20 Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Snitch

You can’t deny the fact that people do fall out due to little misunderstandings. However, you can be called a snitch by someone for saying something about them behind their back.

While this is generally a bad act, your intentions might be right and pure. Unfortunately, that’s where the misunderstanding sets in and the name-calling follows suit.

If you’re not reserved, you might be plunged into some kind of depressive mode because of the name-calling.

This in turn affects your other activities and becomes obvious if you don’t tackle it. And the best way to react is by saying a comeback to stand your ground and defend your actions.

I’ll be showing you a couple of comebacks in this post, so you don’t have to scour the internet to get a suitable one.

Best 20 Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Snitch

It is not a fun time to be in when someone calls you a snitch. As against keeping quiet which is what you might want to do, you should rather come up with a defensive comeback.

Below are our best pick of comebacks for when someone calls you a snitch.

  1. I’m glad we have something in common
  2. How about I tell you about your mom’s deeds?
  3. It is one thing to talk about and another thing to prove it. You always miss out on the latter
  4. I’ll be guilty if you’re a saint
  5. I bet it takes one snitch to know another
  6. And you’re still the biggest gossiper
  7. Guilty conscience always lays blames
  8. Kid me not; even a snitch is better than you blabbermouth
  9. I bet your proof is as lame as your thoughts
  10. Be thankful I used my words and not my fists against you
  11. I’m glad I can only use my words and not my entire mind against you
  12. Think of me as your guardian angel
  13. Lol, I wasn’t raised by your mother
  14. If you thought saying that would heat me, then you need to think again
  15. You can cry all you want
  16. I know what you did bothers you, doesn’t it?
  17. It was for your good, but it’s clear you’re bound to make mistakes
  18. Don’t talk down on your savior
  19. Your dad has been my role model for years
  20. I guess I learned a lot from you

The following section of this post is where I’ll give you the details of each line of a comeback in this list. This will enable you to pick the one that suits best your circumstance.

I’m Glad We Have Something in Common

Feeling bad when someone calls you a snitch is a natural reflex action. However, you don’t have to feel that way for a long time, because you can always bounce back from any type of verbal abuse.

And the best way to do this is by coming up with stellar comebacks to carpet the provoker.

Comebacks like this one try to build up a similarity between you and whoever it is that called you a snitch.

This way, you assert that there’s no clear difference between you and the provoker thereby making the pain of being accused to be subtle.

How About I Tell You about Your Mom’s Deeds?

When you’re called a snitch, it is assumed that you probably said something about someone behind their back. Perhaps the person who called you a snitch feels that you told behind his or her back.

But they’re still in for more surprises, as you can still throw in this comeback which suggests you know something creepy about the person’s mom and you can still talk about it.

It’s One Thing to Talk about and another Thing to Prove It. You Always Miss Out on the Latter

Many times, all we hear from people are either unproven facts or mere speculations. People who come up with these speculations barely have proof that you’re actually what they say you are.

This might also be the case of the person who called you a snitch, as you can shut them out by using this line of a comeback.

This line of comeback indicates that the accuser probably has no proof that you’re a snitch in reality. Who knows? They might’ve called you a snitch because they heard it from others, who might as well be your haters.

I’ll be Guilty if you’re a Saint

When we’re talking about clear-cut statements that serve as a good comeback, then this line is the type of comeback we’re talking about.

Funnily, you haven’t tried to deny being a snitch, but all you’re saying is that you’ll only be guilty if the accuser is a saint of any sort.

Since we know that this is impossible as the person’s act of even judging you is a show of imperfection, as stipulated in the Holy Book.

Having struck this balance, you’re no longer within the reach of the accuser’s words because he or she is not even half as good as they sound.

I Bet It Takes One Snitch to Know Another

Just like the adage; birds of the same feather flock together…this line of comeback also emphasizes the likelihood of your accuser being a snitch. After all, it takes a skillful footballer to know someone who is also skillful just by a glance or a few minutes of studying the person.

This also applies to whoever it is that called you a snitch, as he or she must’ve been a snitch to be able to figure out that you’re one. With this said, you’ve squared up the battle floor as you and your accuser are now on the same page.

And You’re Still the Biggest Gossiper

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Snitch

There’s this thing about gossipers that we ignore sometimes, and that’s their tendency to fabricate things about you and also sell the same half-baked facts to you.

If you watch closely, you may notice that your accuser called you a snitch as a product of gossip.

If you don’t contain the matter by having a comeback to stand up for yourself, you might risk being emotionally affected by the accusation.

Therefore, this line of comeback is a good pick if you’re looking forward to labeling the accuser just like they labeled you a snitch.

