How to Respond to “Anything for You”

This statement looks very similar to ‘Anything for you?’ While one is a question, the other is an affirmation.

It means that someone (most especially the person saying it) is willing to do anything for you. Some people say it just to be polite.

Others say it for various reasons which include but are not limited to: they are just nice people who will do anything for anyone; they have a special relationship with you, or they love you and are willing to do anything for you. Of course, it would depend on the situation.

20 Perfect Responses to “Anything for you”

It may be a response to a call for help such as, “Please I need you to do me a favor”, or “Could you help me out with something?”

Other times it could be a response to a show of appreciation or gratitude. A perfect example is when one says, “I appreciate the support and help you rendered today”. “Anything for you

These people are offering a gesture of care and kindness. So you can acknowledge the gesture with the following statements:

“Thank you, I appreciate your caring”

How to Respond to "Anything for You"

When someone tells you, “Anything for you”, that means they really care about you and they consider you an important person in their lives. So it would be nice to acknowledge their care and love for you in return.

You could say, ‘oh thanks a lot. I do appreciate your caring and I do not take it for granted’. Appreciation goes a long way to solidify a good relationship.

“Oh that’s nice of you, thank you”

Acknowledging that not everyone will do anything for you with this polite response is the way to go. Whether the person asks the question or makes the statement, it’s nice to know that they have you in mind.

So, if you do not know the best response to that kind gesture, you can definitely use this.

Some other times this response is used when you did not expect anything from the other person and yet they offer it. Responding with ‘ oh thanks, that is so nice of you’ shows that you are touched by their kind gesture and willingness to help.

“I know and I’m grateful for it”

When you are truly aware of how far someone can go to make you feel safe and supported, you should let them know that you are aware of it and that you are truly grateful for it.

When you show your appreciation, people will always want to support you. So don’t ever complain that you do not know what to say in response to, “Anything for you”.

If a family member or probably your partner confesses to you by saying, ‘But you know I’d do anything for you’, that is the perfect time to say, ‘I’m aware of that and I’m truly grateful for it.

“That really means a lot”

How to Respond to "Anything for You"

There are different ways to communicate this. “Coming from you, that really means a lot ” is a great thing to say.

Either way, this response is to let the person know how much their care means to you. Recognizing their gesture for help is a humane thing to do and will help them feel closer to you.

“Don’t worry about it. I can handle it”

If it is something you can handle on your own, then that’s no problem. Let them know you have got it covered or that it is simple enough for you to handle on your own.

Whatever the case may be, it is still nice to know that there is someone out there willing to take the stress off your hands.

“Just having you listen was a lot helpful. Thank you”

Sometimes we do not need someone to solve our problems or be a hero. Most times what we need is someone to listen to us and share our burdens.

Thus when someone offers to do anything for you even after they have given you a listening ear, be sure to let them know that you’re grateful for the opportunity to unload the burden and that was all you needed.

“I will keep that in mind”

When someone says, “Hey, anything for you” and you reply, “I will keep that in mind”; that just means acknowledging their presence and willingness to help you whenever you are in need.

You may not really need any help at that particular time. However, telling them, ‘I will keep that in mind’, shows that you won’t forget their offer of help or that you are thinking about them and that they are always on your mind.

“Someone else has offered to help, thank you”

Do not be skeptical to immediately let them know that you’ve received the help you were seeking from someone else. It doesn’t mean that you do not appreciate their efforts.

In fact, they will be rather glad that you did not allow them to waste their time worrying over the issue and may likely reply with “Thanks for letting me know”, or “No worries”

However, if they have been running a helter-skelter trying to find a solution to a problem that you have already solved, it may give them the wrong idea that you take them for granted. So make sure you communicate the right words today.

“That’s alright. I’ve got my family people”

How to Respond to "Anything for You"

Just like every other human, we all have personal issues that we are trying to handle. Most times we need help from outsiders.

Other times, it may be a family issue that must be kept within the family. Depending on what the situation is, be sure to let them know if it is a family matter. They will easily understand the need for confidentiality.

The replies could go thus, ‘I appreciate your willingness to help but my dad has got it under control, or ‘It was nice of you to offer to do anything for me but we have decided to handle it among ourselves’.

