Good Comebacks for “How Do You Kiss Short Girls”

Have you given thought to the best way you can kiss a short girl? The thing is; I’ve heard guys talk about how kissing a short girl is hard because of the height differences.

While this might be true, these guys sometimes cross the line and start to make jest of short girls.

Their jestings can go from being mild to annoying if you’re a short girl. You might even feel less of yourself if you can’t handle how disgusting it is for them to talk down on short girls.

But I’m always around the corner to give you the best tools to stand up for yourself using verbal defense.

With the right comebacks like the ones in this post, you’ll be able to carpet whoever it is that tries to play smart with you because of your height. Read on!

Best 20 Comebacks for How Do You Kiss Short Girls

Below are a compilation of 20 comebacks for how do you kiss short girls. Beware that this is our best pick, as you can always add yours below the comment section. Don’t forget to make your choices as it suits your personality.

  1. You do that by becoming an inch knee short as well
  2. You don’t kiss them, rather you plant a kiss on them
  3. You kiss them by being down to earth
  4. You have to forget about words like height, tall or short
  5. You should forget you’re taller than them
  6. Sit down and let them rule their world
  7. Really? If that was a shade then you have to work on your choice of words
  8. You have to behave like physics and let them do their Einstein magic
  9. You just have faith that it’ll be explosive because dynamite comes in small packages
  10. You might want to liken that to a hilly trip…uphill and downhill
  11. Don’t over-think it because they’re less for you to hate if it goes bad
  12. Always know anything can go wrong
  13. Lay down your guard because they’re already shorter than your ego
  14. You just allow fate to take its full course
  15. Stop thinking of tall girls
  16. Firstly, kiss goodbye to picture-perfect girls
  17. Consider them as your trophy
  18. Get off your high horse
  19. Find a couch, sit, take coffee and that’s it
  20. If you want to be sassy with that, then just cut off your legs

No one likes a half-baked cake, even if there are I bet they’re not more than 10. On that note, I’ll finish up with the full baking by giving you the details of each line of a comeback and how you can go about employing them.

You Do That by Becoming an Inch Knee Short as Well

You should bear in mind that anyone who asks you how to kiss short girls is trying to find out what your reaction and response to the question will be. Normally it’ll be a way of playing down on you. But you don’t have to let them play this game or even win it.

Therefore, you can bleak their hope by using this line of a comeback. With this comeback, you’re telling the person that shortening themselves is the only way to kiss a short girl. This means you’re putting a value on being short as the tall guy would have to come down to your level to kiss you.

You Don’t Kiss Them, Rather You Plant Kiss on Them

This is undeniably one of the funniest lines of a comeback on this list. Just like in the movies, you’ll notice that when a tall guy wants to kiss a short girl he’ll have to do that by dropping his neck down.

Isn’t this the same way a farmer drops down their seeds on the fertile ground for them to germinate?

Hence, the person will have to go down the same route of planting the kiss instead of doing it as if the person is the same height as him.

Don’t worry about feeling dejected about this, always see things in a different light and see it as if you’re the fertile soil used in my description, after all, short people tend to live longer.

You Kiss Them by Being Down to Earth

There’s a use of a pun in this line of a comeback. Insinuating that the person who wants to kiss you has to be down to earth has two meanings to it.

The first is the literal meaning which suggests the person has to come so close to the earth’s crust which also means they have to be short.

The other meaning is the symbolic meaning, where the person has to be humble to kiss you. These two meanings are both beneficial to you as they suggest the person will have to do the hard work if they have to kiss you.

The latter meaning is also helpful if you’re dealing with an egoistic tall pervert.

You Have to Forget about Words like Height, Tall or Short

This comeback is more like the reality surrounding short people. As a short girl, words like height and tall or short all sound stereotypical to you. So it would be bad if someone who wants to make out with you goes on and on about these words.

Therefore, you have to make it a rule that the person forgets that they know words like that. In a sense, this person has to be a dummy when it comes to words like that if they want to make out with you.

You Should Forget you’re Taller than Them

I don’t see any lie in this line of a comeback. You have to add this to your arsenal of comebacks for how you kiss short girls. You should be able to pull out the body expression and subtle drama when you say this comeback to the questioner.

Sit Down and Let Them Rule Their World

Good Comebacks for "How Do You Kiss Short Girls"

This particular comeback should become the anthem of most short girls, especially when someone asks you how they’ll be able to kiss you.

