20 Good Comebacks if Someone Makes Fun of Your Smile

Being made fun of by someone is not funny. While it is always a bad experience for the defender, the aggressor enjoys the pleasure of getting under the skin of another person.

And their people go, with their gospel of being silent and showing zero attention to the provoker who is working hard to make sure you don’t have a peaceful day by making fun of your smile.

However, shutting your eyes and mind from these cajoles is not usually easy which is why many people fall victim to depression. They’re depressed because someone made jest of their looks, especially their smile.

You wouldn’t want to be in this same position, would you? Not, and that’s probably why you’re looking for the best of comebacks.

Don’t stress out, because I’m at your rescue as I’ll be giving you a couple of savage replies if someone makes fun of you.

Top 20 Comebacks if Someone Makes Fun of Your Smile

In a case where someone makes fun of your smile, keeping quiet doesn’t always salvage the situation.

That is where savage replies come to the rescue, as they help you make the aggressor feast on the same pain they had served you by jesting over your smile.

Below are our best pick of comebacks if someone makes fun of your smile.

  1. Why act like you were raised by a dog?
  2. If my smile is bad, it doesn’t make yours better
  3. No one is perfect! I’m sure you’ve heard of that but you’re too dumb to understand it
  4. If you thought making fun of my smile is healthy. Guess why you look malnourished? You guessed right
  5. There’s nothing special about your cajole. We all know you’re a hyena
  6. You must be nuts to think I should be impressing you with my looks
  7. It’s sad how you’re so obsessed with looking good, yet you’re still ugly to some people
  8. And who told you your opinions matter?
  9. When do we get to the point where you mind your lame business?
  10. You’ve been a jerk all your life, when’s your retirement coming up?
  11. It’s sad you only feel better when you put others down
  12. Looks like you’re having a bad day. Closing your mouth and being sensitive will be of help
  13. At least, I don’t have to worry about being mistaken for a fake doll
  14. At least, I’m original. Pretense doesn’t look good on you
  15. It is easier to laugh at your life than to laugh about your defaming jokes
  16. You have 24hrs to be useful, but you choose otherwise. Commendable!
  17. At least, I know my flaws. Sadly, yours are hidden in the Himalayas
  18. My face wasn’t meant to entertain your fake life
  19. You don’t have to say, my mirror is a better descriptor
  20. From the way you speak, I bet you have facial insecurities

Let’s get right into the details of each of the following comebacks. Keep reading on!

Why Act Like You Were Raised by a Dog?

There’s no denying that it is very unruly for someone to make jest of you, to the extent of making fun of your smile. Likewise, there’s nothing humane about the person’s attitude because they just proved that they don’t have any regard for you.

Because of this, you can tag the person as a dog as their attitude gives them away.

If My Smile Is Bad, It Doesn’t Make Yours Better

The person who criticizes and makes fun of your smile forgot to consider something; making fun of your smile does not mean theirs will be the best. Who knows? They could have a more even bad smile that qualifies to be called wack.

No One Is Perfect! I’m sure you’ve heard of that but you’re too dumb to Understand It

Of a truth, you can barely see perfection in this world. No one is perfect and the person who makes fun of your smile probably knows about this.

But because they made jest at your smile means they are deeply dumb since they can’t understand and assimilate a simple reality.

If You Thought Making Fun of My Smile Is Healthy. Guess Why You Look Malnourished? You Guessed Right

Yea, whoever is making fun of your smile will start looking malnourished in due time. And all of that is thanks to their insensitivity and time wasted in trying to get under your skin when they should focus on eating a nice meal.

There’s nothing special About Your Cajole. We All know you’re a Hyena

Hyenas are popular for their unprovoked laughter and funny attitude. You can prepare a comeback that presents your aggressor as a hyena and this line does that perfectly.

With this, you don’t have to feel bad because just like hyenas, the person is laughing over your smile unprovoked and stupidly.

You Must Be Nuts to Think I Should Be Impressing You with My Looks

Who says you should have a nice look always to receive their validation? No one made that rule. So why should you impress someone with a big and fake smile?

