30 Comebacks When Someone Calls You Pick Me

Naming you a pick me implies quite a number of things. But practically, you should make sure that it shouldn’t be as a result of a selfish reason or to look praiseworthy in the eyes of the opposite gender.

However, you should always show up with boldness and confidence. When a lady feels vulnerable because she is of feminine gender, you should make her understand her abilities better and let her know that in the 21st century, a lady is industrious.

As you show strength, don’t forget to create room for other ladies’ weaknesses. In this article, you will get ideas from 30 different comebacks when someone calls you a pick-me.

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30 Pick Me Comebacks

Truth is, you must not totally agree with your gender, especially when there is a loophole somewhere or they simply want to remain vulnerable and not step up because they are gender sensitive.

Your remark to someone who calls you a pick me can be, “I get so tired of meaningless dramas from ladies like you, so I will stay at home instead” or “Everyone has their choice.

And I will choose beer over soft drinks any day.” As much as you want to show strength, don’t forget that there are different personality types. Other pick me comebacks includes;

Call Me Whatever. Your Stupid Idea Doesn’t Move Me One Inch

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

When someone calls you a pick me, there is a tendency that they find your idea too extreme. Maybe a typical lady that feels vulnerable will not have said what you said.

And in this case, if they try to counter your idea with theirs, which you may not be interested in, they can call you to pick me. Your remark to that can be, “Call me whatever. Your stupid idea doesn’t move me one inch.”

Only Ladies Like You Would Exaggerate About Something As Insignificant As A Weakling

To be honest, some ladies are extremely irritating. They act like being a female is the lowest state of strength. In most cases, such ladies attribute almost every task to their male counterparts.

And if you begin to do certain things that they feel only the masculine gender should do, they will call you a pick me. If that happens, your comment should be, “Only ladies like you would exaggerate on such trivial matters as this.”

In All Seriousness, I Wish Some Ladies Could Dress Better Than A Typical Pangolin

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

In order to set your standards right and disagree with popular opinion, you can speak ill of a lady’s immoral dressing. In most cases, if a lady is around that scene, she may say, “Can’t you support your gender for once?

You are a pick me.” It is normal to get such a reaction. But if that happens, you should give that person a direct response as to why you spoke ill of the lady’s appearance.

Because I Speak The Truth, I Expect Enemies Like You

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

It is true that most people don’t want to say the truth, nor do they want others to spill it out. Anyways, if you get a reward for a new name, “pick me”, as compensation for saying the truth, you shouldn’t be surprised, because saying the truth will more likely attract a hater.

You Are No Different From A Howler Monkey. How Do You Think I Will Cope With You?

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

The rate at which some women create noise can be so disturbing. And not every lady can bear that.

It’s possible that you’re one of those ladies who finds noise intolerable. If you try to withdraw yourself from someone who makes unpleasant noises all the time, they can tag you as a pick me.

When that happens, ask the person who called you how they expect you to cope with so much noise.

I Don’t Do Girls. Moreover, A Straightforward Person Like Me Owes You No Explanation

There is a level of composure you may display that is way above the nominal lady’s behavior. When you put up this attitude, someone may say you are proud. Someone else might think you’re a lesbian.

When you get to know about these comments, you should clear the air and tell them that you don’t do girls.

I Get So Tired Of Meaningless Dramas From Ladies Like You, So I Will Stay At Home Instead

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

In order to carefully pull out from the midst of childish dramas, you can withdraw and stay alone at home or from social media for some time.

During this period, your older friends may feel you have a hidden reason for staying away from them. Don’t be surprised if they refer to you as “pick me.”

What you should do first is to tell them that you didn’t miss their engagements intentionally; you simply couldn’t put up with their dramas, so you stayed back.

It Is Obvious That I’m Not Like You. So, I’ll Simply Keep My Cool

When an argument turns sour, you may quickly make some drastic decisions. Maybe to leave someone or apologize and get better.

But in a scenario where the other party involved is always comparing, like calling you a pick me and stating he or she would have done things in a feminine or better way.

You can simply let them know that they don’t match up with you. So, you’ll simply keep your cool.

