are late and you probably want to shut off the person who asks if you’re old enough to drink, you can use this line of a comeback.

This comeback brings out the impossibility that lies in the person’s trial to have a word with your parents, to ask them about your real age. Since this is an impossible task, the person would be left with the option of sparing you the preaching.

Are you sure you’re Young Enough to Continue Living?

Some people are skilled in spoiling your day or making you feel worse than you are already feeling. Such a person is liable to ask you if you’re old enough to drink.

In this light, you can throw a premium shade at the person who questions you this way. To achieve this, you can make use of this line of a comeback to get your message across.

I don’t think so, you have to tell me if it’s your problem

If there’s a need for denial as a comeback, you can make use of this line of a comeback to do that. This line is divided into two; the first part is a response that is in the negative i.e. it gives a downbeat answer to the question of if you’re old enough to drink.

The second and last part is a rhetorical question that sort of queries the place or of what concern the person has whether or not you’re even old enough to drink.

Hold My Beer, Let Me Give It a Thought

This is one of the funniest lines of comebacks on this list. Can you imagine a situation where you switch sides with the person who queries you?

And the person boldly asks you to hold the same beer which is supposedly the reason why you questioned them. The thing is, you will not only feel ashamed, but you will also feel emotionally molested.

If you can feel this bad if put in the position, now you can imagine how bad it’ll get when you put the person in such a situation.

God Made the Middle Because of You

A person who God made the middle finger because of them is essentially a nuisance to the society of sane humans. That’s also the case of the person who questions your age for drinking. What a pest!

You Don’t Need a Straw for Your Beer, You Already Suck

There’s a blend of puns or sarcasm in this line of a comeback. You can sense this in the inclusion of the straw which is sucked.

So, telling the person that they don’t need any straw to drink their beer, because they already suck. They are already a pain in the ass, so there’s no redemption.

Why Are You This Obnoxious or Is This Natural?

Comebacks to Are You Even Old Enough to Drink

To be obnoxious means to be spiteful. That would be the perfect single-worded description for someone who would walk up to your table in a club and ask you if you’re old enough to drink.

Because of this, you can use this line to label the person and also throw in a rhetorical question to wrap things up.

You Seem to Have a Lot to Say, a Lot of Bullshit

If the reason why someone would question your age for drinking is because of a case of mistaken identity, then you can use this to address their insolence.

After all, it is a bunch of bullshit to be questioned about your drinking age when you’re clearly above the age limit.

Being a Thorn in Other’s Skin Won’t Make your Smoother

You have to recognize that someone who questions your drinking age with a sinister smirk on their face wants to downplay you. But you can as well remind them that they won’t profit anything from that venture.

I Enjoy Your Company the More When You Keep Silent. How About You Try That?

If you’re looking for an indirect way to tell the person who questions your drinking age to shut up, here you go. This is a sarcastic statement that indicates you prefer it when the person is silent over when they’re talking.

Are You This Annoying or have You Bought a Course Online?

If the tone of the person who questions your drinking age is creepy and condescending, it becomes annoying to withstand such abuse. Therefore, this line provides you with a good comeback.

Don’t Spill Trash if You Have Nothing Else to Say

Most times when people are short of words in a conversation, there are liable to say things that make no reasonable sense. This could be the same case where you are questioned about your drinking age. Consider this a counterline for the person’s trash talk.

Maybe Not, but I’m Old Enough to Tell You How Much You Suck

If you’re not feeling the person who asks if you’re old enough to drink, you can use this comeback to throw them off the fence.

This is because it makes no sense if they ask you such a question knowing full well that you may be passed that age limit.

Final Thoughts

Are you even old enough to drink? Is not a bad question from someone, as it could just be a query from a concerned friend, or mentor.

But when this is not coming from either of these people but is coming from random strangers in the club with a bad tone, you might be pushed to feel bad.

However, feeling bad won’t benefit anybody so it would be ideal to get your pound of flesh. The comebacks highlighted and detailed in this post give you a good tool to serve as a counterstatement to the person who questions your drinking age.

You have to scan well before you settle for any of these lines.

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