20 Good Comebacks When Someone Is Mad at You

My normal self would not care if you’re mad or not, but sometimes I’d like to stand out and that’s when you get to hear me talk to someone mad at me.

There are uncountable reasons why someone could get mad at you and the main triggers could be your actions, choice of words, or negligence. In my case, it is usually the case of the choice of words. How about yours?

However, that’s not the main course of this post as you might want to know good comebacks you can use when someone is mad at you.

I’ve often told a couple of people that getting mad at me and frowning will increase their rate of aging and they instantly cheered up. You can borrow that, but that is not enough uniquely for everyone.

Hence, I’ll be leading you on this article that gives you an extended list of comebacks for someone mad at you. Let’s get into it then!

Best 20 Comebacks When Someone Is Mad at You

We could go on and on about good comebacks for when someone is angry at you, but that would’ve been best if we had a physical meeting. Since we can’t meet, I’ll be gracing your screen with good comebacks for anyone mad at you. These lines include.

  1. You might not want to fry up in anger
  2. You look shabby when you’re upset
  3. I would love to show concern, but you’re not worth it
  4. Can you stop being too much of a doll
  5. You don’t want to be competing facially with Hitler, do you?
  6. Don’t play the victim now, don’t be a clown
  7. Awww sorry, I hurt your inflated ego
  8. Were you getting upset meant to make me feel bad?
  9. I’d rather say sorry to my bullies than your egotistical mold of a man
  10. If you’re wondering why I did that? You needed to feel a pint of pain
  11. If I were you, eating ice would be my hobby, because you need to chill out
  12. Aside from knowing how to pick offense, what other thing do you know to do best
  13. You could literally “get mad” if you are uncool with me
  14. Why the anger? So much for Mr. Unbothered
  15. Don’t calm down. Keep going!
  16. I like it when you get mad at me, you remind me of my first dog pet
  17. Who else knows you look terrible when you’re upset
  18. I’d rather you keep a straight face than frown, facial wrinkles are still a thing
  19. Please do away with the rage, I don’t want you to keep looking feeble
  20. My attitude that outraged you need an Oscar

After the highlight comes the time to dissect these comebacks, I put on my gloves and coat. Join me on this wonderful journey.

You Might Not Want To Fry Up in Anger

Anger can make you jump into drastic decisions and actions still. This comeback is coming as advice for the person it is meant for.

But at this time, it implies that the person is hot-tempered because a normal person’s anger can’t fry him up.

So this means, you’re equally scaling how angry the person is while you’re advising him or her. Tell me a better way to structure a comeback.

You Look Shabby when you’re upset

Good Comebacks When Someone Is Mad at You

That look you get when you’ve just woken up from sleep and your head straight to the mirror…that’s what shabby looks like.

With your hair twisted and eyebrows undone, you’ll surely scare the hell out of a little kid who doesn’t know you.

Do you know when next you will look like that aside from immediately after bedtime? That will be when you’re vexed. So an angry person can also look shabby and you shouldn’t hold back this discovery but share it with joy with anyone mad at you.

I would Love To Show Concern, but you’re not Worth It

When you notice someone is mad at you, you should be naturally impulsed to show concern or at least say sorry.

Other times, the person who is mad at you does not deserve your attention. That could be because their reason for being mad at you is pointless.

If this is the case, I’d rather you use this line as a comeback than sit around guilt-tripped over someone who doesn’t deserve your concern.

Can You Stop Being Too Much of a Doll?

I’ve met quite a few dramatic people in my life and I must tell you one thing about them; they get mad over silly things.

This type of person spends long minutes and sometimes hours drooling over a silly thing you did or said and ends up flaring up about it.

They have to calm their nerves but they seldom do. Hence, you can query them using this question which also serves as a good comeback.

You Don’t Want To Be Competing Facially With Hitler, Do You?

The great German leader had a fierce and strong face, and those didn’t look like something you’ll find on fine men and beautiful women.

When someone gets angry, they unconsciously roll up their cheerful face and take on the look of a semi-Dracula like Hitler.

This line seeks to remind the person at the receiving end that having such a face shouldn’t be what they want, since staying mad at you will guarantee they get such a face.

You might hear likes like “God forbid it” from the person, in their bid to reject such a face. That way, you succeed in pulling them halfway from being mad at you.

Don’t Play the Victim Now, Don’t Be a Clown

Talk about clowns, I’ve had my fair share of them. They seem like the most annoying set of people to roll with.

They fake strength and play the weak one when their strength is needed.

You could have the same thing going on for you in this case, as someone might be feigning the victim by being mad at you.

People do this, and once you detect it call the person out. This line sets you on the right part of calling out the person’s attitude.

Auch! Sorry, I Hurt Your Inflated Ego

Some person’s ego is so big that they get mad at the slightest provocation. Not only do they get mad, but they also prolong it for a very long time.

But you should not always let them win, which is why you should put such a person in check with a comeback like this line.

What this line does is to directly rub it in that the person has an inflated ego and you couldn’t help but burst it. So you’re in no way sorry about that.