I’d Rather Have A Cool Gathering In The Camp Than Hang Out With People Who Cry All Day, Like Chicks

Ladies can get so emotional. In fact, it seems to be contagious among friends sometimes. Like in a scene where one gets hurt, the others may begin to cry along with her as they console her.

If you realize that this is what happens a lot in ladies’ gatherings, you can decide not to attend, and at that point, you may be called a pick me. You can tell the person who called you that you do not want to join the people who cry all day like chicks.

I Can’t Continue The Pink Party My Whole Life. So, Happy Celebration

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

It seems the picture of Cinderella never does in the hearts of some girls. So, when they want to organize parties, they may not welcome certain innovations that are not cinderella-like.

When something like that happens, they want to wear pink, have dollhouses at the party, and do everything else that you find childishly annoying. Voicing out your dissatisfaction in that scene may cause someone to call you a pick me.

When You Get Your Romantic Partners Through Casual Hook-ups, Why Do You Accuse Me Of Flirting With Your Boyfriend?

Maybe a girl suspects that something is going on between you and her boyfriend. Even though you may be innocent of her accusation, you ought to make things clear and not sweep things under the carpet like they don’t exist.

In that case, you can give her a striking remark, like, “When you get your romantic partner through casual hook-ups, why do you accuse me of flirting with your boyfriend?”

Thanks For Your Demented Observation, But How On Earth Does My Choice Of Dress Concern You?

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

As a lady, if you constantly dress like a guy, all eyes may be on you. Apart from that, expect someone to call you and pick me up one day. It is understandable if that is your style or most preferred fashion, but others may find it boring or too manly.

If someone calls you pick me and explains their reasons, you can seek to know further by saying, “Thanks for your demented observation, but how on earth does my choice of dress concern you?”

Everybody Has A Choice. I Will Choose Beer Over Soft Drinks Any Day

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

It is not a crime to prefer beer over soft drinks. But when this happens, expect someone to call you a pick me.

However, this could be why you’re referred to as a pick me, because most ladies do not act like you. On the other hand, since it has to do with your choice, you can openly say this response.

Your Idea Is Crappy. Make-up or no makeup, I Look Beautiful

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

Some guys may not have reservations about makeovers, but a lot of guys like to say things like, “Must a lady wear make-up?”

If you try to side with the guys in a gathering, insisting that you will not make plans to get a make-up artist for your upcoming party, someone may call you a pick me, especially one of your female friends.

When someone says such, you can comment, “Your idea is crappy. Make-up or no makeup, I look beautiful.”

It Doesn’t Matter What You Say, Getting The Most Costly Hair Isn’t So Important Now

At a point when it becomes obvious that you are supporting the renowned notion among guys that there is no need to get hair since it is too costly.

Other ladies who are interested in the conversation, or even someone else, may refer to you as a pick me to express their displeasure.

On your part, you might not have said that because you are in support of the guys, but if they insist, tell them you simply feel getting expensive hair is not so important at the moment.

You Can Call Me Whatever You Want, But I’m Not Stupid Enough To Wear Heels Over Boots

When you begin to wear men’s boots all the time, someone may try to signal you indirectly to wear more “girly footwear”. But since you prefer a certain kind of boot, you may continue regardless.

And at that point, they may begin to call you a pick me. In a scene like that, your comment should not be so cool. Tell them that you are not so stupid to wear heels over boots. Moreover, it’s your choice.

I Pity You; You Keep Feeling Tired, But I Am Not

This remark is most appropriate when someone calls you a pick me because they are tired when you are not. It could be that you have been biking or performing a sports activity with that person and you always claim not to be exhausted when others are.

As a result of this, they may call you a pick me. Your response to that should be, “keep feeling  drained, but I am still as strong as ever.”

Where’s The Fun In Telenovelas? Tell Me!

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

Telenovelas are usually referred to as a “ladies’ thing”. But, after being called a pick me for saying that, if you truly don’t enjoy telenovelas, you can comment, “Where’s the fun in telenovelas?”

A Football Match Is Not For  Like You Who Isn’t Lively And Energetic

After you’ve hyped football and its players with the guys, someone may try to refute your claims that football isn’t as nice as you’ve described.