“No thanks. I’m fine”

This response may appear to be too straightforward but that is polite enough to discourage further help from a person, especially someone who you may not be comfortable receiving help from.

But that could also mean that you have got it all sorted out and there is no need for further help. You could also say, ‘No thanks, I will be fine’ indicating that in a matter of minutes you will figure it out.

Either way, this is another great response to the phrase, “Anything for you”.

“If I need anything, I will be sure to ask”

You chip this one in when the person makes a one-time offer of help or casually tells you, “Anything for you”, to remind them that one day you may definitely need their help and that you will not hesitate to ask when you do.

Another perspective is that this could be a sarcastic reply to put someone in their place. Just like if a guy who is full of himself tells you, ‘You know you could just ring me up and I’d do anything for you’.

You could go, ‘Oh really, if I ever do need anything, I will be sure to let you know’ as sarcastically as possible. He may or may not get the hidden message but that would not matter anymore.

“If it won’t be much of a burden, I’d like to ask…”

If you definitely need help then Go For It. Don’t let anything stop you. Of course, if there’s anything you want or need at the time, ask for it.

Anyone who tells you, “anything for you”, says that with the intention of helping you so do not be shy to ask.

Many people feel reluctant to ask for or to receive help from anyone. Pushing people away does not mean you are strong nor does receiving help mean that you are weak.

You are not the first to ask for help and you will not be the last. So, do not die in silence!

“Great! You could help me by…”

Some people say ‘anything for you’ to be polite. However, there are those who mean it but do not know how to go about helping.

So, do not just take them at face value. Show them how they can help and allow them to help any way they know how. This will let them know that you value their help and you look forward to it.

“Please I need your advice on…”

A simple piece of advice could go a long way to solving a problem. You may not realize how much the second point of view will help you see things from a different angle and that could give you a refreshing perspective.

So next time someone says, ‘anything for you’, be quick to ask for worthwhile advice.

“It’ll be amazing if you talk about me in your prayers”

If you’re a Christian, or perhaps your faith believes in prayer; you could ask your friend to pray with you or for you.

When they say ‘anything for you’, you could reply with, ‘Oh great, please I’d like you to pray with me’ or ‘It’d be awesome if you remembered me in your prayers’ or ‘I would love to pray, could you hold my hands and join your faith with me?’

Any reply you choose to go with, all points in the same direction.

“I need your suggestions on…”

When you’ve already made up your mind but need another suggestion, be open to asking for it. It’d be more awesome if the person volunteering to help is one of those who is willing to do ‘anything for you’

“You could share an experience with me”

When you want to take your mind off something, the best way to do that is to talk about something else.

So maybe you could ask the person to talk about a similar experience they have passed through or to talk about something else entirely. Whatever you choose to talk about, don’t forget that the goal is to take your mind off the problem.

“Do you have something in mind?”

How to Respond to "Anything for You"

When someone tells you, ‘anything for you’ and you respond with, “Anything in mind?”. You are ensuring that the right help is received.

It could also mean a flirtatious way to give someone a sexual come-on. A typical example is when a pretty lady gets into a bar and meets someone.

In the course of their chat if he says, ‘anything for you’ and she replies, ‘do you have anything in mind?’, the guy will easily interpret it as a green light that the lady is interested.

This also is a good response.

“Please do call back and stay in touch”

If you’re comfortable with the relationship then this is the perfect response to use. Letting the person know that you would want them to reach out to you at any time shows that the relationship is a strong one. Intermittent communication is a good way to build and keep a connection.

So whenever you get an ‘anything for you’ statement from a friend or lover that you value, be sure to encourage them to keep in touch.

“Well, why don’t I do something for you?”

Lastly, when you have been on the receiving end and you want to change the status quo, you could say, ‘Hey you’ve done so much for me, why don’t I return the favor? Allow me to do something for you’.

Such a person will be really touched by such a gesture because they did not expect it from you.

Be rest assured that when you use this reply, you’ve gained the person’s loyalty and love for life.


So these are the best responses to, ‘anything for you’ that we have compiled. It is left to you to make sure that you use the perfect response best suited for the situation.

Do not forget your tone of voice and facial expression matter during communication.

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