How Do You Say Immature In A Nice Way 

Someone might have done something or is doing something wrongly, this could be something that you don’t expect the person to do at such an age or maybe you expect more from such a person.

Though it may not be a bad thing to be immature, it only depends on the situation and the person in question. If it’s a child, it is pardonable but if it’s an adult then it is questionable. 

You might want to let them know that they are immature and their actions are childish but would love to say it in the nicest way possible.

There are ways you can say immature in a very nice way such that the person wouldn’t feel offended. This article will provide about 15 ways to say immature but in a nice way. Keep reading to know more about how to say this.

15 ways to say immature in a nice way

How Do You Say Immature In A Nice Way 

  • You’re so naïve 
  • Don’t be childish 
  • That’s a babyish thing to do  
  • You act like an underage 
  • Looks like you’re inexperienced 
  • You always act innocent 
  • You’re still tender 
  • Don’t be so juvenile 
  • You’re being kiddish 
  • How could you be so infantile? 
  • You’re so childlike 
  • That’s a sophomoric thing to do
  • You’re being petulant 
  • Don’t be a minor 
  • You’re still too young 

You’re so naïve

How Do You Say Immature In A Nice Way 

This is a nice way of saying that a person is acting immature. When you say this you’re only trying to point out that the person doesn’t have enough knowledge on a particular thing.

It means that the person is not experienced enough to handle certain situations or issues. 

To some people, this statement may appear to be an insult, so you have to be careful how you say it. This is because they may feel you’re trying to call them ignorant.

The style is to say it in a way that he or she won’t pick offense. You can say this when a person is being mediocre, lacks information, or shows that he or she is not well-enlightened on a particular subject matter.  

Don’t be childish

This statement is in a form of an order or an instruction. You’re ordering someone to act mature and stop being childish. Children are usually not fully aware of reality, they are made to believe so many surreal things like folktales and fairytales. 

Childhood is mostly built on fantasies and on things that are not realistic. When a person acts childish, it could be that the person is not being realistic or the person is displaying some actions that make him or her look more like a child rather than an adult.

He or she acts and thinks like a child instead of an adult. The person would rather consider childish things than things that are more mature.

That’s a babyish thing to do 

How Do You Say Immature In A Nice Way 

With this statement, you’re pointing out that the action that was taken was babyish and not so mature. You’re not saying this person is a baby but you’re saying that the person just acted like one.

Babies have little or no knowledge of things, so telling someone that what he or she did was babyish you’re simply saying they didn’t act like they have good knowledge of a particular thing. 

You’re also pointing out that a very little amount of knowledge was displayed which isn’t mature enough. This could also be said when an action is taken already, probably you’re not so pleased with what was done. Calling the person babyish was the nicest way to say immature. 

You act like an underage 

This statement is like an affirmation that the person is not mature or is immature. An underage person can also be called a minor, someone who is not yet an adult.

Here, you’re telling the person directly that they don’t act like mature people rather they behave like underage. Saying a person is underage is an alternative way of saying that someone isn’t mature. The only difference is that the former is a bit more polite than the latter. 

An underage person is someone that is below maturity age, saying someone acts like an underage simply means that the person is acting below his or her maturity level.

The statement is an affirmation of behavior that was below expectation. It is also a direct way of calling someone immature but it has a nice tone to it.

Looks like you’re inexperienced 

How Do You Say Immature In A Nice Way 

This statement could be used or said when you’re not sure about the person’s maturity. You probably want the person to prove otherwise.

A statement like this could be made when a person has not displayed or acted in a way that shows that he or she has an experience in something. 

The person has displayed little knowledge of something or has been acting like an amateur. The person acts tender and innocent with no actual knowledge or enough knowledge of activities. He or she has not been properly trained to do things in a way that shows maturity.   

You always act innocent 

You can say this when acting immature has become a repetitive action. You might have noticed that the person has little or no knowledge about almost everything.

They don’t know the thing that they are expected to know at a certain age and this could lead them to act innocent all the time. 

This statement shows that it is an action that is being taken almost all the time and not just once in a while.

It could be that the person acts naïve at the mention of every subject matter. Sometimes being innocent may not really be the person’s fault as he or she might not be as exposed and enlightened as expected. 

You’re still tender 

Here, you’re trying to tell the person not to act above their age. You want to make the person understand that he or she is not yet mature or has gotten to the stage of doing some things.

This isn’t an order or an affirmation, this is understanding and consideration of a person’s ability and inability due to age and experience. with this statement, you understand that being immature is not the person’s fault as he or she is still tender or too young. 