They can say that you are only a pick me and nothing more. On hearing this, you shouldn’t find a word to express yourself.

After The Promiscuous Attitude That Lady Displayed, Do You Expect Me To Clap Like You, Zombie?

You will have conflicts where you say you don’t support your fellow gender and for that reason, you are referred to as a pick me.

You can give a direct response by saying, “After the promiscuous attitude that Lady displayed, do you expect me to clap like you, Zombie?”

For Me, This Sneak Is The Best Combination For My Dinner Gown

It is possible that someone calls you a pick me because you always look creepy. It gets worse when you decide to put on a dinner gown with a pair of sneakers.

You can defend your choice by saying that it is the best combination for your dinner gown.

You Can Call Me A Flirt All You Want. I Enjoy Hanging Out With The Guys, But I Don’t End Up In Their Beds Like You Do

Someone can call you a pick me because they feel that you are a flirt. In that case, clear the air and plainly say, “You can call me a flirt all you want. I enjoy hanging out with the guys, but I don’t end up in their beds as you do.”

Unlike You Sloth, I Am Not Tired. I Can Hike For 7 More Kilometres

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

Your show of vigor could be the reason why someone calls you a pick me. If they always get tired during or after training, you can ignore the names they call you and not act too pessimistic by saying, “Unlike you sloth, I am not tired. I can hike for 7 more kilometers” to show more strength.

See, He Also Thinks My Idea Is Cool, Unlike You Typical Awkward Girls

If you share an idea that seems masculine in face value, the guy (s) present may accept your idea, while the feminist may disagree and further call you a pick me. If that happens, loudly affirm the guy’s affirmation.

Say, “See, he also thinks my idea is cool, unlike you typical awkward girls.”

It Is Obvious That I Am Tougher Than You

When someone who is jealous calls you, pick me. It shows that they are scared that you are tougher than they are.

In that case, they are jealous that you show more strength than they do, and this attracts praise from the opposite sex. In that case, tell them that it is unfortunate they can’t hide their weakness.

There Are Millions Of Better Alternatives To Cheerleading

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

Cheerleading in most cases is a girly activity. And if you suggest as a committee member that something more fun or full of surprises should be introduced rather than the ‘girly’ cheerleading, it may cause issues, and that could be the reason why someone calls you a pick me.

If that happens, you can say, “There are millions of better ideas in place of cheerleading” before you excuse yourself from the meeting.

I Salute You, Ms. Investigator. I Simply Wanted To Have Those Memories And Nothing More

Make sure not to fall into those emotional traps that people set for others. And if someone calls you a pick me because they suspect that something is going on between you and your partner because you are having some time together or you took pictures together, simply say, “I salute you, Ms. Investigator. I simply wanted to have those memories and nothing more.” to that person.

Why So Much Panic? Stop Being Extremely Girlish

Comeback When Someone Calls You Pick Me

The nominal girl will drag a minor issue as if it were a major one, and if you find it strange and decide to tell them to stop being so girlish, they may label you a pick me.

I Am Surprised That A Glutton Like You Still Waits For The Driver To Pick Up Your Luggage

Sometimes you wonder if both ladies and guys are humans or not. Considering the manner in which some ladies push so much responsibility onto guys, including picking their luggage because they are males, you may be called a pick me after talking about this, but don’t hesitate to say the truth as it is to empower a change.

Consider This, Dummy: Instead Of Lifeless, Boring Toys, We Can Have Fun Playing PS

During your sporting activities as a lady, you may suggest that the whole team try playing PS for once. But since they consider it a manly thing, they may call you a pick me.

Your remark regarding that should be, “Consider this, dummy: instead of lifeless, boring toys, we can have fun playing PS.”


Because typical girly behavior can be so annoying in the twenty-first century, a pick me is not necessarily a bad name. Recently, a girl can pick a career from a seemingly “male” vocation and she’ll do so well in it.

This is not to say that the ‘Pick Me’ behavior is completely acceptable because causing such a stir between same-genders is not the right thing to do. So, there is a need to strike a chord between both. I hope you found this article helpful.

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