How to Respond When Someone Calls You Hot?

Hello everyone. Today we will be talking about responses but before I go on, I must say you look good today no matter what you are wearing. What did you say? Nothing!

That’s probably because you don’t know how to reply to a compliment. What if I said you are hot? Then what. Well, I will show you the best ways to reply when someone calls you hot. Ready?

Thank you

This is a simple and basic response. It is great for just about any compliment that is not a question and it is very polite.

If you are told that you are hot, this response can close the conversation if you don’t want it to continue or continue it in a way that says you don’t want it to be flirty.

Then again all this depends on how you say it. If you sound polite or even curt, you will end the conversation immediately telling the person how you feel.

If it sounds a bit flirty, you are encouraging the person so it is up to you.

Wow, you have made my day

When you say this to anyone, no matter the compliment, it shows that you really appreciate what they said and you take it to heart.

It means it’s not something that you hear every day and it did really make you happy.

Usually, if I get this response after I compliment someone this way, I assume that they have had a rough day or they are just wanting to hear someone compliment. You can make the person who complimented you really happy.

I’m flattered

Don’t worry, being flattered doesn’t mean you are flirting with them. Generally, to be flattered is to be pleased with something.

In this case, it is a compliment, and you are pleased that someone called you hot. It is polite and in some parts, it can be seen as a fancy way of talking.

I know

This response is not just bold, it is cocky. By replying to a compliment like this with “I know”, you are saying that the person is stating the obvious and he or she didn’t need to say it again.

If it is someone you are close to or you know, it will be a great joke but if you are curt it will come out as rude. Either way, it is bold and if you can’t pull through with it then don’t try it.

You can also say “I am aware of that fact”. Great if you are a nerd. If not, stick with “I know”. It’s all bold bad girl or boy.

I think you are hot too

What better than a compliment for a compliment? It is a great way of appreciating a compliment and also saying what you think of that person too.

Not only will you two be happy, but it will also help you know how to continue an awkward conversation. You don’t have to use hot.

You can go for pretty, handsome, cute, gorgeous. You can use any word you feel best describes their physical appearance.

Heads up, if you don’t mean it please don’t return the compliment. You will be lying and that will be hurtful when that person who genuinely complimented you realizes that.

You are not too bad yourself

Another cocky response. The difference between this and “I know” is. This is nicer and a subtle compliment. It may take them a few seconds to understand it but it will make them happy.

To be clear, if you want to compliment them, then just return a compliment because a response like this is saying that you think they are good-looking but not as good as you.

Or at least, it may seem that way to some people. Still, it’s okay if you know you are calling the shots.

You are hotter

Bordering on the lines of modesty and yet very flirtatious. With this response you are saying, I am so cute but I think you are cuter.

It is not trying to accept the compliment rudely, it is a fact you know and you are grateful that someone mentioned so you would try to make them happier by returning the compliment but in a better way. It is simple and mollifying.


It’s great if you are not sure of what you heard or can not believe it. For some people, a compliment is the last thing they expect, especially one as high as you are hot.

So, it’s a shock and they are excited and happy and then they say “really”. Now it is good if you didn’t hear it you don’t believe you are pretty enough to be called hot.

When you do hear them and they know it, saying really is off and silly so you will have to act that out. Feign it. Works well if you can pull it off.

You can also try “seriously?” That reply is similar to “really?” It means you did hear them but you do not believe they would say that about you.

If you use any of these genuinely, you need a confidence boost and you also have to believe that you really are pretty or handsome.

People are going to ask me why I am blushing

I imagine this works well in a text scenario, meaning you received a text where the sender says he or she thinks you are hot. You say “people are going to ask why I am blushing”.

It means you do love and appreciate the compliment so much that it makes you blush. Blushing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not comfortable with it.

It can but it can also mean that you are flattered by it and that is a great reply. Take note however that it doesn’t say if the conversation should continue in that line.

Also, this won’t work well in person because then he or she can see you are not actually blushing.

