Dating Someone With the Same Birthday: 10 Reasons Why You Should

One of the coolest things that can happen to you is dating your own date-twin, which is what it is called when someone has the same birthday as you.

If you haven’t ever given this a thought it is time to do so. Many of us would love to date someone for the things that make them unlike us. And that too is an exciting thing and good for the relationship.

However, there are at least 10 reasons why you should definitely date someone whom you share a birthday with. Read on.

The feeling that you are meant for each other

Even if you are not into the metaphysical and fetish stuff, you have to admit that there’s something weird about meeting someone and you both discover that you share a birthday.

Right after finding out you both want to be with each other.

You have to ask yourself if the shared birthday has anything to do with the magnetic feeling you feel for the person.

And here’s where the coolness stems. You can’t get it out of your mind. If this happens to you, you have to be one of the few folks on earth enjoying this pairing.

Your birthday parties are cooler

Daring someone who shares a birthday with you means you celebrate together. How cool is that? The feeling has to be out of this world.

For one thing, sharing gifts will be so interesting and intense. Now not only one of you is thinking about the other person.

The possibilities of what could happen on those days are endless. You can either shop together or play a game where you shop separately and try to see how close you can get with your choice of gifts. Your friends and family share in your double party every year.

No one is left out during your birthdays because you are both celebrated at the same time by everyone. When the party’s over you are both still celebrating while alone.

Your birthday is yours, but not yours alone, you are sharing it with your significant other. A couple I know had only one cake made for this birthday.

The cake had both of their names on the cake. It was like a wedding cake and a wedding party. If you are both going through stuff at the time of your birthdays, you can have a budget party and not feel like one person is not doing their best.

Have fun seeing how others react to it

It would be interesting to see how the airport attendant reacts to seeing that you both have the same birthdays when he checks your passports.

You can both smile as officials raise their brows at what they perceive as a mistake in the birth dates. They’d ask which of the two of you has made a mistake in his birth date.

For the couple I mentioned earlier, one staff at immigration said there must have been a mistake somewhere since it was obvious they are not twins.

The fun doubles if you end up marrying the person. Officials are going to keep doing double takes when they notice a similar date of birth.

I’m not saying you should date or marry someone just because they share your date of birth. Make sure the feelings are genuine.

And who says you can’t begin to have feelings for each other just because of this little detail? Something sure sparks the feelings, and if it’s a shared date of birth then by all means go for it.

You will never forget your partner’s birthday

This is one reason why you should date someone who shares your birthday. It is not news that partners sometimes forget their significant other’s birthdays.

If you’re reading this, maybe you are guilty of it too. Especially, with married folks. Men are mostly guilty of this grave sin.

The only antidote to the forgetfulness that I know of is if your partner shares your birthday with you.

And if it happens that this forgetfulness is too severe that dating someone who shares dates with you still doesn’t remind you, well you know they’d always remember.

All you have to say to set the party in motion is to say, “honey it’s our birthday tomorrow.”

My friend in Tribeca who shares a birthday with his girlfriend has just one spot on the calendar. It’s that easy. One look at the calendar and he can see the birth date of two people, he and his girlfriend.

His florist has this date. His girlfriend receives the flowers at the office first before they meet to talk about party plans if any.

Anxieties of life can never take away the opportunity to remember the most important things again because you have the same birthday as your partner.

You can share unwanted attention with your partner

Do you like parties, or being in the midst of a crowd cheering with your name? This may not necessarily mean you are antisocial. But maybe you have anxieties about being among a crowd, or public attention causes your hands to shake.

If you are like this, birthday parties may cause you a lot of distress. If you date someone who shares your birthday, this attention can be split between you and your partner.

This is some consolation if you ask me. If you are an introvert, you likely fear the limelight and usually do your best to avoid it. You don’t have to.

Having a partner with the same birthday also provides some training too. It’s an opportunity to watch how someone close to you deals with the yearly limelight.

Perhaps with time, you would learn to better deal with the attention you get.

Someone else can throw the birthday party

Your next birthday would probably be prepared by one of you people’s siblings, or just about anyone else you people know.