You have to tell the person, who’s preferably a guy or girl if they’re bi; to get a sit and let you teach them the rudiments of making out.

You won’t only drain the jest in the question; you also show you’re capable of being more than just a short girl. The ‘rule your world’ emphasis means that you’re a full package; one that shouldn’t be messed with.

Really? If That Was a Shade Then You Have to Work on Your Choice of Words

Do you want to know how to disarm an insult without having it get under your skin? You can do that using this line of a comeback.

This comeback indicates your unbothered attitude toward the question probably asked by someone to piss you off.

Even telling the person to work on their choice of words is a huge savage which shows that their lines are weak as hell.

You Have To Behave Like Physics and Let Them Do Their Einstein Magic

Albert Einstein who was a science pioneer was known for his stout stature and grey hairs. Even with his height, the scientist was still recognized for his problem-solving abilities.

You can role-play Einstein in your bid to serve a befitting comeback, and using this line is the best practice.

You Just Have Faith that it’ll be Explosive Because Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Here’s another play upon words in this list. You’re telling the questioner to have faith that making out with you will be explosive because dynamites come in small packages.

I bet you know dynamites are used in producing explosives. There you go…did you see the correlation? That right there is a creative savage response.

You Might Want To Liken That to a Hilly Trip…Uphill and Downhill

Bending down to kiss a short girl is a downhill task while straightening yourself after the make-out is an uphill task. After all, most guys who want to make out are in so much hurry that they forget the mechanism of the process.

With this comeback, you’re not giving the questioner a direct response as you give them an illustration and leave them to figure things out. What a way of throwing back an indirect to the questioner!

Don’t Over-think it because they’re less for you to hate if it goes bad

There’s this surge of feeling for most guys who want to make out, that they often think of the possibility of things going wrong. Funny enough, some guys there and then decide whether or not they’ll hook up with the girl again if things go wrong.

How about you give the person hope? That’s exactly what this line does, as it asserts that the questioner doesn’t have to overthink the whole thing as you’re already ‘less’ for them to waste their energy hating on you if things go south.

Always Know Anything Can Go Wrong

This is simple advice since it is a comeback. After all, comebacks are not always meant to be derogatory. You’re letting the person know that anything can go wrong; from stepping on toes to missing the lips for the nose or forehead. This is a precautionary measure.

Lay down Your Guard because they’re Already Shorter than Your Ego

This is the perfect comeback for all the proud jerks who would ask you silly questions on how to kiss a short girl. Telling them to lay down their guard is the same as asking them to put their ego aside.

You Just Allow Fate to Take Its Full Course

We’ve already agreed that things can go south while making out with a short girl. So, you can top up that realization with this comeback that suggests that the person should let fate take its full course. With this comeback, there’s no savagery but all works of nature.

Stop Thinking of Tall Girls

If you’re for a blunt comeback for how you kiss short girls, here you have it. You’re telling the questioner to stop thinking of tall girls, as that’s the only way they can concentrate and make out the most of the time with you.

Firstly, Kiss Goodbye to Picture-perfect Girls

You can consider this line as another blunt, direct, and obvious fact about how you kiss short girls. You’re telling the questioner that they have to first kiss goodbye to picture-perfect girls before they can think of making out with you.

Consider Them as Your Trophy

Trophies are meant to be lifted and carried to plain sight. The person who wants to make out with a short girl should consider you as a trophy. This says more about the value the person needs to place on you to execute the kiss.

Get Off Your High Horse

Good Comebacks for "How Do You Kiss Short Girls"

This is another piece for our self-seeking folks who want to make out. You’re simply telling them to quit being proud and egoistic if they want to make out with you.

Find a Couch, Sit, Take Coffee and that’s it

You might want to read out this procedure as the handbook for someone who might’ve asked you how to kiss short girls.

This whole comeback simply means the person has to be relaxed for them to make out with you because it can’t be done by rushing you.

If You Want to Be Sassy with That, Then Just Cut off Your Legs

If you figure out that the person who asked you this question is doing so to make you feel bad about your height, you can go head-on-head with them using this line of a comeback.

The person should just cut off their legs and become short if they want to make out with you.

Final Thoughts

Being made jest of because of your height is not a funny experience, especially if it has to do with your love life. This could be the reason why someone would ask you how to kiss short girls.

You might want to stand up for yourself in the face of this type of adversary by having a good collection of comebacks.

I’ve done a great job in this post by curating the best pick of comebacks for you. It is now up to you to select the one which fits the most for someone of your personality.

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