Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Weirdo

There’s a thin line that exists between being normal and abnormal; it is known as being weird. The life of a weirdo is often complicated and this makes those around them have a type of prejudice against them.

This in turn leads to unwarranted stereotyping by other people and eventually a sublime attack on those who are seen as having weird characters.

Part of this stereotyping involves being verbal about the person’s social status and openly calling out the person for being weird.

While some people overlook this insensitive action, others are deeply affected by it. If you’re affected by this, you might want to get your voice back and have something to defend yourself with when someone calls you a weirdo.

In this article, I’ll be discussing an extended list of comebacks for when someone calls you a weirdo. Keep reading on!

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Outstanding 40 Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Weirdo

The following lines of statements below are our best pick of comebacks when someone calls you a weirdo.

    1. I never asked about yourself
    2. I’m not surprised that it took your dumb brain this long to notice
    3. I prefer not to be like others
    4. I think you’re missing the point, I’m your fan
    5. I heard normal is boring, so I switched things up
    6. Why are you surprised I act so much like you?
    7. Funny how you still stick around
    8. Thanks for the compliment, that’s what keeps you alive
    9. I’m not weird, just not your caliber
    10. I’ve always known we have something in common
    11. That’s what interesting people are called


  1. You wish you were half of me
  2. I appreciate it; Besides who wants to be normal? No one!
  3. What other nice things do you want to tell me?
  4. I’m weird? Sadly, only you can see that
  5. Where has being normal gotten you?
  6. I think you meant to say “Different”. Please don’t tell me you wasted your parent’s money on school
  7. Being weird is the new fashion. I guess you didn’t know because you’re still living in the 80s
  8. I’m 101% sure it beats being normal
  9. Could you please tell me something else I never knew?
  10. I got that. So what’s your lame point?
  11. Don’t be afraid to embrace your weirdness
  12. I’m convinced it takes one to know one
  13. You know so much about me. Sometimes I wonder if you knew anything about yourself
  14. I don’t remember asking for your views
  15. You’re normal and still broke…double loss
  16. It beats being you 10x
  17. You say that as if it is as bad as your breath
  18. Don’t just get jealous, you can join the club
  19. I know I am. What are you, dummy?
  20. We are all weird, just that my breed is better than yours
  21. You think you know too much, but sadly the reverse is the case
  22. Do you think you can study for me? Wait till you never graduate
  23. Now you know why you shouldn’t mess with me
  24. Your face spells W.E.I.R.D
  25. That was me mimicking you
  26. Odd numbers don’t divide easily
  27. Your mom has been such an inspiration
  28. Your boring life motivated me
  29. I’m still better than your best version

Now, let’s get into the detailing without wasting much time.

I Never Asked You about Yourself

Anyone who refers to you as a freak is most likely trying to make fun of you because of your perceived social standing.

It is common for people to conclude you’re weird if you do not go about the normal way of doing things or even associating with people.

However, this comeback aims to turn the table on the person. This is done by telling the person that they’re telling you about themselves by saying you’re weird.

I’m Not Surprised That It Took Your Dumb Brain This Long to Notice

It would an obvious thing to notice if someone is weird. Their mode of speech and even movement will give them away.

You might be showing off these symptoms for some time and when someone tries to finger them out, you can use this comeback to make the person understand that they’re slow to notice something obvious.

This comeback turns out to be a mockery of the person’s slow observation.

I Prefer Not To Be Like Others

The others in this comeback include the person who calls you a weirdo. With this comeback, you’re trying to embrace yourself and whatever is authentic about it, without being wavered by people’s opinions.

I think you’re missing the Point, I’m Your Fan

We know how fans go the extra mile just to be like their idols or favorite celebs. The same setup could be playing out here.

At least, that’s what the comeback suggests. It means that since you’re a fan of the person who called you a weirdo, there’s a possibility he or she is also a weirdo as you could be imitating them. What a way to turn the tables against someone.

I Heard Normal Is Boring, so I Switched Things Up

Is normal boring? If you look at it intensively, it could be true. A normal person would always like to play things safely and regularly.