One of the complaints my friends in Tribeca talk about is, that now they can’t throw that occasional surprise party that he used to when he was dating his former girlfriend.

So what did a couple of us his friends do? We threw a surprise party.

We told my friend we are all going on a retreat at a log cabin that belonged to one of us right in Tribeca. I flew in too.

And it was the best birthday party my friends have ever had. We lured them both into a room that we told them was going to be theirs and right there was waiting for their birthday cake with the couple’s name on it and all the candles and things.

It was fun for us who organized it and for them it was the most memorable till date even though there’s been a variation of that surprise party since.

I admit the possibilities when it comes to sharing birthdays with your partner can seem to limit things.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. You have an opportunity to switch things up anyhow you want it especially if you involve your friends.

One of you can let it slip about your coming day and then let your friends or family do their thing.

Have fun making stories about it

Even the simplest things have stories in them. Simple things like the fact that you and your date share the same birthday may seem narrow.

Think again.

Let your imagination run wild with the meaning of everything that could have caused you both to have the same birthday.

This means that you can have fun watching how so alike you both are and why.

Could you both have been born in the same city, or hospital, and delivered by the same doctors and nurses. There’s a story here if you ask me.

If one of you happens to be a writer who believes in stars and providence you can begin to see a great plot.

Don’t overdo it though so you don’t begin to have inordinate expectations of your partner.

Let’s go Zodiac: you both rhyme in many ways

So I did the research to see if sharing a birthday with your date is just one of the coincidences of life.

It turns out there may be more to it than meets the eyes. And if you and your partner share the same birthday you should not dismiss the entire thing as a happenstance.

According to horologists we all have sun signs or what’s popularly called zodiac signs.

At the risk of saying dating someone with the same sign as yours is like dating yourself, it is important to note that there’s a connection between two people who share signs.

There are supposed to be a lot of similarities between you and your date. From energy levels, and basic needs to temperament.

Imagine if you knew all these about your partner, it would be as though you are reading about them off the pages of a book, and that book is you.

According to the theory, you also share common things like your worldview. The way they see stuff is the same as yours, you have almost identical opinions about politics, people, money, and even the littlest things.

You may even share similarities in the kind of jokes you like and make.

Are you intrigued yet?

If you want this then ask that lady out if you already know you share birthdays.

Aries are said to be independent and bold, Tauruses are sensual, and on and on. Sharing these things with your date makes it easy for you to fulfill each other’s needs better.

If your partner misses your birthday, they don’t really miss it

You heard that right. That’s another reason to date someone who shares your birthday. In life, we can’t always be there hundred percent for the people we love.

Sometimes work can take us away, ill health can limit us and distance can come in between us.

My friends in Tribeca celebrated their last birthday separately. He was on a business trip while she was back in Tribeca with her family.

His trip was extended and he had no control over the decision by the company. Still, there was a birthday cake that had both of their names on it.

According to him, colleagues from the office on the trip with him had a cake made for him too. He didn’t feel he missed much in the end because they both did the same thing.

This is not advocating missing your partner’s birthday because you share the same day.

You’ll feel more understood

Still on the zodiac signs. You don’t have to believe it but what if it’s all true? Those who have the same birthday and are dating can enjoy being more understood by their date.

According to the experts in the zodiac sign field, Cancerians are big on emotions.

So, if you and your date are Cancerians, you both understand that you need emotional support when either of you is going through it.

Your traits are most likely mirrored back to you

Lastly, if what the horologists say is true, you will likely observe your partner mirroring your traits back to you. Once again I’ll make reference to my buddies in Tribeca – they’re the only living example I know of this thing.

Brad told me once he and Laura started going steady he noticed they shared the taste in music and books, and she doesn’t mind the fact that he forgets to drop the seat on the toilet

I have to say it would be nice to have someone who doesn’t spring so many surprises on you, someone you can at least predict to an extent so you can both focus on others things together.

Final thoughts

After all said and done, who doesn’t like the intrigue of having a lover who shares their birthday with them?

There are folks who believe they have to be very different from their partners, and that too is cool.

Life’s definitely more easier and fun when you share not just love and care with your significant other, but also birthday celebrations.

And all the other things that come with being born on the same day – because there’s got to be more, right.


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