Guilty Conscience Always Lays Blames

It is hard to elude the truth in the statement above. Oftentimes, when people are guilty, they tend to cook up stories against others so the attention of being a culprit can be shifted from them to the person they’ve just blamed.

While this might be working for them for a long time, you can always make an exception.

You can repel the feeling of guilt by using this line of a comeback to address the accuser. This is your argument; why will they accuse of being a snitch when they might as well be guilty of one bad act or another?

Kid Me Not; Even a Snitch Is Better Than You Blabbermouth

Is a snitch better than a blabbermouth? This argument will continue to linger if we do not reach a consensus on which is more severe.

However, from my indications, it seems that a blabbermouth has a better chance of ruining a person’s life than a snitch.

This is because sometimes when a snitch says something, it is usually for a good cause but the manner of approach might be provocative.

On the other hand, a blabbermouth never makes sense because they not only propagate rumors; they’re also in the business of spreading false news.

I Bet Your Proof Is as Lame as Your Thoughts

Even when you asked someone who calls you a snitch to come up with proofs, there’s a chance they’ll come up with lame proofs that hold no water. Now, you can worsen the severity of the comeback by asserting that these proofs are as lame as the person’s thoughts.

You have to bring in the smirk-faced expression if you want this comeback to sell. So you might want to throw in the expression to elaborate more on this line of a comeback.

Be Thankful I Used My Words and Not My Fists against You

If you’ve noticed, most time when someone tries to provoke you they’re doing so to see your reaction. Therefore, you can either react physically or verbally. Employing comebacks means you prefer the latter over the former.

But it doesn’t stop there, as you can as well use this line to inform them of how severe it would’ve been if you used your fists against them than your words. This comes as a warning to the person of the damage you would’ve caused if you used your fists.

I’m Glad I Can Only Use My Words and Not My Entire Mind Against You

This is another comeback that you should add to your bucket list of savage replies you can serve someone that called you a snitch.

This line of comeback shows that you are liable to cause more harm to the person if you had used your entire mind power against them.

Think of Me as Your Guardian Angel

What better way to mock someone who has just labeled you a snitch? Telling the person to consider you as their guardian angel is embarrassing. But you don’t have to bother because that’s part of what comebacks are meant for.

LOL, I Wasn’t Raised by Your Mother

Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Snitch

Do you want to extend the savage response to the household of the person who called you a snitch?

If that’s so, you can use this line of a comeback to emphasize that you were not raised by the person’s mother which is an indirect way of saying that the person’s mom is a snitch and you’re not.

If You Thought Saying That Would Heat Me, Then You Need To Think Again

Being able to remain unbothered even in the face of an obvious attack by someone should be considered a superpower.

This is because you’ll appear weak the moment you show that you’re being affected by the person’s words. However, you can use this line to posit that you don’t care.

You Can Cry All You Want

Anyone who calls you a snitch is indirectly being defensive, but that shouldn’t be any of your cases because you don’t care. Using this line, you’ll be able to give your accuser an open stage to wail all they want. After all, you don’t care.

I Know What You Did Bothers You, Doesn’t It?

Here we’re playing the mind game on the accuser. Perhaps, the person did something wrong and should be handled by the authorities and you let them know.

The person will turn on you for telling on them. But you can use lines to turn the table around and make them contemplate within.

It Was for Your Good, but it’s clear you’re bound to Make Mistakes

Even when your intentions for telling someone were right, they tend to label you a snitch. You don’t have to feel bad as you can stand your ground with this line of a comeback.

Don’t Talk Down on Your Savior

Lol…now we’re role-playing savior and the saved. That would be your little way of countering anyone who called you a snitch for pointing out what is the truth. Although you did this behind their back, it doesn’t change the truth.

Your Dad Has Been My Role Model for Years

With this line of a comeback, I believe it’s time you started adding people to the list as you won’t entirely be blamed.

Mentioning the accuser’s father as your role model for years means you probably learned being a snitch from him. I know comebacks to be hard, never knew they can be this hard.

I Guess I Learnt a Lot from You

Since the accuser has decided to stain your white and label you a snitch, you shouldn’t go down only.

To make this effective, you can tag the same accuser to be your teacher in life so he or she might’ve given you tips on how to tell behind others. This comeback tallies with the line of it takes one snitch to know another.

Final Thoughts

There’s this feeling of sting you’ll have when someone calls you a snitch. This feeling can make you either depressed or heavily provoked, depending on how you perceive the name-calling.

However, with the right comebacks, you don’t have to throw any punches as your words can work the talk for you.

This post features a list of comebacks you can throw in when someone calls you a snitch. You have the duty of selecting the one that suits your situation the most and employing them for the expected result.

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