That’s not the case for a weirdo, who’s more of an adventurer, making them more fun. This comeback just states those facts.

Why Are You Surprised I Act So Much Like You?

Still in the mode of turning tables against someone who intends to make you fret or vex by calling you a weirdo.

In this comeback, you’re addressing the presumed attitude of being a weirdo as being also the attitude of the person who called you that.

Funny How You Still Stick Around

Are you still buddies with someone who calls you a weirdo? If so, you can use this comeback to floor the person for being friends with you even after calling you out for being a weirdo.

This explains one thing; the person is a hypocrite for condemning you for being a weirdo but still enjoys your company.

Thanks for the Compliment, That’s What Keeps You Alive

I’d personally say this comeback with the craziest of sinister looks on my face. It will certainly put the person in a confused state as they try to figure out how your attitude keeps them alive.

I’m Not Weird, Just Not Your Caliber

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Weirdo

I get that only those who feel you’re better than them, end up criticizing or saying bad things about you. If you share the same view as me, you can use this line to call such a person out and calibrate them accordingly.

I’ve always known we have something in Common

Lol… nobody loves being the scapegoat for any bad attribute. If you don’t want to bask in the pain all by yourself, you can add the person who called you a weirdo to the party by using this line.

That’s what Interesting People Are Called

As I mentioned before, those who are weird are interesting and worth studying. Their odd attitude is often accompanied by great talents and fun-filled moments.

You Wish You Were Half of Me

This line of comeback hints at jealousy as the reason why someone would call you a weirdo. The person is probably jealous of your adventurous mind and doesn’t know how else to call you out than using the term “weirdo”.

I Appreciate it; Besides Who Wants To Be Normal? No One!

With this line of a comeback, you’re showing gratitude for being called a weirdo, because it is sort of a compliment.

And you go ahead to ask a rhetorical question accompanied by an answer. The aim is to establish that you don’t want to be normal, hence boring.

What Other Nice Things Do You Want To Tell Me?

If you’re looking for how to piss off your oppressor without sounding condescending, all you have to do is to decimate the effect of their presumed bad remark. This line of comeback does it so well, by insinuating that being called a weirdo is a nice remark.

I’m Weird? Sadly, Only You Can See That

If only the person who calls you a weirdo is a person to notice you are one, it means that he or she is wrong.

This is because one person cannot create a thesis and pronounce it as a fact without having the approval of others.

Where Has Being Normal Gotten You?

The use of questions is another great tool for serving comebacks, especially rhetoric questions.

This line suggests that you’d prefer being weird as it has brought you good fortunes, as against being normal like the person who called you out.

I Think You Meant To Say “Different”. Please Don’t Tell Me You Wasted Your Parent’s Money in School

Most times, people mistake being different and reserved for being a weirdo. If that’s your case, you can write shame on the face of the person using this comeback which ridicules the person’s academic background.

Being Weird Is the New Fashion. I Guess You Didn’t Know because you’re Still Living in the 80S

I love it when I sound salty but classically, and that’s exactly what this line is all about.

It roasts the person who called you out by posing being weird as a new fashion and asserting that the person is probably old-fashioned which accounts for why they didn’t know.

I’m 101% Sure It Beats Being Normal

This line is a strong assertion. It is a good defense mechanism, used to defend the cause of being unusual.

Could You Please Tell Me Something Else I Never Knew?

A lot of people like me despise repetition. I don’t like it when someone is bent on telling me I am blonde even when I know. So I’ll usually use lines like this to reiterate my disgust, and you can use it for the same purpose.

I Got That. So What’s Your Lame Point?

It is insensitive to call out someone for being a weirdo when you can’t do absolutely anything about it. When next you face such a negative remark, you should employ this line and make the person shut their mouth.

Don’t Be Afraid To Embrace Your Weirdness

And here we are, giving free motivation to someone who intends to make us upset about our presumed bad attitude. What a way to signal that you care less about what the person says about you.

I’m Convinced It Takes One to Know One

Just like it takes one genius to know another, it also takes one weirdo to know another weirdo. You can use this line to show the person that there’s nothing different between you two if they think being weird is bad.

