Funny Responses to Hey Babe (18 Funny Replies We Know)

We all get compliments all the time. Nope, that was just to start this article.

The truth is some people get more compliments than others, like that blonde busty version of perfection that haunts your dreams.

Also, ladies get more compliments than guys and the prettier ladies get it more.

One of those compliments is hey babe, and if you are not in the mood to get serious, here are funny ways to reply to that.

But first I must warn you. Some people might see it as rude but take the chance if you want to. That said, here we go.

How much do you need?

Does it sound off? Think again. This reply is based on the assumption that whoever told you “hey babe” is in need of cash, or maybe a favor.

It is best for your guy friends and people that you know. Strangers may not catch on, or they may get angry.

I think the players will find that funny and say something like ‘all of you’. Either it is hilarious because you can make others laugh or confuse them and have fun.

Guess you look even better without taking a bath for a week

Well, that’s not true, at all. If you tried that, well you know how you will look, and smell.

This reply is based on the fact that the hey babe means you are beautiful, and they are trying to tell you that in the form of this greeting.

You can tell them that to confuse them and take them back and then they spend the next one hour wondering what universe they are in. This is perfect for creepy strangers.

For better effect do with a smile, a cool flirty smile. If you really are trying to get rid of them, you cross your fingers that this works and that they are not as weird as this reply.

Yeah, the genie finally granted my wish

Did you get the joke? This reply is supposed to mean that you never get called babe or that it is super rare, but your genie made your wish to be called babe come true.

Silly, humorous, and nice for just about anyone. It also means you are not pretty and you do not deserve the name babe.

From one angle, you will sound like someone who really did a genie and didn’t ask for high self-esteem. It may also scare some people away. It will most likely lead to a conversation so try to avoid that.

You are talking to the wrong person. My name is not babe.

This reply is definitely for strangers. You can pretend not to hear them calling you babe or saying hey, and then when they try to call you again, you can appear surprised and apologize.

First, it is great if you are trying to get someone off your back, they will be surprised that you don’t see it as a compliment and back away or try to explain themselves.

You can even can throw in a “Do I look like Babe?”, Are you looking for someone?”

Also, it is great for acquaintances. Here, everyone laughs because obviously, it is not unless you are Babe from the game shakers.

Thanks, everyone says the same thing

This reply makes “hey babe” sound more like a compliment than a friendly greeting.

People might be taken aback because they will feel they have something that is a compliment, or that you are speaking to someone else.

For someone who you want to get off your back, this reply is a great way to catch them off guard.

On the other hand, it may encourage others. If you want the latter, say the response, smile and keep walking or doing whatever you were doing.


If you are not total strangers and you say this to someone as a reply to hey babe, you are going to shock people and also make them laugh.

Literally, no one says howdy to a greeting as controversial as hey babe. And if you are strangers, you will make some laugh, you make some raise their eyebrows.

Either way, it has a funny, silly ring to it. You can go for howdy, howdy mate, and to really go for it use an Australian accent no matter how bad yours is.

The same to you

This is very unexpected and hilarious. Usually, you only say “the same to you” when someone wishes you something like a happy holiday (“Merry Christmas”, “the same to you”) or maybe to have a great day.

Since hey babe is meant to be a greeting and not a wish like good morning, it is weird to say “the same to you” ad a response.

The only time this will go well is if you really would call the other person babe. If not, it is a hilarious reply, especially from guys. Generally, I feel it works for everything.

Jesus loves you too

I can already imagine this making you laugh so hard that you cry. Jesus loves you too is not a typical reply to anything.

One person says “Jesus loves you” to another and you just nod but it is never a response to a greeting like hey babe.

It’s not even a response during a sermon. It is way off (emphasis on the way). What makes this greeting even funnier and interesting is the too at the end.

Since there was no conversation of any sort before, throwing the “too” makes the person feel they were saying something before.

If you are a nun, this joke works well. It is a proper way of letting someone know how you feel about the greeting.

If you are not a nun, male or female, this will give both of you sequels of laughter.

