20 Good Comebacks for Someone Ignoring You

There could be more reasons or less as to why someone would be ignoring you. In some cases, the fault could be from you or not.

But overall, it is annoying when someone starts ignoring you over any issue at all rather than having to talk it over. Whether or not you’re an offender or the person is just being a drama doll, the issue of ignoring someone doesn’t count as a mature move.

Things can go from bad to worse if you fail to articulate the situation and give thought to the events that unfold.

I can tell how frustrating it can get, so you might want to put up a defense mechanism against someone who thinks they can downplay you by ignoring you. You can do this by knowing the right set of comebacks to throw in.

In this post, I’ll show you comebacks you can use for someone ignoring you. Go ahead and continue your dread to get the best reading experience.

Top 20 Comebacks for Someone Ignoring You

You can carve out the best replies for someone who is ignoring you if you know the good comebacks around. The comebacks in this post provide you with the right set of lines that you can throw in.

This will help to get you in the mood to sway from any intending bad energy that emanates from someone ignoring you. Below are the lines of a comeback.

  1. Don’t get pissed off when I reciprocate this gesture of yours
  2. If ignoring me puts food on your table, I’ll be glad to assist you
  3. Don’t think I’ll be concerned about ignoring me
  4. Your moves are interesting, too bad I don’t give a hoot
  5. Your company was not even worth it
  6. Be careful who you ignore, it could be your helper
  7. I’m resistant to odd attitudes, that’s why your spirit scampers from me
  8. I would’ve asked you what you gain from ghosting me, but it’s clear you’ve never achieved anything in life
  9. Your absence brought me more good, seems like that should be normalized
  10. My tendency to be happy has increased since you started ignoring me
  11. I wonder how long it took you to realize you’re not needed
  12. I only imagined those who ignore others as ingrates. You gave me the hope that they truly exist
  13. I’m not bothered you’re ignoring me, I fear for your kids and wife
  14. Your style of exit is nice, after all, you weren’t part of my plans for the next year
  15. I must have amnesia because I don’t remember asking you to stick around
  16. I don’t have a problem with that. You can even ignore your life; I don’t care!
  17. I was going to give you a nasty attitude, but I see you have one already
  18. I heard zombie feast on brains. I guess you’re safe because you have none
  19. I crosschecked my transaction history and I don’t remember subscribing to your bullshit
  20. Ignoring me will give you a lot. It will give you a lot of heartaches

In the following parts of this post, the details of all of these comebacks will be coming up. Stay locked in!

Don’t Get Pissed off When I Reciprocate This Gesture of Yours

Since it is easy for people to be a thorn in another’s flesh, it is hard for them to accept the fact that you can pay them using their coins. This would be the case for the person who is ignoring you if you eventually use this line of a comeback for them.

For the record, you’ll only get the chance to reciprocate this ignoring attitude if the person eventually crawls back to you.

In essence, this line of comeback is nothing less than a smooth warning to the person who is ignoring you, informing them of the possibility that you’ll come for your pound of the flesh using their dagger.

If Ignoring Me Puts Food on Your Table, I’ll be Glad to Assist You

There’s no notable gain that comes from ignoring someone, especially after an argument that could’ve been amicably resolved using a dialogue.

But some people like blowing things out of proportion, and they make it seem like there’s a salary that awaits them after ignoring someone.

However, you can help make their dreams come true by using this line of a comeback. It is nothing but a sarcastic reassurance that you’ll help the person to continue with their lame act, but only if it is putting food on his or her table.

Don’t Think I’ll be Concerned for Ignoring Me

If you’re truly unbothered by the lame act of the person who is ignoring you, then you should voice it out. And I can say with my full chest that this line of comeback serves that purpose to the fullest.

With this line, you’re not only telling the person that you’re not concerned but you’re also letting them know that they don’t have to think you do.

This is because if the person conceives the idea that you’re concerned about, it will give them the effrontery to drag you along.

Your Moves Are Interesting, Too Bad I Don’t Give a Hoot

The move I’m talking about in this scenario is the person’s poorly thought-out act of ignoring you. It could be a move to make you feel lonely and less wanted by people, especially if the person is a significant part of you like your partner or family member.

Moving on, you can prove to them that you do not care if they just ignore you or they entirely leave your life. This line of comeback is what will guarantee your breakthrough against the person who is ignoring you.

You should be able to pull this string with the neatest of facial and bodily expressions, so the person will know you mean every syllable of this sentence.

Your Company Was Not Even Worth It

I see a lot of people bragging about how they mean so much to others and if they ignore their supposed dependent, then the person’s life will turn into a joke.

While this is attainable, don’t forget that you must not be an example of such an attitude. You can always stand strong and different while proving you won’t turn into a mere dependent if someone is ignoring you.

To reinforce this mindset, you can choose this comeback which exposits that the person’s company which they had bragged about is not even worth the hype.

Be Careful Who You Ignore, It Could Be Your Helper

No matter what the case may be, there’s an evident spice of ego in the bloodstream of the person who ignores you. It could’ve been for the good reason, but it gets ugly if this attitude lingers for far too long.

