30 Comebacks For When Someone Says You Have No Friends

If someone should tell you that you don’t have any friends, it is expected that you find the statement hurtful. There are various ways you can express how that statement made you feel while making the person feel bad about saying such.

The case is even worse when you feel you do have friends, but not as many compared to others. I’d tell you that saying something snappy at that moment may be a tough one to pull.

Comebacks For When Someone Says You Have No Friends

But if you get yourself familiar with some classic comeback statements, you’d be able to flaunt confidence whenever such hurtful words are said to you.

The best comebacks for when someone says you have no friends will make you look less bothered instead of making you feel like not good enough.

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30 Best Comebacks When Someone Says You Don’t Have Any Friends

When people tell you that you have no friends, they are expecting you to feel like you’re missing out on something. Thankfully, here are 30 different things to say when someone tells you that you don’t have any friends.

Saying any of this to them will make you feel better and more confident as opposed to their expectation of your reaction.

1. Having no friends is better than being fake friends with you.

If the impression behind the person saying that to you was meant to emphasize how lonely you are, then you turn things around by making the person believe that you’d rather stay without having friends than have someone like him or her.

You can see that the comeback makes the insult more about the person than you. That’s fantastic.

2. I do, only you would not know them because they would not associate with someone like you.

They say ignorance is bliss. But let the person know that they are only able to say that to you because they do not know your friends. Don’t end there. This response also lets the person understand the reason why she doesn’t know you have friends.

3. That’s a plus for me because I don’t get to deal with people like you.

It could be that the person has said that to you because they want you to feel you are missing out for not having someone like them as friends. Bullshit that idea and let them know you find no value in building bridges that lead to people like them.

4. Yeah, you are fluent in lies

If you can pass a message that the person knows nothing other than to tell lies, then it would be easily interpreted by others that what they are saying about you not having friends is also a lie among other lies the person is fond of telling. Even if it is true, this is just an easy way of remarking less about you.

5. Oops! I just found your nose in my business. You better take care of it, dear.

This is another lighthearted way to impressively treat someone who tries to tell you that you don’t have friends.

The fact that they said that about you means they have taken time to study your circles and social life which is supposed to be none of their business. Pick your response from this angle.

6. And that’s why nobody likes you.

If you want to admit that the person is right about you not having friends, you don’t have to do it nicely since the person did not nicely tell you too.

So, while admitting that you have no friends, point out that it is for this reason that the person also wards off relationships due to the ugly remarks they give about people.

7. No I do, you are just not one of them.

They might have just said that out of bitterness, hoping you’d feel bad about yourself. How about you make them realize (true or not) that you do have friends, but they are not among your friends? So it is forgivable that they assume wrongly. That’s a checkmate there.

8. At least I have an excuse, your just an a*shole.

Use the situation that led to the person saying you don’t have friends to leverage your comeback.

By this, compare your situation to theirs and make theirs look grave. By giving this response, the person is made to believe that they have bigger problems to worry about.

9. Friends like you, I’ll pass

Agree or not, people like validation. From their point of view, it is likely that they mean you don’t have friends like them.

You can take advantage of this and make them know you don’t admire having people like them around as opposed to what they may be expecting from you.

10. I choose my friends, and you’re not one of them

Another way you can drive a superb comeback is to absorb the perceived insult and reiterate why it may seem to them like you don’t have friends.

You are not only telling them that the friends you have are your decision to make, but you are also hammering the message that they are not part of the people you’d choose.

11. It’s time I made new ones

If the person you said this was part of your friend at the time he or she made the statement, you can threaten your relationship with the person and say that you want to make new ones.

What this will be interpreted as is that you have seen the advice from the remark they made, but that advice is to do away with them.

12. Judge me when you are perfect

Nobody is perfect. Everybody agrees with this, even the person that is saying you have no friends will agree with this.

Why not use this point of agreement to drive a comeback? Chances are they won’t have anything to say because they’d want to agree to disagree. It puts them in a tough position to respond to your comeback.

13. It’s better that I’m hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not.

Realistic people are admired. When you give this response, you are justifying why the person may think that way about you.

But you are also insinuating that the person is a people pleaser and that is probably why they have more friends than you as they claim.

