20 Comebacks When Someone Calls You Cringe

When someone calls you cringe, it usually means that you’re so embarrassing, awkward, or clumsy. Either you really are clumsy or not, nobody has the right to make you feel low.

When someone calls you cringy, don’t feel downcast, rather reply sharply with one of these amazing comebacks;

“Must You Say Everything That Passes Through..”

A very good comeback is to say, “must you say everything that passes through that dirty mind of yours”.

You can also modify it and say, “Did you know it’s not a crime to have a thought and not say it out” you can add any other alterations, just to spice it up.

“Talk To The Hand”

This was one comeback that reigned at one time, and it still hasn’t lost its savor. You can just say, “talk to the hand” when someone calls you cringy, or any other form of insult.

You should lift your hand up to the face of the person as if he should really talk to the hand.

It’s a very good comeback and can be used anytime, by anyone. Although saying it to someone older than you or your superior is very rude, it’s better to say it to your age mates and friends.

“I’ve Heard Worse By Better”

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Cringe

Another good response is to say, “I’ve heard worse by better” for easier comprehension, you can say, “I’ve been called worse by better” this means that the person is so low that he’s not even qualified to call you names. It’s a way of downgrading a person.

It’s another way of saying, you’re not in my class, and you’re so far below my class that you shouldn’t even be calling me names.

The beautiful thing about this insult is that it looks like you’re downgrading yourself, because you’re saying you’ve been called worse, but at the same time, you’re insulting the person.

“It’s Called Eccentric, But It’s Obvious You…”

If someone says something like, “you’re just so cringy” you can reply sharply with, “most people call it eccentric, but you obviously don’t have that in your vocabulary”

To be eccentric means to be unusual, or act in a strange way, it can be used as a synonym for cringe. It’s a good way to come back by insulting the intellectual capacity of the person.

“Takes One To Know One”

A common comeback is to say, “you’d know a lot about being cringy, won’t you? Then shrug like you don’t care and say, “well, you know what they usually say, it takes one to know one.”

You’re just saying, if he calls you cringy, then he must also be cringy since only a cringy person can identify another cringy person.

“I Didn’t Order For Your Opinion”

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Cringe

A good response is to also say, “you know, I didn’t order for your opinion” or “I don’t remember ordering for a glass of your opinion”. it’s a better way of saying shut up, I don’t care what you think.

Give a blank stare then say, ” me neither”. It would be really touching if it was said in a place like a bar, restaurant or any place where you have to order something, nevertheless, you can use it anywhere.

“To Be Number One…”

Another good comeback is to say, “to be number one, you have to be odd”. It’s a very good one if you’re actually the cringy-clumsy type. Say it with an air of confidence and with class, it adds more effect to it.

It’s an effective response as, first you’re saying you’re different, but that doesn’t make you less better than others, rather it makes you outstanding.

On the other hand, it’s also saying that since the other person is an “even” by implication, he will just be among the crowd and below you.

“You’d Have Looked Very Pretty”

Here’s one good comeback for someone who is saucy and frequently insults you, “you’d have looked very pretty, if it wasn’t for that hole on your face, that you call a mouth” it’s quite humorous yet gives the peppery sting.

Instead of pretty, you can say, beautiful or any other complimentary words. And instead of saying “hole in your face,” you can as well say, “do you mean the leaking tap you call a mouth?”

You can also say, “maybe you should eat some of that makeup, so at least you’ll be pretty on the inside” this is a perfect comeback for your girlfriends, especially one that loves putting on makeup, but you can also say it to your male friends.

“When Was The Last Time You Kept Quiet?”

Another good response is to say, “when was the last time you kept quiet for ten seconds? I can’t remember!” Raise your brow and really look like you’re concerned. It just means that that person is a blabbermouth.

The words of someone who talks a lot don’t hold much value. Also, it shifts the point of accusation from you being cringy, to him/her being talkative.

“You Must Be So Dull…”

If someone calls you cringy, you can reply with, “you must be so dull if you’re just noticing” accepting the point of insult sometimes can help with a comeback.

Although you’re fully accepting that you’re cringy, the limelight is no longer on you being cringy or not, but on the fact that he’s so dull, he even took that long for him/her to notice. You can as well change it to, “are you that dumb that you’re just noticing?”

“Spell It.”