You won’t be hurt if you choose to admonish the person rather than spite them with a couple of savage replies. This line is a good example of advice that would reset whatever thoughts were held by the person in the past.

I’m Resistant to Odd Attitudes, That’s why Your Spirit Scampers from Me

Someone who ignores you is putting up an odd attitude. They may not notice from the get-go but it will eventually surface. Instead of battling words with this person, why not tell them why they’re so bitter to the extent that they had to ignore you?

You won’t tell them that if you keep quiet, but you can pull off that with this line of a comeback.

I would’ve asked you what you Gain from Ghosting Me, but it’s clear you’ve never achieved anything in Life

Good Comebacks for Someone Ignoring You

Talking about comebacks without featuring savage replies is not a brainer at all. So this line of comeback brings more clarity to the issue of savage responses. Saying this line of a comeback to the person who is ignoring you means you’re insinuating that the person hasn’t achieved anything in life.

This would translate to mean that the person, who would gain nothing from ignoring you, would not also gain anything from doing any other thing.

Your Absence Brought Me More Good, Seems Like That Should Be Normalized

There’s also room for making great pronouncements in the field of comebacks. This line of comeback is one of those statements that proclaim your better position even with the outburst of the person who is ignoring you.

Saying that the person’s absence has given you more good is a clear indication that you do not care if they are around or not because you’re doing alright.

My Tendency to Be Happy Has Increased Since You Started Ignoring Me

Happiness is meant to be a free tiding, but when you tie it to the existence of someone; you’ll get traumatized if the person leaves. You might as well count on this line to prove that you do not depend on them to be happy.

I Wonder How Long It Took You to Realize you’re Not Needed

It would be bad if you see it that the person who ignores you dumped you. How about you think it this way; the person realized they’re not needed and decided to take a humble bow without stressing you.

When you see it from this perspective then you have fewer things to worry about.

I Only Imagined Those Who Ignore Others as Ingrates. You Gave Me the Hope That They Truly Exist

It is a show of ungratefulness if someone to who you’ve been good suddenly decides to ghost you. Don’t you think so? If that’s the case, then whoever that’s ghosting you might as well be an ingrate as their attitude suggests so.

I’m not bothered you’re ignoring Me, I Fear for Your Kids and Wife

There’s no denying that someone who ignores you, especially for the wrong reason is cultivating a bad attitude.

This negative attitude may be affecting you but it would hurt the person’s family. The person could be ignorant about this, so you have the duty of telling them with this line.

Your Style of Exit Is Nice, After All, You Weren’t Part of My Plans for the Next Year

Having no hard feelings even after being wronged by someone should be considered a superpower, and you have to cultivate that.

While it is painful to be ignored by someone, you can choose to stay unbroken by letting the person know they were never part of your plan which means their exit was cool.

I Must Have Amnesia Because I Don’t Remember Asking You to Stick Around

If you’re not a sucker for love and you do not ask people to stay with you, then you shouldn’t let stress out yourself when someone ignores you. You can use this line to remind them you don’t remember begging them to stay.

I Don’t Have a Problem With That. You Can Even Ignore Your Life; I Don’t Care!

When someone ignores you, it might be hard for the first few days but after a while, you realize they don’t matter. If you want to prop the notion that you’ve moved on, you can make use of this line.

I Was Going to Give You a Nasty Attitude, but I See You Have One Already

What nasty attitude would you want to give back to the person? If that will be to ignore them back, then you don’t have to do that because they already have such a bad attitude.

Your place and forte will be to serve comebacks like this line and watch as things evolve.

I Heard Zombie Feast on Brains. I guess you’re Safe Because You Have None

Good Comebacks for Someone Ignoring You

This has got to be one of the funniest comebacks in this list because it elaborates that the person who ignores you doesn’t have the brain to think.

You might assert this if the person blew things out of proportion and then chose to ignore you for some time. This is indicative that they are attention seekers, but you have to break their vision with this line of a comeback.

I Crosschecked My Transaction History and I Don’t Remember Subscribing to Your Bullshit

It is a total disarray of human orderliness and maturity for someone to ghost you over an issue that could’ve been resolved through dialogue. I have heard of all the talks on mental health and the rest.

But the truth remains that mental health is more guaranteed when you have a good rapport with the people around you. This makes ignoring people a heap of bullshit and you and I know you didn’t subscribe to that.

Ignoring Me Will Give You a Lot It Will Give You a Lot of Heartaches

This right here is the perfect comeback for warring couples. Love is not always colorful and merry; sometimes couples fight and despise each other. This in turn can lead to a series of ignorance from one partner or both.

If it is from one partner and you’re oppressed, then you should consider using this line to explain how heartache will crawl in if your partner doesn’t stop ignoring you.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts would have been the regular advice from people; stay low-key in the face of adversary. But that hasn’t been working out for many people lately, which calls for the need for a comprehensive comeback.

I’ve shown you a couple of these comebacks, and I expect you to examine your circumstance and then consider which of these comebacks suits you the most. Remember to spread the love even if one person makes you doubt it.

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