How to Handle Someone Who Doesn’t Listen To Others Opinion

Listening to people’s opinions can be contradictory, depending on the person involved or their character.

The person involved may cease to listen to other people’s opinions because they used to get discouraged when they do or they are treated as inferior.

In this regard, they may not like to listen to others’ opinions because they want their uniqueness to get into the limelight.

Read on to know how to handle someone who does not listen to others’ opinions and why it is important to know about people’s opinions.

How To Handle Someone Who Doesn’t Listen To Others’ Opinions

In order to manage someone who doesn’t listen to others’ opinions, you shouldn’t become anxious or lose your peace. Sometimes you may not correctly assume why they don’t listen to others.

In that instance, allow them to express themselves. But if they are confined by their ego, don’t squander your time on them. Below are some other ways to handle them.

Permitting Them To Make Their Choice

The truth is, no matter how eloquent or outstanding you are, you may not be able to convince someone who is bent on not listening to other people’s opinions.

So, instead of clamoring about what they are doing wrongly, permit them to do what they want to since they have the right to choose what is best for them and what isn’t.

You can simply point things out to make their gaze clearer, but don’t forget to also allow them to do things the way they choose to.

Save Yourself The Emotional Pressure. Don’t Waste Your Time On Them

Someone who has resolved not to listen to the opinion of others may not give in to anything less, no matter what you do.

And you will get to know them through their disposition. When you sense this repeatedly, you shouldn’t waste your resources trying to advise them or show them that you mean well.

Who knows if getting first-hand experience will be better advice for them? Simply ride on and save yourself from the pressure.

Explain Your Point Of View On The Need To Listen To Other People’s Opinions

Don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t listen to others’ opinions because they trivialize their importance or don’t place so much value on what they stand to gain.

It is possible that people have presented all manner of opinions to them, especially unfavorable ones, which caused more harm than good. If this is the case, you should clearly elaborate on the need to listen to people’s opinions.

Ask Them Why And Give Them A Chance To Express Themselves

In this case, determining why someone does not listen to the opinions of others may be errorsome. It could be that they don’t always get the opportunity to express themselves since other people treat them as inferior.

Just like everyone else, since they deserve the opportunity to express themselves, give them a chance to do so.

Make It Clear To Them That They Need To Suppress Their Ego

For egoistic reasons, someone can wholeheartedly choose not to listen to the opinion of others.

This means you may not easily make them change their minds, except if they choose to cease thinking of themselves only. Tell them that they’ve got to suppress their ego or else they’ll face the consequences.

Share Relevant Experiences In This Regard

As a result of a negative experience or a sorrowful story regarding listening to people’s opinions, someone may choose to do so.

And one of the ways in which you can convince them is to share your story about how someone’s opinion saved you from making a dangerous mistake.

The truth is, no matter how many negative stories they’ve heard or experienced from listening to opinions from other people, they may recall a situation or more that turned out well.

Your story may be the reason why they should change, especially if you advise them on how to spot good opinions from selfish ones.

Why It Is Always Important To Listen To Others’ Opinions

Although there are negative sides to listening to others’ opinions, nevertheless, there are also positive reasons why it is always important to listen to others’ opinions. Some are;

You Learn Better By Being Open-minded

Listening to the opinions of other people shows that you are open-minded and only such people can learn, improve, and get better in any endeavor in which they listen to others’ views.

So, in order to improve at anything you do, listening to others will enhance your scope of learning.

You May Have Clarity Or Gain A Profitable Direction

If you’ve ever been at a crossroads where you needed clarity, it is possible that you didn’t need an angel to appear to you with solutions.

However, you attempted to contact people who could assist you or to seek written opinions from others. Everyone comes to this point of making decisions, and it can be conflicting sometimes.

But getting to know other people’s opinions about the same matter could grant you clarity.

To Have Different Views Concerning A Matter

Beyond doubt, you are knowledgeable about certain things, but knowing the same thing from different angles is beautiful. Also, you get to enjoy certain levels of balance, which gives you a wholesome experience.

To Achieve Progress And Accelerate It

Listening to the opinions of others puts you on a different path. Because you stand to gain so much, including the ability to achieve far more than you could if you only focused on what you know.

It is possible that you’ve got so many creative abilities, but someone’s opinion could ignite an awe-inspiring experience.

Why One Should Not Disagree With Others

Despite the fact that there are numerous reasons why others should listen to your opinion, there are also several reasons why you should not oppose your opinion to others. Some of those reasons could be:

You May Be Wrong Or Even Be On A Different Page From Others

Your experiences may not be what other people encounter. And the way you handle issues may not tally with the way other people handle theirs.

Although situations requiring your advice may arise, you must not impose on the person what you believe the person should do or what you have done that has produced results for you, because people differ and you cannot exactly put yourself in their shoes.

So, it’s best if you don’t force your opinion on others.

You Should Let People Make Their Own Choices. It’s The Ultimate Gift They’ve Got

One of the most important gifts someone has is the gift of choice, which, if properly put to use, will enhance their lives since they are in full control of it. But when you impose your opinion on others, you deprive them of accessing and maximizing their gift of choice.

In a way, when you permit them to make their choice from a list of opinions, they will get to know how things work best for them and which option is better for them.

You Are Not A Tyrant; Everyone Must Not Have The Same Opinion As You

Only tyrants oppose their opponents’ opinions, and you should avoid doing so unless you are one. However, everyone must opt in for what they want. There have to be diverse choices as that is where the beauty lies.

When you force people to see your opinion as the best or even take it as the final say, you become an oppressor. And of course, every oppressor does not care about protecting the rights and feelings of the people they oppress.

So, you shouldn’t impose your opinion on others unless you are a tyrant.

You May Hinder Them From Expressing Themselves In Full

Almost everyone strives to get the feeling of satisfaction and progress. But when they are limited by opposing opinions, they tend to achieve nothing close to satisfaction.

The drive for satisfaction makes them express themselves to the utmost level that they can, and when you oppose your opinions to others, you are only attempting to do one thing, which is to hinder them from expressing themselves to the fullest.


Among other things, listening to others can be a stepping stone for you if you get to learn from their experiences, including their failures. The opinions of others could also give you different viewpoints on how to approach situations.

On the other hand, listening to other people’s opinions could be discouraging when they act as tyrants. You simply need to perceive their intent and act accordingly. Leave an excerpt if you got value from this piece.

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