You Know So Much About Me. Sometimes I Wonder if You Knew Anything About Yourself

This comeback is for the gossipers in the house. These set of people transport stories of others that you wonder if they know much about themselves. Employing this line is a good move to throw shades at the person who calls you a weirdo.

I Don’t Remember Asking For Your Views

Specially made for the poker-nose gang, this comeback is a good tool for making someone to be quiet after trying to get you worked up over their remarks about you.

You’re Normal and Still Broke…Double Loss

I can’t imagine being in a situation where I’m broke even in the social status that I thought is the best. I’d rather switch parties and become a weirdo with money than a normal person with debts piled up.

It Beats Being You 10X

If you think that only those who are perceived normal have a bragging right, then you’re wrong. As you’re tagged a weirdo, you also have some bragging rights and you can exercise them using this line of a comeback.

You Say That as if It Is as Bad as Your Breathe

Have you thought of a better way to tell the speaker that they have bad breath? If not, why hesitate from using this line to serve them a nice savage response?

Don’t Just Get Jealous, You Can Join the Club

The floor is always open for those who want to become weird and interesting like you are. This comeback aims to encourage whoever it is that called you a weirdo, that they should take action while there’s still time.

I Know I Am. What Are You, Dummy?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Weirdo

At some point, denying whatever tag someone places on you is futile. All you have to do in this instance is to embrace the tag and then turn the tables against them almost immediately. This line performs this function effectively.

We Are All Weird, Just That My Breed Is Better Than Yours

Is everybody weird? While this is a really strong assertion, there’s a chance that it is obtainable. Well, the main crux is realizing that this is nothing but a defense statement that also devalues the person who calls you a weirdo.

You Think You Know Too Much, Sadly the Reverse Is the Case

There’s this group of people who think they know quite a lot about people, and they go about making assumptions and dropping unfunny remarks about them. If you notice that the person who tagged you as a weirdo is part of this divide, you can make the peasant thinkers with this line of a comeback.

Do you Think You Can Study Me? Wait till You Never Graduate

This right here is not a threat; it is an assurance that the person who tagged you a weirdo will never complete their study of your life.

Now You Know Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Me

Here is the line that sounds like a threat, but we’re not hurting anyone. This is just a mechanism to scare off the person who calls you a weirdo from doing that again.

Your Face Spells W.E.I.R.D

If the face of the person who calls you weird spells out the word, it only means that he or she is as ugly as they think being a weirdo is. You have to put it to them and watch how the person shrinks their face.

That Was Me Mimicking You

If you’re looking for a better way of shading the person who calls you a weirdo, without sounding derogatory, you can use this line of a comeback.

Odd Numbers Don’t Divide Easily

Anyone who is a weirdo is considered an odd person. Suffix it to say that a person is figuratively an odd number. Surprisingly, odd numbers are hard to break down and this metaphorically means that a weird person is somewhat resilient in their endeavors.

Your Mom Has Been Such an Inspiration

Now we’re taking the roasting to the home of the person who calls you a weirdo. This line will surely pain the person, but you don’t have to feel remorseful because you just served him or her using their recipe.

Your Boring Life Motivated Me

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Weirdo

This comeback hits massively on the life of the person who calls you a weirdo. It asserts that the person’s life is boring which motivated him to try out something different, hence your status as a weird and interesting person.

I’m Still Better than Your Best Version

Who beats another person’s best version even at their worst? That would be those called weirdos. Other people believe the life of a weird person is uneventful until they find out how adventurous it is.

You can rub it in on the person who tags you a weirdo that you are still better than their best form.


Just like the saying goes… “normal is boring”; a weird person’s way of life creates inquisition in the minds of people. Because of this awesome but odd lifestyle, people tend to stereotype weirdos.

You don’t have to feel bad if you find yourself in this category of odd folks, because all you need to stand up for yourself is the right set of words.

This article features a long list of comebacks that you can strap up within the circumstance when someone calls you a weirdo.

This way, you can go about your daily life without fear of being canceled because you’d always have a savage response to serve.

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