Were You Getting Upset Meant To Make Me Feel Bad?

I have a very good depiction of this situation and it happened between my dad and me. You know I’m a promising kid with good grades and an interest to help out with house bills.

And everyone loved me for that. But each time I fall short of his expectations, dad would frown and that always made me feel bad.

That right there is a case of emotional blackmail. But because it was propelled by my dad I couldn’t do anything.

That doesn’t mean you should endure its subjection from another person, or worse, someone not even related to you by blood. You should shove this rhetorical question down their throat and leave them to figure it out themselves.

I’d rather Say Sorry to My Bullies than Your Egotistical Mold of a Man

Still on the case with the egoist who would take on little provocations to higher heights, just to prove how much of important they are. Well, they’ll be screwed to try that again with you after you’re done with this comeback lecture.

To make it more simplistic, this line is placing the egoist with another dreaded figure, a bully. Kids and adults alike would rather put up with an egoist than a bully, but you’re choosing a bully over the egoist.

This shows much you disgusted their attitude and how invalid their anger toward you is.

If you’re wondering why I Did That? You Needed To Feel a Pint of Pain

Did you intentionally provoke the person in question? If so, you need to come up with an explanation for why you did that.

Your reasons could differ but in this context, you want the person to know how it feels like to be in pain, probably the pain of rejection or any other thing less elevating.

This line will help you make that statement you want to make and also deliver your intentions.

If I Were You, Eating Ice Would Be My Hobby, Because You Need to Chill Out

What other sarcastic way do you prefer to tell the person who is mad at you to calm down? With this line, you would be metaphorically implying that eating ice would make someone chill out and stop them from being upset.

While this idea sounds funny, I had to test it on my friend and it worked. But that doesn’t mean you should go on ahead to chew down on blocks of ice just to curtail your anger. This recipe is meant for anyone mad at you.

Aside From Knowing How to Pick Offence, What Other Thing Do You Know To Do Best?

I can count 3-5 persons at my former workplace whose expertise is scanning when you said something bad about them. Their second expertise is the work we’re paid to do. This type of person gets upset easily and can transfer aggression too.

You can employ this question to keep the person in check and probably find out what else they are good at…lol

You Could Literally “Get Mad” if You Are Uncool With Me

If you’re observant, there are two “Get Mad” in this line of the comeback. One is faux while the other is real. I don’t know the person you’ll be using this on, but if he or she is a staunch religious they could resort to rebuking and conjuring spirits of insanity.

Why the Anger? So Much for Mr. Unbothered

Good Comebacks When Someone Is Mad at You

An acclaimed unbothered person should never get angry. Although anger is almost inevitable, for someone to say they’re unbothered means nothing gets to them.

So, it would be disappointing if one of those people gets mad at you. But you can use this line to remind him or her of their acclaimed status. This line also shows how unsteady many humans are.

Don’t Calm Down. Keep Going!

With this line of a comeback, there’s no room for pointing out errors or proffering solutions to anger issues. The message is obvious, as you’re telling the person to keep on with their anger because you don’t care.

I Like It When You Get Mad at Me, You Remind Me of My First Dog Pet

You do know that some words can make adults drop tears, right? Well, lines like that of this comeback can work that magic.

With this line, you can make the person go from being mad at you to wondering why they ever knew you. I know that’s not a progressive change right there, but who cares anyways?

Who Else Knows You Look Terrible when you’re upset

We already know that a lot of people look terrible when they’re upset, but this line of comeback puts it in a way it sounds like the person’s face becomes that of Medussa from Greek Mythology. However, that’s the aim of comebacks…to continue the savagery.

I’d rather you keep a Straight Face than Frown, Facial Wrinkles Is Still a Thing

Wrinkles can start setting in real quick on your face if you are always subscribing to frowns and shrugged faces.

This line capitalizes on this realization to take the person mad at you, from frowning to keeping a straight and pale face thereby making finishing the touches on being in control.

Please Do Away With the Rage, I Don’t Want You to Keep Looking Feeble

It is laughable to think that someone looks feeble when angry, while others look like danger when they’re angry. It is worse if the person is a man because it shows the person is a weakling.

As a result, your comeback will be to discourage the person from getting mad at you because it doesn’t look good on them. The person will probably listen to you if they are sensitive.

My Attitude That Outraged You Needs an Oscar

Good Comebacks When Someone Is Mad at You

The Oscars have graced and celebrated excellent acts over the years. This line implies that it could be your turn to join the winners of the prestigious award, but not for acting or singing. You’ll be getting the award for outraging someone. Snap out of it, will you?

All I’m insinuating is that, if the person who is mad at you has been proving untouchable, then getting him or her to be mad at you is quite a feat, or don’t you think? This comeback is good if you wish to add more salt to the person’s wound.


Whether or not people get mad at you or not, you should always have something to say no matter what. I consider that my superpower because I rarely run out of what to say.

The comebacks in this post come in two spectrums. Some are less condescending while I fashioned others to wreak havoc.

On that note, you should employ caution while in use. Kindly hit the share icon and drop your comments under as we would love to see what you think about this post.

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