20 Comebacks When Someone Calls You Obsessed

There’s this undeniable urge within each of us, to say something back (well not entirely hurtful) when someone tries to pick at us.

You might try well enough to hide it or suppress the feeling but it somehow tries to get out there. This feeling is the same gut feeling you get when someone attempts to floor you by calling you obsessed.

We know the stigma on those tagged “obsessed” because the caution is as if they’re possessed.

When someone is obsessed with something, he or she puts enough effort to become painstakingly good at the activity.

But this doesn’t allow pan out well for them as there are always spoilers around to deject you.

Well, all of that doesn’t matter now, does it? Because you’ve set out to find yourself the best of comebacks when someone calls you obsessed.

I must commend your choice of sources because you just landed in a comeback goldmine. I will be serving you the best comebacks when someone labels you obsessed.

20 Best Comebacks When Someone Calls You Obsessed

The following statements and lines below are my cheeseburger piece of comebacks to be kept on standby and ready when someone calls you obsessed.

You can choose your favorite or might want to double up with two or more comebacks at a time.

  1. Obsessed; like you’re obsessed with being insensitive?
  2. Is that you being embittered because you’re lazy?
  3. I’m obsessed, yeah? What now?
  4. If being focused means I’m obsessed, I rather stick to that
  5. You won’t melt away if you were an ounce nicer
  6. Don’t tell me your wretchedness is stirring your mind
  7. Can you do me a favor and keep your lips together?
  8. I am obsessed. What are you? Stupid!
  9. We’ve always been differently bad. Sadly, you’re particularly worse
  10. I heard that’s what dumb folks call ambitious ones
  11. I could be obsessed, but I bet your wife is too fat that you need obsession to stick to her
  12. If you have a problem with that, indicate by wanking your dry butt
  13. I’ve not heard a more appealing complement in a while
  14. I never knew your dumb brain could process “obsession”. Kudos!
  15. I could’ve given you a ticket out of poverty, but you don’t like an obsession
  16. There are two polarities in this case; what I think matters while other people’s opinions don’t
  17. If you’re insinuating that obsession is a weakness, know it is stronger than your biggest strength
  18. Your kids will need that to continue calling you parent because you’re so disgusting
  19. Someone mentioned how insensitive you were. You just gave me more reason never to doubt facts about you
  20. It is cool how I leave an impression on you. Sadly, you can’t even leave an impression on your dog

Without much ado, let’s get right into the meat of this comeback sauce.

Obsessed; like you’re obsessed with being Insensitive?

I’d like to define myself as a comeback smith if at all there is something like that. While your favorite thought might tell you that comebacks are meant to only rub salt in the wound, it is different in my world.

Someone calling you obsessed over your immense love for being excellent thinks they’re right until you prove they’re not.

You have the job to explain to this person that only an insensitive brain would mistake keen interest and love for excellence for obsession.

Now, it is not enough to only have this job description up in your head. You have to voice it out and guess what line goes well? Of course, the line above is the right one.

Is that you being embittered because you’re Lazy?

It is not without denial that a couple of lazy guys feel belittled and useless around smart ones. So when you’re too smart to be true, you become an obsessed fellow to them.

But that shouldn’t bother you, since we know it is coming from someone as lazy as a young piglet. You can use this question to query their conviction about themselves.

I’m Obsessed, Yeah? What Now?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Obsessed

There’s this thing about comebacks and I’ll like to teach you that. It is pointless trying to be in the denial each time with whoever you want to get back at.

Sometimes you just have to feign agreement with them to point out how stupid their talks and ideas are.

The main aim could be to piss you off with that, but with your line, you’ll have them cracking their skulls on how to escape the tight corner you just put them in.

If Being Focused Means I’m Obsessed, I Rather Stick to That

Some years ago, I got so attached and focused on a lot of out-of-body stories and theories. It got so interesting for me that it started reflecting on everything I do and I’m not going to lie about the outcomes.

I got a couple of backlash messages and comments from those who knew my religious background but it didn’t stop me.

I could remember someone calling me obsessed back then and I felt the sting in my heart. But I asked the person what other meaningful thing they have their attention on after my lifestyle.

It was a dead-on line and the dude had to evaporate. This line gives you that voice to proclaim love for yourself and your attitude.

You Won’t Melt Away if You Were an Ounce Nicer

Do you find it cool when someone calls you obsessed? I don’t. It is not very nice for someone to call you obsessed. Instead of accepting such lowly anticipated tags, you can choose to shun whoever threw them at you.

My tactic of doing this does not always come from a condescending angle. So I’ll prescribe this line to you because it is cool and.

Using this line on anyone who calls you obsessed will make them literally “melt away”. After all, you’re simply advising them while reminding them they’re not nice.

Don’t Tell Me Your Wretchedness Is Stirring Your Mind

Some people are awful-minded. They will and can say just about anything to get under your skin. When someone calls you obsessed, it may not be far from the truth that they want to upset you against all odds.

But you can turn the tables right on them and make them pay with their shameless and pale-looking faces. This line makes perfect entrance if you use it in public to address anyone who calls you obsessed.

Can You Do Me a Favor and Keep Your Lips Together?