Don’t be so juvenile

This statement is like an order. Juvenile is a word that relates to a young person or a naïve person. So when you tell someone not to be juvenile, you’re also saying don’t be naïve.

You’re also saying don’t be so young in doing a thing, don’t be childish or tender. You’re requesting and ordering a better and more mature behavior from the person.

It is a request that the person put up a better and more mature act than what he or she is doing or just did. 

You’re being kiddish

The word ‘kiddish’ is an old fashion way of saying childish. It is an alternative for the word babyish and juvenile. Kiddish relates to anything childlike, it is just an old fashion way of putting it. It is used for a person that acts like a kid in almost everything. 

It could be that the person is acting like a person of a young age or acting like a child, you can call that person kiddish.

Probably, the person prefers children’s activities to mature ones or likes to act like a kid all the time. For instance; if a person loves going to the playground rather than the beach or the mall, you can call the person kiddish. 

How could you be so infantile?

This is a direct question about someone’s immaturity. It is an alternative word for babyish. This is because an infant can as well be called a baby. This statement can be used when a person acts like a little child with no atom of maturity. 

For instance, someone that sucks his thumb is being infantile because that is what an infant can do. Whatever behavior is related to babyish behavior is being infantile. It is a nice way of telling a person that they are being immature with something.

 You’re so childlike 

This is similar to childish and kiddish. It’s simply saying, you’re behaving like a child. Children are not mature in doing things, saying things, in behaving, in almost every aspect of their lives.

They act immature not because of anything but simply because they are children and it is normal for them to be like that. Children are also gullible, innocent, trusting, and inexperienced.

They can easily be swayed into doing certain things. Being a child or a kid can be so enjoyable that some adults may not mind doing so.

When you tell someone not to be childlike, you’re equally saying stop being gullible or inexperienced. You’re also saying to stop trusting people so quickly, and stop being too sweet and simple. 

Children’s mentality is mostly shallow and innocent, they don’t take life too seriously as adults do. Children play with even the most serious of things.

All these are childlike behavior and can sometimes look immature to do things such as these. You can use this statement if you want to relate the person’s behavior to that of a child.

That’s a sophomoric thing to do

Sophomoric depicts something that is  done poorly or someone that is not properly informed. It is an act that lacks maturity. It is an alternative way of saying immature.

It shows that the person lacks adequate knowledge of a certain subject matter. Whatever is sophomoric is immature, maybe the person shows no maturity in doing something.

This behavior could be silly and childish. When you make the statement above, you’re saying the person is immature but in a way that he or she would not get offended.  

 You’re being petulant 

How Do You Say Immature In A Nice Way 

A petulant is used to describe a person or their manners. It is a situation where an adult behaves like an angry child.

This action can be seen as immature but instead, o saying it’s immature, you can be nice by calling it petulant. Petulant is used to describe a bad-tempered child and when an adult is acting this way, it is so immature. 

When a person displays immaturity by being impatient, unreasonable, and easily angered, you can describe the person as being petulant.

Probably this person did not get what he or she wanted at a particular time and acted immaturely by getting annoyed and angry. You can be nice by saying you’re being petulant instead of saying you’re being immature. 

 Don’t be a minor 

How Do You Say Immature In A Nice Way 

A person under the age of 18 is called a minor. This is because a person above the age of 18 is called an adult. To this effect, they’re certain things that a minor can get away with, and as well they’re certain things an adult is not expected to do. 

Legally, a minor is still a child. So when someone is acting like a minor, in other words, he is acting like a child. This statement is like an instruction. You’re warning someone to act a bit more mature rather than acting like a minor.

Once you’re an adult (above 18) you should act like one and not a minor (below 18). You can also call this being tender or young. Whichever you choose to use, you’re still calling the person immature but in a polite way.

 You’re still too young 

This statement shows that a person is not yet mature for certain things. He or she is still quite tender and inexperienced in some things. It’s a way of saying you’re not old enough.

Instead of saying you’re not mature or you’re immature, you can simply say you’re too young or you’re not old enough. These statements seem nice and a bit more polite than the saying immature. 


Making certain statements nicely brings about respect and keeps misunderstanding far away. People can act weird, absurd, and immature sometimes but how you tell them about it matters a whole lot.

This article has highlighted 15 different nice ways in which you can tell a person that their behavior is immature. These statements may be said jokingly or with a little sense of humor. Whichever way it is said, it wouldn’t sound as offensive as saying, you’re being immature. 


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