14. Hope you have some business, well go and do that!

The kind and number of friends you keep in your circle are more of your business than theirs. Stick this to their face as a comeback but in a constructive manner.

There is no other way to do this best than to use this kind of reply when someone says to you that you have no friends.

Comebacks For When Someone Says You Have No Friends

15. I don’t need them, they need me.

Responses like you put you in the Raymond-Reddington-of-Blacklist position than them. You are reflecting on how valuable and sought after you are as opposed to how they wanted you to feel by saying you have no friends.

16. I have a small circle for a reason

Purposeful and intentional people are respected and feared. This is a witty comeback you can give to someone who says to you that you have no friends and expects you to feel like you are missing out.

By giving this reply, it means that you are in control and intentional about the kind of people you make as friends.

17. What’s wrong with that?

Just like punchlines, pick-up lines, and jokes, when you try to explain insults like these will make it look less impactful and less relevant.

So asking the person what is wrong with you not having friends will naturally prompt the person to start explaining why he or she said that. By then, you will see other ways to make the issue about them and not you.

18. I guess you’re right

Own it! Admit with confidence that you don’t have friends. It makes the person curious about your intentionality. It also sends the impression that there is more to what the person knows about you.

19. I’ve learned to ignore toxic remarks

Silence is always the answer you’ll give. But it strikes even harder when you rub it on the person’s face that you are giving them the silent treatment to emphasize this reason.

Let them know that you have chosen not to react to their remark because you consider it toxic. (this is a reaction already, though)

20. I have what I need

Contentment is a great attribute for developing confidence. When you can establish with your response that you are not craving low-level friendships like the person in the name of being social, you will be seen as an independent and confident individual.

21. Who needs friends when I’ve got a sweetheart like you?

We are talking about comebacks but you need to know that there are friendly comebacks especially when you consider the context around which the person had said to you that you have no friends.

For example, if your bosom friend is stressing about an attitude of yours that keeps people away from you, then you can use this response.

22. It’s people like you that make it so easy to be picky about who I hang around with

The obvious interpretation of this comeback is that the remark of the person is a toxic trait that makes you handpick the kind of person you choose to hang around with.

You wouldn’t want to go around with people that keep telling you that you have no friends because of your attitude.

23. I’m pushing this conversation to my daily trash bin

You are ignoring the person and you don’t care about their opinion of you!

24. That’s why you should mind your own business and shut the f*ck up

This response applies to pretty much most remarks. The only fault about this comeback is that it can reflect that you are angry and vulnerable when reminded of your reality.

25. Right!? Ah. A wonder why no one likes me

The person will get confused when you give a response that indicates that you couldn’t care less about what they think of you.

26. I don’t make many friends, I make real friends

Indirectly, you are saying the person who seems to imply that he has more friends than you have fake friends. On the contrary, you are focused on building quality friendships.

27. At least I don’t gotta deal with two-faced fishes like you

Again, you can make the remark more about them and less about you by turning the table.

28. What do you mean?

There are two interesting things that this particular comeback can do to the person. The person may attempt to explain further, giving you room to remark on their flaws.

Also, as the person attempts to explain, the impact and weight of the remark that is supposed to be felt emotionally will be defused.

29. Yeah I prefer to be alone

Justify why you truly have no friends. You are direct, intentional, and focused, and take pride in your personality.

30. And that’s why nobody talks to you

You don’t always have to make it look like you are the only one with the fault. The fact that the person tells you things that make you feel bad about yourself, you can make it look like it is his or her habit to tell people negative things about themselves.

Of course, you’d expect people to keep the person at arm’s length.

Comebacks For When Someone Says You Have No Friends

Take note…

Please keep in mind that the best comebacks for when someone says you have no friends are influenced and determined by the status of the person who is saying that to you.

For example, if the statement is coming from family members, it is not wise to quickly conclude that they said that to do you harm. It may mean that they are suggesting that you be more open and receptive to people.

So, don’t jump to conclusions so that you don’t say things that will end up hurting those that care about you.

However, if the statement is coming from your peers like classmates, club members, or people outside your family, then the possibility that they are saying it to make you feel like you are missing out is high. Hence, these comebacks will come off in handy.

If their statement is true, remember that it is normal not to have too many friends. You shouldn’t waste your time on people who do not have good intentions towards you just because you want to prove you can make friends with people.

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