However, if you want to try it in person, try to modify the reply a bit like this: “this makes me blush on the inside” or “I am blushing”.


No response is a response, and who said you had to say something to that. If the compliment makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can just smile it away and change the topic.

The thing is if the person doesn’t take the hint to stop and bring it up later then a firm but polite thank you can end it all.

Remember silence is consent and that smile is silent. If you have to say something, then smile and say something like, “can we talk about something else”.

It turns the conversation away with the finality of not returning to that subject. It may seem uncool but it’s up to you and how you decide to wear your smile.

This reply works well for those guys to yell on the road. The smile says you heard them but not saying a word means you don’t pay any attention to them.

Do I look like I have a fever?

Usually when someone tells you that you are hot, then they mean that they find you very attractive regardless of what you think about yourself.

It can also mean that they are attracted to you sexually and would like to sleep with you. If you are not up for that, this response totally tells them that you are not interested and closes that line of conversation.

For those who don’t get it, I will explain. Since one of the symptoms of fever is high temperature, you can ask them if you have a fever since you are hot. Wanna leave?

You can be really dramatic, act hot and just leave by slightly panicking. They will probably think you are weird but it will save you some stress.

That’s really sweet of you

Read that response again. What does that sound like? Without this context, it sounds tender, and friendly, like something you would say to a child.

This response works if you are not interested in whoever gave the compliment. People usually think that the best way to start a relationship, especially with someone pretty, is by complimenting them.

By understanding this and using the reply, you are telling them, thanks for the compliment but I am not interested. Saves you all the stress of saying no to a first date and making the friendship awkward.

If you don’t want that, you can also say “that’s nice of you to say”. The same effect only with different wording. You should try it.

Well, I won’t argue with that

On a scale of appreciative to cocky, I will rate this as chill. I imagine I. At a party enjoying a glass of punch and someone says this. Imma laugh, take a sip of punch, and say, “well I won’t argue with that”.

It is confident, it is bold, it is just like that punch, very chill. Of course, it doesn’t say yes I am going to date you, or I appreciate the compliment or I am not interested.

It’s like saying “noted”. If the person is depending on your reply for what to say next, then he or she might be left speechless. This gives you the upper hand.

You can decide to give a compliment, finish your drink, and walk away or direct the conversation whatever you want.

If it is a text, it works the same. The truck is to not say anything after the reply. It is a brush-off if the compliment so continuing in that line destroys the purpose of the initial response.

That’s cool. What else do you like about me?

Too long? Well, it is not meant to be a witty expression or the perfect quip. It is great if you are trying to challenge someone’s feelings for you.

Tall, dark, and handsome better not be thinking one sleazy comment will get you to his bed. If you find him trying to laugh it off or being speechless you know just how deep the love he will claim to have is.

On the other hand, if it is just a compliment, this reply is a great way to say yeah I am open for conversation but necessarily anything more.

It can go in with you telling him or get what you like about them but for starters, it is chill and great.

That means a lot coming from you

Ahh! The perfect reply. If you don’t mean this sarcastically, then you mean that you look up to that person and you appreciate the compliment.

It also means that because the comment came from them it has value. From any other person, you may wave it off as silly talk but not from them.

This is usually because you think they are hot and they have a right to determine who is hot and who is not because you care about their opinions.

You can add a thank you before the reply and a compliment after it. Whatever, you want you can add but this reply is independent and great on its own.

Look who’s talking

This reply is just the same as “I think you are hot too”. It is something that when said, both people can laugh at.

It is a very subtle way of implying that they that are calling someone hot are also hot.

It is a nice way to return the compliment without saying the words or creating any pressure.

It says that you know you are hot and you think they are hot too so you would just tell them since they brought it up.

Also, it is kind of low-key flirting though it still depends on how you say it.

And that’s it. Covering the ranges of silly, funny, uninterested, and flirtatious, you have so many replies to this compliment. Do you have any other witty compliments?

Have you tried any of these before? Tell me about it in the comments below. Thank you for heading and do have a hot day.

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