How Often Does a Birthday Fall on the Same Day?

Not often. Your birthday moves by one day every year. There is an exception to this which is in a leap year. In a leap year, your birthday moves by two days.

A normal year has 365 days which equals 52 weeks +1 day while in a leap year, there are 366 days which is equivalent to 52 weeks +2 days.

The extra one day is what makes your birthday move by a day every year, so also in a leap year, the extra two days make your birthday move by two days in a leap year.

If you are expectant that your birthday will fall on a certain day this year, let’s say Sunday, it takes 6 years to experience your birthday on another Sunday while in a leap year, it takes 7 years.

How often do people share the same birthday?

People who share a birthday may be born to the same parent at the same time and others may not be related at all.

If they are born by the same mother at the same interval, they are called “twins” while at different intervals, that is between 9-12months, they are called “Irish twins”.

The ones who are born from different mothers but share the same birthday are called “Astro twins” or “Astro stars”.

When you mention this fact to people, they probably think you are crazy but you are not!

In fact, This is called “the birthday paradox”.

Let us assume that in a room there are 23 people, at random the chance of having at least two people sharing the same birthday is 50%.

This is not to say that a room with 23 persons selected at random is guaranteed to have at least two people sharing the same birthday.

But there is a 50% chance for this to happen.

Why your birthday does not fall on the same year?

When I was turning nineteen, my birthday fell on a Saturday and it was my best.

I experienced a bunch of excitement because my family was present. No one gave an excuse because of work and they gave me the best birthday I ever experienced.

Ever since then, I have always wished my birthday will continually be on a Saturday.

You may be like me, wishing that your birthday falls on the same day every year because that is a period you may get more attention from your family and friends.

But the sad tale is that your birthday cannot fall on the same day every year and here is why:

There are 52 weeks and a day in a normal year while in a leap year, there are 52 weeks and two days.

For a normal year, it means that if your birthday falls on a Sunday this year, it will fall on a Monday next year.

This is not the same for a leap year. In a leap year, if your birthday falls on a Sunday this year, it will fall on a Wednesday next year.

Every year, the dates move a step forward, but in a leap year, they take two steps forward by leaping over a day.

What is a triple golden birthday?

Being that a champagne birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, it won’t be fair on older people or those who never celebrated their champagne birthday because thought something like that existed.

A triple birthday is a day you turn three times the date of your birthday.

This means if you were born on the 10th of July, your triple birthday is when you turn 30 on the 10th of July.

What is a champagne birthday?

A champagne birthday is a day you turn the same age as the day you were born.

A little bit complex? An instance should explain it better.

Let’s say I was born on 25th the day I turn 25 years is my champagne birthday. It is when your birthdate tally with the age you are turning into.

A Champagne birthday is considered a lucky day as it can only be celebrated once in a lifetime.

All humans will experience this day, whether it is 1 year old or 31 years old, except for a select few individuals born in a leap year.

Sadly, these people do not get to celebrate a champagne birthday.

Just like every other person, It is expected if you are amazed and desire to know where this tradition came from.

In 1950, an author who goes by the name Joan  Bramsch was the person who brought champagne birthday into existence.

It started when she celebrated her children who turned the same age as their birthdate.

After the occurrence of this event, so many people ranging from her friends and family were fascinated by it and began to celebrate their champagne birthday and in a little while, it spread across the whole world.


Birthdays are exciting moments for so many people and also awful moments for others.

The former are excited because birthdays depict growth to them while the latter feel awful about birthdays because it gives them a feeling that they are growing older.

Everyone wants to live forever young but what can we say? We will all grow old someday.

There are amazing facts about birthdays, one of which is sharing a birthdate with someone you are not related to.

Even without mathematical proof, you should know that there is a high possibility of sharing a birthday with another person whom you are not a twin with.

This is because, on a daily basis, over 360,000 babies are born all over the world which automatically means they are birthday mates.

Another amazing fact that took a lot of time to be recognized is having a “gold” birthday where your current age at that tally with your birthday.

Since this is once in a lifetime, a lot of people take it to another level by planning this big day with all dexterity.

Our birthdays can’t fall on the same day every year because of certain reasons like the number of years in a year.

If there were just 52 weeks in a year, then we will have our desire of celebrating our birthdays on a particular day every year.

But since there is an additional day, our birthdays move by one day every year and by two days every leap year.


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