20 Good Comebacks to Give to Someone Who Tries to Humiliate You

The thought of people who want to get at you has been around the world for a long time. This is most efficient if you are a person of interest who is likely a target for other people who are out to make life a living hell for you.

These individuals can do everything within their power and might to make you appear bad or feel dejected. It is in their nature to find a strong tool to execute their plans.

Be as it may, humiliation happens to be one of those sinister tools which someone can use to get under your skin.

You’ve probably heard wise words from people who’d suggest you keep quiet and not say anything to anyone who tries to humiliate you.

But for how long will you continue to appear as the prey? In this post, I’ll be walking you through a couple of comebacks that you can arm yourself with in the advent of anybody who tries to humiliate you.

Best 20 Comebacks To Give to Someone Who Tries to Humiliate You

When do you plan on breaking the jinx of keeping mute in front of your adversary? The thing is, you can get your voice back and I can help you with that.

I fashioned the comebacks in this post to help you put whomever it is that tries to cancel you using humiliation in their rightful place, which is among miscreants. The following lines below are the best comebacks to give to someone who tries to humiliate you.

  1. At the rate you’re going, you’ll need a life support machine to achieve your goals
  2. I heard there’s a new mall in town. Why don’t you go get a life there?
  3. I see you’ve been trying to put shame next to my name. Unfortunately, diligence bemoans you
  4. I bet your mind wasn’t processing when you said that
  5. If you’re this quick to condemn, I wonder why you’re not the fastest man on earth
  6. I would’ve loved to talk this over, but I figured I’d be dulling my brain with yours
  7. You’ve been a jerk all your life, when are you taking a break?
  8. I’ll try to see life from your perspective, but that’ll mean becoming a 9-year old again
  9. You thought that got me? Try again loser
  10. Humiliating me is no big deal, I only get mad when you breath
  11. You’re so full of shit, I wonder how the word “Constipation” sees you
  12. You sure know the trick you pulled was lame
  13. Can we get to the point where you stop being jealous?
  14. Trying to keep up with you is longer than a marathon
  15. Being dumb is not a crime, feel free to exercise it
  16. How many pounds of flesh do you get from disrupting someone’s life?
  17. People like you are the reason I don’t get sad
  18. I noticed humiliating me has been on your to-do list lately. Good luck with that
  19. I see how hard you’re trying. But you can use the same energy to shred and stop looking pouch-bellied
  20. I see you failed yet again. But remember Lincoln tried many times too

Let’s quickly get to the meat of this post, with details on each of the following comebacks.

At the Rate You’re Going, You’ll Need a Life Support Machine to Achieve Your Goals

For someone to keep trying to humiliate you means the person has been putting in a lot of effort to get to their goal.

As a result, there’s a chance he or she has been exhausted from the series of trials and errors occasioned by the task of putting shame on your face.

Consequently, the person needs some kind of energy refill to get back in the line of action.

This is the part where this comeback makes the most sense because it asserts that the person will need a life support machine to be able to survive the stress and continue their goal of disrupting your happiness.

In as much as this comeback sounds logical, it is also a savage response to some extent.

I heard there’s a New Mall in Town. Why Don’t You Go Get a Life There?

What a way to tell someone who is trying to humiliate you that they don’t have a life! This comeback is the true definition of “come get me if you can”.

And this is because the person in question is living your life by stacking up energy and time just to humiliate you.

The height of this comeback is in the advice, which is also disguised as a subtle savage that shows that the person doesn’t have a life of their own.

I see you’ve been trying To Put Shame Next to My Name. Unfortunately, Diligence Bemoans You

We all know the works of diligence and consistency in a lot of fields. In athletics, these virtues play a vital role to make sure the athlete becomes formidable and mentally stable to take on tasks and smash them. It is also visible in other areas such as academics and technology.

Funnily, diligence has a place in this context and it is visible in the constant trial of someone to humiliate you. Unlike other fields where this virtue triumphs, it is feeble in this context.

This is why the line asserts that diligence bemoans the person’s relentless effort to put you to shame.

I Bet Your Mind Wasn’t Processing When You Said That

I know that he who tries to humiliate you thought it over before stepping up to do that. But posterity will have it recorded that such a person is insensitive.

This is because it makes absolutely no sense to try so hard to bring down your fellow human being to nothingness. And for what reason actually? Is it personal satisfaction?

Therefore, you can count on this comeback to make the person understand that their mind was probably on vacation when he or she thought about humiliating you.

If you’re this Quick to Condemn, I Wonder Why you’re Not the Fastest Man on Earth

You can use this comeback if the person who is trying to humiliate you wants to do so by condemning your good works.

Assuming you notice this ill act in your workplace, probably from a colleague or boss, you can adopt this line of a comeback as your counterattack to the person.

This comeback points out two things; first is that the person is making a drastic decision by trying to humiliate you and the other is that they can’t even beat the record of being the fastest person on earth even with their record of trying so quickly to humiliate you.

The result of this line is that you now turn the table against the person who is trying to humiliate you.

I would’ve Loved Talking This over, but I figured I’d be Dulling My Brain with Yours

If you want to call someone a lame thinker without using the exact words, you can use this line to accomplish your aim.