It’s sad how you’re so obsessed with looking good, yet you’re still ugly to Some People

Good Comebacks if Someone Makes Fun of Your Smile

If you’ve heard the adage: one man’s food is another man’s poison, then you already know what this comeback is all about.

The person who makes fun of your smile probably because they have a better smile could be ugly to some people. Use this line and make them realize this.

And Who Said Your Opinions Matter?

Sincerely, I don’t find it cool if you let people make points in your life, especially those that you dislike. You can reemphasize that you don’t fancy the aggressor’s opinion about your smile with this line of a comeback.

When Do We Get to the Point Where You Mind Your Lame Business?

As I mentioned earlier on; it is not funny to be made of. Because of this, if you’re being made jest of by someone you would so much love to get the person to shut up. While this is not always easy to do, you can set the pace using this line.

You’ve been a Jerk All Your Life, When’s Your Retirement Coming Up?

Someone who enjoys putting others in a bad mood is often known as a jerk, especially if the person is a guy. Hence, if your smile is being badly criticized by a guy you can make them stop that by using this comeback.

Although getting them to stop would be hard even with this line, at least talking shows you’re not having their insult.

It’s Sad You Only Feel Better When You Put Others Down

Isn’t it bad to think you only feel good when someone is hurt? That even sounds like a mental situation. That could be the state of the person who makes fun of your smile.

Looks like You’re having a Bad Day. Closing Your Mouth and Being Sensitive Will Be of Help

Oftentimes, when people are having a bad day they tend to spit trash and vent out on others. If you notice this to be the reason why someone makes fun of your smile, you can admonish them using these lines.

At Least, I Don’t Have to Worry About Being Mistaken for a Fake Doll

You’ll be surprised to realize a lot of people live fake lives just to look perfect. If you are exempt from that lifestyle, you could be called out by those who do.

Making fun of your smile might be their way of putting you down. But hey! It’s payback time with this line.

At Least, I’m Original. Pretense Doesn’t Look Good on You

Just like the previous comeback, the pretense has been in the core living standard for many people, mostly girls.

Making fun of your smile could be an oppressive move from these fake-ass girls to make you feel bad. But there’s always a comeback for aggressors.

It Is Easier To Laugh at Your Life than To Laugh about Your Defaming Jokes

While someone is laughing at you because of your smile, you can laugh large at their life with this line of a comeback. All you have to do is to speak with a sinister look and watch them burn in anger.

You Have 24hrs To Be Useful, but You Choose Otherwise. Commendable!

It is sad how some people waste their time figuring out how to downplay another person while others are making money moves at the same time.

There’s a chance the person who is making fun of your smile doesn’t know this. Don’t you think a little lecture won’t be bad?

At Least, I Know My Flaws. Sadly, Yours Are Hidden in the Himalayas

While being made fun of is saddening, there’s also a lesson to learn from everything. In this case, you now know and can identify your flaws, making managing them easy.

How about you let your provoker know that theirs are hidden in the Himalayas of their poophead?

My Face Wasn’t Meant To Entertain Your Fake Life

Good Comebacks if Someone Makes Fun of Your Smile

You’re not a clown, so it would be stupidity on the part of your aggressor to make fun of your smile.

You Don’t Have To Say, My Mirror Is a Better Descriptor

You can’t dispute the fact that the mirror tells you more about your true self than other people. Since it is a reflection of you, you have the luxury of noticing things without receiving insults like the person who makes fun of your smile.

From the Way, You Speak, I Bet You Have Facial Insecurities

People who have personal insecurity problems tend to be hostile and inconsiderate. This often prompts you to act off, which might be the case with your oppressor.

Another fact is that most of these persons do not know they’re suffering until they are told. With a subtle comeback, you can play the part of revealing the dreaded to the person who jests over your smile.

Final Thoughts

Our faces have always been a reflection of our personalities. It hurts to hear someone downplay your smile, by making fun of it. However, rather than being mute, I’ve given you a chance to speak up and wax strong.

The comebacks in this post are well-thought out and they give you a desirable effect on the person who makes fun of your smile.

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