I usually see those who make silly comments as a nuisance. They’re not only a nuisance to your peaceful hearing but also to your mental health.

If you don’t checkmate them, they could make your mental state unbearable. You can use this line and make sure the person STFU.

I Am Obsessed. What Are You? Stupid!

Right on another piece of line that captures faux acceptance that you’re obsessed. But this time around, you’re trying to find out what the person who called you obsessed is.

The question in this line is kind of rhetorical because the unfortunate receiver will be mentally displaced to reply to that.

We’ve always been differently bad. Sadly, you’re particularly worse

Emotional damage couldn’t be done in a better way than this. With this line, you’ll be able to achieve the coveted idea of making the person who called you obsessed feel pain like you did.

It costs you nothing to unleash it than the facial expression and audibleness to make sure everyone in the room hears it.

I Heard that’s What Dumb Folks Call Ambitious Ones

Arguably, when you’re ambitious you might trespass into something more serious and promising. That’s the point where people tag you “too ambitious”, and also the dreaded period when someone might call you obsessed.

If I’m to tell you anything, it will be to never take it to heart. The second tip will be to launch your comeback with the most advanced rockets.

The rockets here are my lines and this right here is good. I bet the speaker will leave their mouth open in disbelief after hearing that.

I Could Be Obsessed, but I Bet Your Wife Is Too Fat That You Need Obsession to Stick To Her

Wow! At this point and rate of being a comeback-smith, a 5-man committee should be enacted to study my superpower.

I took this line a step further from the place we dwell to the place where the speaker has their most comfort… We took it HOME

You’re asserting that your obsession is a blessing and the speaker who is essentially a man would need some of these blessings to keep going home to his wife who is allegedly fat. If the information is true, just know you broke a man down.

 If You Have a Problem with That, Indicate by Wanking Your Dry Butt

Who would’ve thought I‘d retire from serving people with their comeback problem? None! Therefore, this line right now is fresh out of the kitchen to taunt the guts of whoever it is that called you obsessed.

I’ve not heard a More Appealing Compliment in a While

Sarcasm still has its place in my box of comeback tools. Although I use it sparingly when I do it is always a subtle magic.

The speaker would be too perplexed to hear you regard their supposed bad remark as a compliment. They’ll be screaming “WHO DOES THAT?” in their dreams.

I Never Knew Your Dumb Brain Could Process “Obsession”. Kudos!

Here we go with the play on intellect. How this line started with a savage and ended with a compliment and encouragement is a fine work of art.

You’re simply expressing your delight to hear the speaker say obsessed…because it sounds like someone is stretching their dull brain.

I could’ve given you a Ticket Out of Poverty, but You Don’t Like Obsession

Now you’re implying that the person’s disgust over obsession denies them the opportunity to get out of debt. I know right this moment, your good side is begging you to just help their fellow out of the streets but peace was never the option when he decided to shade you.

There Are Two Polarities in This Case; What I Think Matters While Other People’s Opinions Don’t

Who cares what people say? Maybe dumb people do, but you’re not dumb and you shouldn’t care more. You’ll have to use this line to reinstate your negligence to whatever awful comment people say or think about you.

If you’re Insinuating That Obsession Is a Weakness, Just Know It Is Stronger than Your Biggest Strength

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Obsessed

For those who don’t know, obsession is a great force and strength to reckon with. When harnessed and positively cultivated, an obsessed person can work wonders.

When someone who doesn’t know about this calls you obsessed as an attempt to deject you, you have to stand tall with this line of a comeback.

Your Kids Will Need That To Continue Calling You Parent because you’re So Disgusting

Kids normally need just love and care for you to keep being their parent. But when they now need obsession to remind themselves that you’re their parent, then things are not adding up. It means things are off and not so great.

You can use this line to dissipate any form of tantrum that is accompanied by being called obsessed.

Someone Mentioned How Insensitive You Were. You Just Gave Me More Reason to Never Doubt Facts About You

Life is in circles and before you counter that, I am not saying that as a quote from a book. I’ve seen it myself.

A lot of people that talk derogatorily about others also have their names and lifestyle being butchered, dissected, and heavily criticized negatively by others.

So, you can say this line to anyone who calls you obsessed as a comeback. The person in question may try to now get information from you on who tainted them behind their backs. But that’s not going to happen because you won’t be negotiating with a rebel.

It Is Cool How I Leave an Impression on You. Sadly, You Can’t Even Leave an Impression on Your Dog

The damage you will do with this line of comeback is going to be heavy, especially if the person is an avid dog lover.

You’re trying to scale the level of creating impressions and making them remarkable and you assert that the person doesn’t even leave an impression on his or her dog.

On the other hand, you leave so much impression on the person that they have studied your life to the extent of labeling you an obsessed person.


If leaving people perplexed with comebacks were to be a college study, I’d major in that because I’m as good at it as I’m good with breathing.

This post focuses on comebacks for when someone calls you obsessed. To satisfy your curiosity, I served you the best 20 comebacks for such a person.

However, you might want to examine your situation before you employ any of these comebacks to avoid heavy backlash or further arguments. I hope you don’t mind hitting the share button and dropping comments. That will be of help.

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