This is because it is lame and dumb to be on a continuous trial to humiliate someone who is not concerned about what you do.

This level of insensitivity is even more reason why you should grant this person a good comeback like this.

You’ve been a Jerk All Your Life, When Are You Taking a Break?

Good Comebacks to Give to Someone Who Tries to Humiliate You

When comebacks become more interesting, a lot of people shrink their faces and act like they didn’t start the flame. This is one of those comebacks that bring such feelings when you use it on anyone who thinks they can get under your skin.

Anyone who is aiming at humiliating you is a big jerk and you shouldn’t hold back the urge to make it known. Interestingly, this comeback poses the person with a rhetorical question about when they’ll stop being annoying.

I’ll try to See Life from Your Perspective, but that’ll mean becoming a 9-Year Old Again

A 9-year-old kid is still very immature and inexperienced with life. He or she knows little or nothing about what it means to lead a life worth emulating.

It will be a disaster for anyone you’d use this comeback on because you’re playing an indirect comparison between the person and a 9-year-old.

Let’s assume this person is way beyond the adolescent stage and moving into adulthood. Using this comeback of seeing life from their perspective means you’re downplaying the person’s intelligence which is a savage move. Luckily,  you’ll put the person back in check with this piece.

You Thought That Got Me? Try Again Loser

If you want to appear untouchable and unconcerned, then you should add this line o your forte. It is show off that the person’s endeavor to humiliate is not working out.

Similarly, you’re also encouraging the person to try again. Lol, what a way to mock someone’s vain efforts!

Humiliating Me Is No Big Deal, I Only Get Mad When You Breath

Who gets mad when another person breathes? This is quite hilarious and perplexing, but it also indicates how tough your skin is.

Comebacks like this will leave your oppressor thinking about where they went wrong with life, and that they have to receive such a terrific comeback from you.

You’re so full of Shit, I Wonder How the Word “Constipation” Sees You

I can imagine the person puking after the moment you tell him or her about this comeback. Interestingly again, trying to humiliate someone involves saying a couple of awful things about that person.

For me, these piles of bad comments are all shitty and shouldn’t even be brought up. If you’re in to hurt someone’s feelings with words, then you should count on this comeback.

You Sure Know the Trick You Pulled Was Lame

You can only use this comeback if the person who is trying to humiliate you does so without a tangible frontline. The main reason for this comeback is to put it to the person’s face that they’re without a strong point to nail you in.

Can We Get to the Point Where You Stop Being Jealous?

It is no doubt that jealousy has been identified as a driving force for a lot of ill acts, and a person’s effort to humiliate you can equally be traced to it. In such a case, I’d advise you to use this comeback to rhetorically ask the person to stop the jealousy.

Trying To Keep Up With You Is Longer Than a Marathon

It will be a hard time trying to keep a healthy relationship with someone who is trying to humiliate you, especially if this person is an acquaintance or a work friend.

Such relationships are hard to maintain, so instead of throwing tantrums you can use this line to explain why keeping up with the person will be a hard task.

Being Dumb Is Not a Crime, Feel Free to Exercise It

Good Comebacks to Give to Someone Who Tries to Humiliate You

If you’re using this line, be rest assured you’re roasting the life out of the person who is trying so hard to humiliate you. With this line, you’re encouraging the person to continue with their dumb passion of trying to humiliate you.

How Many Pounds of Flesh Do You Get From Disrupting Someone’s Life?

You might probably want to question the intent behind the person’s acts toward humiliating you. If so, then you can use this comeback to do so. This line is a sarcastic move to tell the person that their acts are fruitless.

People like You Are the Reason I Don’t Get Sad

It is some kind of superpower to stay unbothered even in the face of an adversary. This type of person is formidable and you can join this league of tough-skinned persons by using this line of a comeback.

With this line, you can make the statement that you’re not sad about the person’s moves.

I Noticed Humiliating Me Has Been on Your To-do List Lately. Good Luck with That

Although this comeback sounds like encouragement, it is in an actual sense a mockery of the person’s effort to humiliate you.

Telling the person good luck with their chase is a disguised way of telling the person that they won’t succeed with their plans.

I see how hard you’re trying. But You Can Use the Same Energy to Shred and Stop Looking Pouch-bellied

You can employ this comeback if the person who tries to humiliate you has a plumb body, especially if it is a guy. You will use this line to capitalize on the fatty-looking body of the guy to throw him tantrums.

I See You Failed Yet Again. But Remember Lincoln Tried Many Times Too

This is a sarcastic line of a comeback, with which you are mocking the intelligence of the person who is trying to humiliate you.

Using former American President Abraham Lincoln as a reference, you are trying to ironically tell the person that their effort is futile.

Final Thoughts

When someone tries to get under your skin, the foremost admonishment is to keep quiet. However, desperate times call for desperate measures and hence the need for you to have something to say when caught up in such a situation.

This is why I’ve put together an extended list of comebacks to give to someone who tries to humiliate you.

Kindly reflect upon your circumstance before using any of these comebacks and do not forget to drop us a comment, hit the share icon, and slide to our next post.

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