Dating Someone With The Same Birthday: What Does it Mean?

Quite often, nature works in mysterious ways. For example, when you suddenly come across that crush you haven’t seen for ages and then the chemistry develops into something more intimate.

More so, not only do you discover that you both share a liking for each other but that you two share birthdays alike and hence the same birthdate.

While this phenomenon happens rarely, it is not unusual to find individuals who would do anything to date someone who shares the same birthday as them.

This article would cover everything you need to know about why anyone would date someone with the same birthday.

What Does It Mean To Date Someone With The Same Birthday?

Perhaps you want to keep that uniqueness as the only person in your friend zone to have that same birthday mate who doubles as the love of your life or maybe to create a legacy as the only member of your family to marry someone with your same birthday?

Whatever reason that resounds with why you made your decision, this section highlights more reasons on what it means to date someone on your birthday under the following outlines:

  • To keep a legacy
  • To make a legacy
  • One to share a memory with
  • Fascination by the thought of having a birthday mate partner.
  • Trait comparison
  • For remembrance

To keep a legacy

If you are that dude who is dating for a happily ever after scenario and probably, your parents share the same birthday, then this would resound with you.

When one dates someone sharing the same birthday as the person, chances are that the family of either of the dating couples have their mom and dad sharing the same birthday, and in a bid to keep that trait, they as children would want to follow suit.

In the following they build an old line of ancestry with at least a couple in that lineage having the same birthday, therefore making the family popular for such a course.

Dating Someone With The Same Birthday

To be a legacy

It could be out of innovation or just wanting to create a difference.

When two people date sharing the same birthday, the probability that one of them wants a shift from the norm would have them dating someone sharing the same birthday.

An adventurous fellow could put their adventure streak down to their relationship life and would want to seek something different other than what a normal relationship should be like and as such date someone on sharing their birthday.

Maybe this person has friends who are nonchalant about their dates sharing the same birthday as them, this curiosity and adventure might lead the person involved to give dating someone with the same birthdate as he/her a consideration.

One to share a memory with

If dating for anyone transcends beyond just finding a romantic partner to one someone would want to share a birthday memory with, dating a partner who shares the same nativity as them would be a good idea.

Maybe either of these intending couples once was a whose second has passed away and whilst the deceased was alive, the memory they shared could only be replaced by someone who either shares the same birthday as the thought having someone who shares the same birthday as them could be evergreen in their memory.

It could also be that such was an only child or had many of their peeps celebrate their birthday with their special ones and due to that find it interesting to want to do so.

This among other reasons could be why anyone would want to date someone having their birthday.

Fascination by the thought of having a birthday date partner

As stated earlier, certain oddities spark the interest of certain people. One of them is the thought of dating someone with the same birthday as the one who is fascinated by this.

Out of curiosity, a dude or a lady would want to see what it means to someone with the same birthday as him/her. The curiosity could be from the mundane to the seemingly reasonable.

The bottom line to such a person is the fascinating experience dating the same birthday mate would bring is the reason for dating.

Trait comparison

Someone interested in dating finds it tough to find the right partner after many attempts with partners not sharing their birthdays.

In a bid to change the narrative, such a person may choose to go for a date that celebrates their birthday as them.

Maybe any of the would-be couples were once mouthwash by many as to be recalcitrant and unyielding and that no one would ever put up with their attitude, the need to prove otherwise would spark the person to find someone who shares the same birthday as them.

Maybe particular traits inherent in such a person may pair up nicely with the other partner traits just by being birthday mates.

For remembrance

This point goes hand in hand with the third point enumerated above but with the subtle differences

When a person chooses to date specifically someone who shares the same birthday as they do, it could be that they want to remember someone who was or is a big part of their life.

Maybe such a person was born a twin and during their life, the twin either died or traveled to a distant land, finding a love life to replace that space could only be possible if such a person finds a birth mate as his twin.

And dating for this person goes beyond just the attraction for this person but also as a reminisce of that person they might have missed.

It’s no crime if life throws you the privilege of dating your birthday mate as only a few people get to have that privilege.

Rumors have it that people who perchance date people with the same birthday tend to have a lasting and fulfilling engagement that could lead to marriage.

If you are among the many  who haven’t had the opportunity to date someone on your birthday and who are single but ready to mingle, the next section would convince you with reasons why you should date someone on your birthday:

Celebrity Couples That Shared The Same Birthday

If anyone is wondering whether they are the only ordinary person who by coincidence shares the same birthday as their special one, It would interest them that quite a few celebrities have their partner share the same birthday.

The names below are selected celebrities who share the same birthday:

  • Eva Longoria and William (March 15, 1975).
  • Gladys Knight and Rudy Giuliani (May 28, 1994)
  • Christiana Ricci and Gucci Mane ( February 20, 1980)
  • Nene Leakes and Jamie Foxx (December 13, 1967)
  • Danielle Fishel and Craig David (May 5, 1981)
  • Lane Brown and Louriza Trounia (October 21, 1993).


It’s one thing to celebrate your birthday while at the same time being loved, it is another thing to be in love as well as date someone who shares the same birthday as you. The benefits/rewards are enormous.

Think of the stir you both would create as being the only couple in the block whose birthday corresponds together, each time you stroll around the block, the staring eyes you two would meet is nothing but a greater benefit.

The floor is set and the dance floor is ready, go out and look for that special one who shares your nativity and makes memories together as lovers and birthday mates.

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