If you’re a group of friends together, this comeback is really perfect, just say, “spell it” or “spell cringy” immediately the person calls you cringy (or whatever other names he/she calls you) with a straight face and sharply reply with this. It’s quite a funny but good comeback.

If you say it so quickly and sharply, the person might just be too confused to reply immediately, it would then look as if the person is really so dumb he can’t spell ‘cringy’.

“We Both Have This in Common”

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Cringe

Another good reply for being called cringy is to say, “awwwnnn, I guess we both have this in common.” You can say this in a cute little way, or with a straight serious face. There are quite a number of popular modifications to this one, like;

“Didn’t know we have something in common”

“That’s one thing we have in common”

“No wonder we repel, we’re both alike in that area” (remember the rule of like poles repel)

“So we’re more alike than I thought”

Or, “that makes two of us”

The main point is that you’re trying to say, you’re both alike, which means the person is also cringy.

“I Would Have Loved To Agree With You…”

If someone calls you cringy, (it also goes for any other abusive words or names you were called), you can reply with, “you know, I would have loved to agree with you, but I don’t like to lie” or “I would have agreed with you, but I don’t like to be wrong”.

This comeback is a subtle way of nullifying the insult. You’re simply saying, you’re wrong, I’m not cringy.

“Take A Day Off”

If someone says you’re cringy, you can respond with, “you know, if you take one day off from being such a fool, it won’t hurt” or “you’ve had your whole life to be an idiot/stupid/fool/jerk, why not take today off” its humorous and still stings, good for a comeback in any situation.

It doesn’t have any underlying meaning, because you’ve directly insulted the person (big time). You did not just insult the person in his/her present state, but the person’s whole life.

“Speak Louder”

One good comeback when someone calls you useless, is to behave like you didn’t hear the person well and say, “sorry, please, can you speak louder, I have a hard time listening to haters” or “sorry, please can you say that again, I couldn’t hear you over your hatred”.

You can as well say, “please, can you say that again, I couldn’t hear you over your ugly, fat face.”

Also, one good response is to just keep asking the person to repeat it, even though you heard the person loud and clear.

In this case, you have to pretend as if you really didn’t hear, so the person keeps repeating it, until he realizes that you’ve actually been hearing him. For example;

“You’re too cringy”

Bend your ear forward like you didn’t hear and say, “ehhh, what did you say”

“I said you’re too cringy”

Repeat the same thing, “sorry I didn’t get you” eventually, the person might get angry and shout it very loud, but still pretend like you didn’t hear and ask him to repeat it again, then the person realizes that you’ve been hearing all along and walks out in anger. It’s a good way to frustrate someone.

“Did You Hear That?”

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Cringe

Another good response is to say, “did you hear that” like there was actually a faint sound you heard, then the person keeps quiet and everywhere becomes silent, then say, “that’s the sound of me not caring about whatever you say” this is a very good comeback, as it let the person know that you don’t care.

“Apologize To The Tree”

If someone calls you cringy, one nice comeback is to reply by saying, “you know somewhere out there is a good old tree, doing all it can to produce oxygen, so you don’t die off,” you can pause for effect and say, “I think you need to go and apologize to that tree”.

It’s a funny one, but very stingy because you just insulted the person’s whole existence.

“I’ll Have Called You Stupid…”

If someone calls you cringy, look the person seriously in the face and reply with, “I’ll have called you stupid, but even that would have been a compliment” or “I would have called you a fool, but I would have been complimenting you”.

Yet another one is to say, “you better hope the world’s biggest idiot doesn’t die, cause you’re next in line” or, “you’re not the biggest fool, but you better hope he doesn’t die”.

With this comeback, you have already subtly said the insult and it doesn’t even sound like an insult.

“The Real Hero is…”

Another effective comeback is to reply with, “you know the real heroes are those who have to deal with you every day” or “the real heroes, are those you live with.

Imean living with the world’s biggest fool isn’t an easy task” or “the real heroes are your relatives, how can they live with the knowledge that they’re related to the world’s biggest fool”.

“I Got A Call From Your Village”

One good comeback is to reply with, “I got a call from your village, they’re missing their village idiot” or “I got a call from your family, they’re missing their idiot” or “I got a call from the zoo, they’ll be coming to put you back in your cage”.

It’s just an indirect way of calling the person an idiot.


The beautiful thing about all these comebacks is that you can use it for any insult or retort, and at any time. Ensure not to be defenseless by having any of these comebacks at hand.

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