I get that lot

This is actually similar to number 5 but rephrasing never hurt anyone. If you do get the greeting hey babe or you get called babe a lot, then this really is silly and honest.

If you don’t you will be lying and it is really funny. However, it is a good way of telling anyone you are not interested, especially if they are strangers, and it is very common so their attention tactics to fail.

Bold, funny, and really not what someone will say.


This has to be the second funniest on this list. Imagine replying why to any greeting. “Good morning”, “why?”

If they are unbelievably optimistic, you will get something like “it’s a brand new day” or “the sun is out”. But it will not be the same with hey babe. Asking why is just weird.

There should be no reason why someone should greet you hey babe. I really don’t know the outcome so I am daring you to try. It will be a fun game.

Also, feign anger while you are at it. Sudden and hilarious. No one will be looking out for that.


If hey babe really was a compliment this would just be an “I don’t care” response to that. It will look as if, “yes you are stating the obvious, everyone has eyes” statement.

But the fact that it is not a compliment, makes whoever hears this very surprised.

You might get a few haters because then you will seem proud and the kind of person that looks down on others. Those haters will be strangers.

To people who know you, they will guess you worked upon the wrong side of the bed or just put up an attitude.

And so?

This will have the same effect as “duh?” You can add a little “what if I am babe? What happens?”

Since it is completely mismatched to the situation, you will make others around laugh.

The greeter, of course, will be confused and might even regret speaking to you but it is a great reply and it will make others around you laugh.

Try to do it with the feigned again also. Works well. It’s also good if you are having a bad day and you want to vent. When you calm down, you will smile at it too.

I think you are a spy! Tell me who sent you

Paranoid much? This is something that I can say. You can try this with your boyfriend or your guy friends or even strangers.

Then you can proceed, after their shocking silence, to tell them to prove that they are not spies. Here is an example: I think you are a spy! Who sent you? No one ever calls me that.

This is great to say to your boyfriend especially if you want to surprise him because he probably calls you that all the time. The. You want to take things too far, act like you don’t know him.

You have to try harder to get my attention

This is flirty but funny, and it works well with strangers. It means that you would really pay attention to them but you are playing hard to get them because you are really interested in them.

It will make them see you as a person with a sense of humor. It is also good for a crush or a friend.

Who told you to call me that?

It’s great if you feel that whoever said that to you should not call you that. It is a way to tell him or her you are not comfortable with it without causing a scene.

Also, it can also be funny. Saying this to your friends who say this to you regularly will surprise them. It is not offensive so they will be baffled.

You can also try, “what did you just call me?” That nice smile will be wiped off their face. When you drop the act, watch as relief floods their face

Pastor John?

Wait! Hear me out, hear me out. What if it was a text. Any of these replies can also be good if you were texted “hey babe”. This is best for texts.

By sending pastor John, they will feel they texted a wrong number and you just watch them double-check and try to confirm who you are.

Then they will try to explain and understand why the number they saved and have known is suddenly asking them if they are Pastor John.

Sorry, wrong number

Old, classic, timeless. This reply will work like a charm. It is great if it is by text even if it’s on Facebook. The reaction you will get will be hilarious.

You will find people doubting if they are really talking to you. Some might decide that it’s still you but standing your ground will confuse them in the end.

If they persist, take up a whole new personality and watch them try to define who you are.

It’s great because while you laugh and at the end make them laugh, you will know what others really think about you. Hopefully, it goes well.

Hey yourself

It’s an obvious one. It will make you smile but you won’t find it as amusing as the others.

If you are really into jokes this is a good way to say “hey, I am replying to you but I am not big on you calling me babe” Then again the greeter might just laugh.

And that is it. Did you laugh while reading? Great. Which one was your favorite? Now I know that these are hey babe replies but don’t limit yourself.

Try it when someone says “hi beautiful” or “hi hun” or even “you look beautiful”. If it doesn’t make the other person laugh, it will make you laugh.

And when you do, do well tell me how it went. If you prank someone with these please tell them at the end it’s a prank. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.


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